60 Second Panic Solution Review

If you are looking to improve your mental health and cure your anxiety in a fast and effective manner, then the 60 Second Panic is something that you must consider. Designed by Anna Gibson Steel, the 60 Second Panic Solution program that is marketed to those who find that their life quality is decreasing rapidly due to panic attacks and other symptoms of anxiety. In this review article, we take a detailed look at the Gibson Steele program in order to ascertain what its advantages and possible pitfalls are.

What is the 60 Second Panic Solution?

The 60 Second Panic Solution is a medically tailored program that has been created according to the formulations of the world renowned psychologist Anna Gibson Steele who is based in Ireland. The program has been created keeping in mind the various trials and tribulations of patients who suffer from debilitating symptoms of anxiety disorder and are desperately seeking a cure. The program has an online portal and one can simply access Gibson Steele’s step by step procedure to do away with anxiety on a single click. Being a well researched protocol, this is perfect for those who do not wish to visit a psychologist but are looking for a cure at the same time. As one can expect, the program has numerous features that can assist one in treating their anxiety disorder. In the following segment, we look at some of the top features of the 60 Second Panic Solution.

Top Features of the 60 Second Panic Solution

Being a program that is marketed online and has a wide reach, the Gibson Steele’s 60 Second Panic Solution protocol has varied features that cater to the needs of numerous patients. Some of the top features of this protocol are:

It Implements Holistic, Ayurvedic Methods that are Safe: Since Anna Steele is the President of the Holistic Centre of Excellence in Co Limerick, she utilizes some very powerful Ayurvedic means to treat anxiety effectively. From reiki to holistic massage and Itec physiology techniques, the procedures that this protocol implements are not only effective, but also safe. Since the program is based on the principles of Ayurveda, it offers a full body healing that works internally.

Relief in 21 Days: The second feature that the program boasts of is complete recovery in 21 days alone. This is a great feature as there are many patients who suffer from social segregation because of their anxiety issues and also due to their panic attacks. The neurological basis for the program is extremely solid and this is the reason that Steele can almost always promise a fast recovery period that lasts less than a month.

A Treatment Plan without Medication: There are a lot of medical practices out there that do nothing more than recommend a bunch of pills and send a patient home. The 60 Second Panic Solution program is one of its kind because there are no pills to be swallowed. Since the protocol relies entirely on alternative medical practices that are effective, it promises a no-medicine policy that is both safe and easy to work with. This is perfect for all those who are apprehensive of using any medication that has neurological side effects.

Comprehensive Program: The last, but important feature of Steel’s 60 Second Panic Solution program is that it lays down the steps in a comprehensive fashion. Since this is a website that aims to address the issue of anxiety and panic attacks, this feature is crucial when it comes to getting the point across and aiding in treating the disorder.

Top Advantages of the Protocol

There are a number of advantages of the 60 Second Panic Solution. These are:

    60 Second Panic Solution Review

  • Safety: Since the program has no medical prescriptions and side effects, it is perfect for those who are apprehensive about the potential ill effects of any psychological treatment.
  • Accessibility: The program is easily accessible to anyone across the globe and since it is centered on holistic principles, it can cater to the needs of everyone.
  • Cost Effective: This point follows from the preceding one. As opposed to a visit to the psychologist, the 60 Second Panic Solution is perfect for those who are looking for a cost effective way to solve their issues. Being economical, it can be accessed by nearly everyone and provide immense relief to people across the globe.
  • Easy to Follow: The other advantage that the 60 Second Panic Solution has is that it can be understood by a vast majority of people. Since the steps are written clearly and in a comprehensive fashion, the matter can be understood and followed with ease. This is greatly beneficial as it can allow for speedy recovery.
  • Easy Tutorials: The Anna Gibson Steele program is one of the most effective in the country because of the audio-visual element that it brings to the table. The protocol offers some highly beneficial tutorials that are great for those who are looking to find a fast cure to their problem.
  • Learning the One Minute Method: The major advantage that the program brings to the table is the fact that is promises to teach everyone the one minute method of preventing a panic attack. This is great as panic attacks tend to be debilitating. Overall, the protocol is both safe and effective whether it comes to emergency situations or longer time frames.
Some Disadvantages of the Program

Every program or product has its pros and cons and the 60 Second Panic Solution is not an exception. The one major disadvantage that Steel’s method suffers from is since it is entirely audio-visual, it can lead to disinterest and ultimately a loss in effectiveness. Since a visit to a therapist requires patients to really pay attention to the problem and its solution, they might be more effective in some cases than the 60 Second Panic Solution program.

As can be seen, the single disadvantage that the program might have pales in comparison to the overwhelming number of pros. Since the drawbacks may vary from individual to individual, it is a good idea to treat discouraging reviews with due caution.

Concluding Thoughts

The Anna Steele’s 60 Second Panic Solution method of getting rid of anxiety disorders and panic attacks is truly one of the best methods that this country has seen in recent times. With a well researched basis and some highly safe protocols, this program is a must investment for those who want to do away with a debilitating disorder like anxiety.


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