Robby Blanchard’s 6 Week Shred Review

6 Week Shred Fat Burning Workout Program ReviewThe 6 Week Shred Diet is the answer to all your biggest weight loss dilemmas: Created by Robby Blanchard a leading physician and best selling author, this is a revolutionary 6 week rapid weight loss program that combines different strategies to help users lose weight, boost self confidence, and improve their overall wellness. The 6 Week Shred Diet combines strategies such as meal spacing, a low GI diet and meal replacements. It also introduces Dr. Smith’s concept of Diet Confusion which involves tricking the body and revving ts performance up. This involves switching up one’s food intake which results in boosted metabolism.

6 Week Shred Diet PDF Overview

The 6 Week Shred Diet promises users a loss of 24 pounds of body weight and 10 cm in girth just in 6 weeks. This’s achieved through well-defined daily routines which must be meticulously adhered to. It prescribes 3 snacks(smoothies, soups, shakes) and 4 meals each day, which are specified precisely in time and calories. The diet plan is designed such that, that deficiency and boredom symptoms are virtually ruled out. In the diet plan, between 1100 and 1300 calories are consumed every day.

The principle of diet confusion upon which the 6 Week Shred Diet is modeled, resembles a similar workout strategy in called muscle confusion, whereby people their muscles out in different ways and for varying lengths of time. By confusing your muscles, one triggers their sustained growth and prevents stagnation. The same idea is applied to diet. If you consume the same food every time, the body will adjust to that particular diet resulting in stabilization of your metabolism and hence accumulation of fat. On the other hand, if you vary the quantities and types of food you eat, your metabolism won’t slow down thereby tricking your body to burn more calories. Diet confusion therefore keeps metabolism off kilter and fuels the fat burning engines.

This plan pays a lot of attention to meal spacing because this has a great impact on weight loss. This is because hormones such as cortisol and insulin play a great role in weight loss. Keeping the hormone levels consistent is an added advantage when dieting.

The 6 Week Shred Diet guides participants to time their meals strategically. Everyone knows the relationship between weight gain and calorie counts and this routine will not only aid you lose weight, but prevent you from having intense bouts of hunger in between meals.

Shred Cycles

The 6 Week Shred Diet has different themes for each week. The variety within the diet makes sure you stay motivated and focused till when the plan will be over.

Week 1 – Prime.
These seven days prepare or induct you to the 6 Week Shred Diet program. You learn the importance of proper snacking techniques, meal spacing and suppressing hunger without taking in too many calories.The average weight loss for this week is about 3.5 pounds. It involves a very diverse diet and one among the daily snacks might even be interchanged with an unhealthy snack. It also includes 5 sessions of endurance training, each lasting 30 minutes.

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Week 2 – The Challenge.
This week demands a lot more from the participants. It results in the participants losing some of their bad diet habits and adopting newer behaviors that will be kept hopefully for the rest of their lives.On top of the endurance training sessions from the week one, two to three strength training lasting 40 minutes are carried out.

Week 3 – Transformation.
This is the toughest and most critical week in the 6 Week Shred Diet program. The shredder begins noticing changes such as a drop in their clothing size, a rise in energy levels and greater confidence.This week is quite tough because the calorie intake is drastically lowered, and the training from week 2 maintained.A sports program which includes sports like biking, Nordic walking swimming, or is introduced.

Week 4 – Upswing.
Also called the Ascend, this is a turnaround week.The diet from week 3 is however maintained. The diet is kept diverse and with lots of fish, vegetables and lean meat. The sports program remains the same though the intensity is raised by Sprint intervals in endurance sports or heavier weights in weight training.

Week 5 – Liberation.
This week pays close attention detoxification of the blood. A special detox program designed to make sure that toxins are eliminated is therefore introduced. There is absolutely no alcohol, but instead lots of lemon water, hibiscus tea and cranberry juice. Omega 3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil help in the cleaning process. The sports program from week 4 is maintained.

Week 6 – Triumph.
The last week of the entire cycle is meant to assist you to end the 6 Week Shred Diet program with a bang. The menu gets varied once again and the sports program slightly changed. Overall, the schedule for each day gets shifted with regards to the times, but the intervals between snacks and meals are respected. One glass of water is consumed before and during every meal.


  • Thanks to this complete 6-week plan, one does not need to worry about what or when they eat. It is all well prescribed to detail and one only has to adhere to the timing and prepare meals accordingly.
  • One sees and feels success quickly, hence is motivated to carry one.
  • 6 Week Shred Diet contains a user-friendly manual that makes it easier to understand and follow the program.
  • It is completely portable. You can carry it on your cellular phone, laptop, PC etc.
  • There are no deficiency symptoms because of the diverse meals.
  • The sport sessions improve overall health and fitness while contributing to good mood.
  • Most people find it hard to fit the fixed daily routines into their day to day life for example complying with meal times.
  • The high sporting requirements and low calorie intake make it very easy to get tired, especially for the untrained people.

The 6 Week Shred is very effective weight-loss program.Unlike most other programs which simply focus on the number of pounds lost, this program also improves health factors, such as lowering risk for diabetes and blood pressure as well as improving energy levels. The design of the shred cycles combined with the fact that it’s very simple and easy to follow, the 6 Week Shred Diet will keep you focused and motivated to attain your weight loss goals.

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They offer refund and bla, bla, bla, but nobody replies your email if you are not happy with their product. Costumer service is horrible. The program is very difficult, if you are not fit already you will end hurting yourself.

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