Brian P. Moran’s 12 Week Mastery Review

12 Week Mastery ReviewCan’t find the most honest and details rich 12 Week Mastery Review?

Life is full of distinct responsibilities, and there are very many things that people need to do. Most of them wish they had the capacity to accomplish more tasks in their daily lives than they get to. Wouldn’t it be great to discover that you and your employees could accomplish each task in the shortest time possible?

The things which make one stand out in a competitive business environment or workplace aren’t some complex ideas which float from external space. They are just simple and practical solutions which can be easily gleaned from the Masters in the field.

The 12 Week Mastery course will enable you to do just that. It’s a special course which is expected to be launched on June 7th, 2016. Many people are excited and are eagerly waiting for this day.

This is a significant expansion of the book 12 Week Year written by Brian P. Moran that offers you all the necessary tools and systems you require to accomplish the various task in a duration of twelve weeks. The tasks you can accomplish in just a period of 12 weeks are tasks which take many people more than a year to finish.

12 Week Mastery Details

The 12 Week Mastery essentially has numerous components which assist people to understand the course and implement what they have learned by using various tools and systems at their disposal.

The First Component

It involves the people receiving some pre-course webinar training which are conducted live. The training is conducted by Brian P. Moran and Todd Brown. The goal of the training sessions is to assist all your clients to understand the philosophies, systems, and strategies of the course.

The significance of this session is that it allows them to master their craft so that within 12 weeks they can put into practice what they have learned. The corporate clients can make an investment of $15000-$30000 to ensure that each member of their staff acquires this training since it significantly affects their performance in a positive manner.

The Second Component

In this section, the staff begins to put into practice their 12-week mastery training. This component mostly involves the staff getting various videos throughout the period of the course. The purpose of the videos is to keep the people inspired, educated and thought provoked. This ensures they’re keeping on track with the entire process. They will be given a total of 86 videos at the of the week.

The Third Component

This component involves live training sessions of Questions and Answers and the staff members acquire the deeper understanding of what the course is all about and also what it means for them to accomplish different tasks in the shortest time possible. More importantly, to achieve or even surpass daily target.

The Fourth Component

In this stage, two tickets will be provided for a live performance at the West Palm Beach.

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The Fifth Component

Here, the participants are allowed to make a decision whether or not to take part in the competition that gives them an opportunity to assess their performance before 12-week mastery situation and apply the skills of the course in a real-life kind of scenario. Brian P. Moran picks the winners of the contest, and they are given a prize which isn’t known yet, but it’s expected to be huge.

The Sixth Component

This is where all participants receive a copy of Brian P. Moran book, year plan, game plan, a welcome letter and the scorecard sheets.

The Seventh Component

Last but not least, this is where you register as a member of an active community where you can share ideas and opinions with individuals who reason like you so that you can learn more.

What You and Your Staff Can Get

There are many things which your staff will acquire if you let them be in the hands of Brian P. Moran alongside Todd Brown for this special course. First, they’ll be able to take back full control of their lives.

Also, they’ll lower the levels of their stress which will boost their productivity. They will be taught how to balance priorities, increase their income levels and meet their targets long before deadlines and much more.


1. Boost Your Confidence

Several individuals enjoy enormous power, but they cannot use them appropriately due to lack of trust. 12-week mastery can assist to be more confident to attain your goals without any risk. Confidence is an essential factor for success in everything you do in your life.

2. Strengthen Your Skills

You may have several skills, but you want to strengthen them. 12-week mastery can enhance your skills with a little practice which to be more effective in only two weeks! You only need to try this training, and you’ll see how it can assist you to attain your goal with incredible speed.

3. Improve Your Productivity

The energy alone isn’t sufficient. Therefore, 12 Week Mastery assist you to stand out of the crowd. It enhances your productivity and even duplicates your results several times.

Brian P. Moran is a professional coach, and he has numerous courses online (12-week yearbook and 12 Week Year Audiobook). Various clients review These products, and they’re happy after using them.


The cost of 12 Week Mastery course packages hasn’t been announced officially. It’s been predicted that the course would be offered at about $15,000. Yes, a bit expensive.


In conclusion, the 12 Week Mastery is a very promising course. Anybody who wants to improve his or business by helping the staff to work better or just want to boost your productivity can benefit from this special course. There are a lot of lessons to learn and amazing gifts to be won.

Based on some of the great things which have been shared, it’s essential to highlight the idea of 12-week the year. The 12 Week Mystery is a powerful cannon which can assist people to ride the waves to a world of endless success.

You can put into practice the 12 Week Mastery plan to get great results instead of waiting for long periods to do an excellent job. There are very many things which are best experienced when someone watches tutorial videos.

You can also make it interesting by bringing your loved ones or your family to tabs with the training of this course. The 12 week year is a reality which we should embrace, and the best way to start is to connect with the 12 week Mastery series.


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