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Few words about continuumWhen you have a sneak peek of a specific book, you would have the urge of reading the book from the beginning to the end. Even a top box office movie offers the viewers a trailer, so as to show them what they to expect from the movie.

That is why we offer reliable reviews on eBooks and other top articles from across the internet. We help the readers to be sure of choosing a suitable eBook that will entertain them entirely. It can be boring, and you might feel wasted if you are lured by the title of an eBook that is not as interesting as it sounds.

What we do?

Our website is renowned across the internet, and we specifically offer review services. Other than reviewing the available eBook products, we also offer recommendations of the best books on the market. We have a team that is committed to reading and understanding the eBooks and review it comprehensively. We have a long experience in the book reviewing industry, and we are committed to offering the best of our services.

What do we cover?

Basically, we cover any eBook available on the internet. Nonetheless, we consider the popularity and the viewership of the specific book. That doesn’t mean that we ignore the less popular books. Even if the book has ratings from less than ten people, we still review it for any other interested reader. We will review the books based on the genre and age restriction.

How do we categorize the book reviews?

As mentioned, we review various books, but we sort them in various categories. The most common sorting of our books includes the following:

1. Genre

You can access the books depending on their genre. The top genres covered on our site include:

  • Health. This is one of the highly-demanded variety since it covers the day-to-day life. Under the health eBooks, you can find those that touch on various topics like, body building, diabetes, sexuality, detox & cleansing, weight loss, and skin care. You will find multiple eBooks that cover various health-based topics.
  • Self-Help. These are books that are meant for personal growth and development. They touch on topics like survival within any surrounding, wealth & prosperity, and relationship tips. The relationships topic highlights tips on having healthy and successful relationship with a partner, or any other person, even at work.
  • Finances. Anyone would love to be financially successful. Several books talk about finances, including topics like making money online, trading systems, and betting & gambling. We have a list of top eBooks that offer financial tips and advises.
  • Technology. We also cover eBooks that specifically highlights all the aspects and advancement of technology. The common topics covered include the green energy and games.

These are some of the genres covered on our website. You can be sure of finding a book that suits your preferences.

2. The Release Date

Other than the genre categorization, we also sort our eBooks based on the release date. If you want to have access to the most recent collection, we will help you make it easy. You can sort the books and read the reviews of the latest releases. Some eBooks come in sequels, so this feature helps you to find the newest version with ease.

3. The Author

Everyone has their favorite author, and we clearly understand that. That is why we help you find the collection of your favorite author and check out a recap of their books. With this, you can be sure of knowing the best book from your author’s library.

4. Popularity/Most Read

The popularity of the book is based on the number of people that have read it and the reviews they gave. If the book has many positive reviews, it clearly shows that a lot of people have read it, and are contented with it. Our job is to help you know the best books available. If you do not have an idea of where to start, you can use this feature and start from the most popular to the least popular.

We categorize our review collections so that the readers can have an easy time accessing the eBook reviews.

Why Choose Us

About Us eBook ReviewsYou can be sure of getting the help you need when you browse through our website. Here are reasons why you should consider our website for your favorite eBook review platform.

We read and review

Our main objective is to offer a detailed review to our visitors. That is why we have a team that reads each eBook before broadcasting the review. Before any review is released on the website, our team takes enough time to read and understand the book clearly.

Easy to find your favorite eBook

You can find your favorite book or author with ease. Whether you want to scroll down the alphabetical order, or you simply want to type in the title or author of a book; we make it easy for you. Our search bar is located at the top of the page, so you can easily find the book or author of your choice.

We are always updated

We update our eBook library time and again. For that, you will not be left behind with the most recent releases. Even if a book is still new on the market without any reader’s review, we broadcast it on our site for you to be perfectly updated.

We are organized

It can be difficult to look for a romantic eBook from a vast collection. That is why we simplify the process and categorize our eBook reviews based on the genres. With this sorting, anyone can browse and locate their favorite genre swiftly. If you want health-based eBooks, you can simply click on the genre, and choose the book of your choice.

We value your opinion

Other than offering eBook product reviews, we allow you to comment and give your reviews and opinions about a specific book. If you were pleased by a specific book, give us your comment. Also, you can tell us what you think about our eBook reviewing service.


Here, we help readers enjoy their books and avoid wasting time on a book that is not as interesting as they expected. Our review system gives the reader a rough idea of the book, but we do not spoil the fun by spilling all the juiciness of the book.