About Us

about usOn this site, you will find in depth and well informed reviews of a wide variety of different books. The books that we review at Continuum focus mainly on issues to do with health and wellbeing, such as combatting poor nutrition, enhancing positive thinking and weight loss. It is so important to be well informed when you come to purchase a new book, particularly an instruction book that you are going to use to take your lifestyle in a new direction.

Offering you our expertise.

We love reading up on all of the topics listed above (and plenty more, too), and we want to use the knowledge that we have gained to help other people to choose the best titles for them. We let you reap the benefit of our hours of careful reading, giving you an account of the subject matter of each book in our collection as well as providing advice about how useful and reliable the contents are. Our reviews are all factual and unbiased: we do not let our subjective opinions cloud our description of a particular book or prevent us from analysing it rigorously.

Practical knowledge.

As many of the titles on our list are practical guides to diet and exercise, we also provide you with explanations of what it is like to carry out the advice and instructions contained in a particular book under review. For instance, if we are reviewing an exercise guide, we will give you an account of how difficult the different exercises are compared to each other, and what effects they have. Think of it as having a good friend with your best interests at heart trying out a book and its advice for you so that you can decide whether or not it is for you.

Star ratings.

As well as in depth reviews of a wide range of titles, we also give star ratings out of five for each book that we review. That means that you can see at a glance which titles are the best, and click through to read the full review if you would like to. As you can see, with many of these texts, we really did have stars in our eyes!

An immense variety of texts.

As mentioned above, our site contains a fantastic variety of different titles. We review texts that deal with family life, health and everything in between. We have organized the site into sections so that it will always be easy for you to find the type of book that you want to read. Many of the books that we review come as part of a series, and we will tend to try and review whole series of books and link those reviews together for your convenience. Our collection of reviews is ever expanding, and we are constantly adding new titles to our stockpile of reviews. So make sure to keep on checking back regularly to see what is new here.

Accessing the books themselves.

Once you have read one of our reviews, you may well be tempted to purchase the book for yourself. Well, we make that very easy for you. Beside each review of a book on our site, you will also find a link which you can use to download the book in an electronic format. That means that you can instantly start devouring the book for yourself, as soon as you have decided that it takes your fancy! Though we are primarily a review site rather than a bookseller, we know how frustrating it can be when you read a glowing review of a book and then have to trawl the web trying to find a great deal on the book. So, we have made that whole process more efficient.

Bookworms unite!

As you can probably tell, here at Continuum, we love reading. We created this site in service to our fellow bookworms. Discussing books and hearing others’ opinions on them is always good fun. And, it can be so helpful to get an informative viewpoint on a book you are thinking of buying from a friend or someone that you trust. So, think of our site as the electronic version of a book club – we are here to give you the benefit of our knowledge about everything to do with health and wellbeing books.