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Facebook Ad IQ Academy ReviewWhen it comes to posting ads and promoting your business Facebook is one of the best platforms to do so. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that play a great role in attracting customers for your business. This is one of the biggest reasons that more and more businesses turn to Facebook in order to reach out to their users. Facebook as a platform provides you with a huge opportunity to advertise your business online. However, it is possible that you may find it troublesome in setting up your custom audience. You may also find it difficult to stay updated on features of Facebook.

In case, if you are facing trouble to find an ad or are not able to get the right audience for your ads then you have come to the right place. That’s because we have just the right solution waiting for you’re here. With the help of Facebook AD IQ Academy, you can solve all your Facebook ad problems. You can learn everything that you need to know about ad posting on Facebook with the help of this guide. We have reviewed the guide in details below so that you can take a look into it.

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What is Facebook Ad IQ Academy?

To put it in simple words, Facebook AD IQ Academy is basically a stepwise guide that will help you to create profitable ads for Facebook just like a professional. This particular guide has been developed by Maxwell Finn in order to help you learn about Facebook and posting right from scratch. The course includes 30 hours of videos which contain valuable information about Facebook ad posting. You can learn everything that you need to know about Facebook ads from this guide. The course also includes various tips, strategies, and tactics to gain access to the huge library. By using this course you will be able to grow your business. Not only that, but you will also be able to develop community and build-up relationships. Also, you can post Facebook ads and earn a good income from it.


The guide comes with various important features which make the course even more useful for the users. Before, you start following the guide it will be better for you if you get familiar with the features of the guide. This guide is considered to be extremely useful for the newbies and even for the experienced professionals.

The guide is divided into different modules in order to make it easier for you to follow it. Each of the modules is known to contain useful information related to Facebook ads that you can learn. This will help you to understand better that how Facebook ads actually work. There are total 8 modules which focus on different aspects of Facebook ads.

The guide also comes with more than 100 videos which contain valuable information or you to know. With the help of these videos, you can learn everything related to custom audience and post-purchase retargeting strategies.

You can also gain access to a private Facebook group where you can get all your queries solved by the Facebook advertisers.

The guide also provides you with weekly live streams so that you can work on your progress. It can be said that this particular guide comes with all the necessary things that are important.

Thus, you can see the number of useful features that this guide comes with. This guide is everything you need if you are facing problems with your Facebook ads.


The main benefits that you can reap from the use of this course include:

  • Learn about Facebook ads: With the help of this guide, you can learn everything that is needed for you to know about Facebook ads and custom audience.
  • Grow your business: The next main benefit that you can reap from the use of this guide is that you can grow your business with the help of it. This guide allows you to sell digital products, physical products and more.
  • Using Facebook ads: With the help of this guide, you can learn the right way to use Facebook ads. You can also develop email lists and messenger with reasonable price as well.
  • Scale traffic campaigns: The guide also teaches you to successfully launch campaigns on Facebook. Not only that, but you will also be able to scale the traffic campaigns as well.
  • Provides Strategies: The guide also provides you with re-targeting strategies and other important tips and tactics in order to increase your profits and sale.


The guide, however, also comes with a few drawbacks as well. If you are willing to buy this guide then it is important that you know about the drawbacks of the guide as well. The annoying thing about this guide is that it is only available in digital format. So if you want to use it offline you cannot do it. You can only use the guide from its official site. Another problem is that if you miss any point from the guide then you may not be able to create Facebook ads like a professional.

Who should buy it?

This guide is ideal for every business that owns an official page on Facebook. Starting from newbies to experts this problem can be used by anyone. If you want to expand your business on Facebook then you can surely use this guide as your weapon.


This particular guide or course is priced at $100k per month. However, there are other packs as well which you can opt for. The other packs include $0-10k per month and $10k-$100k per month. Depending on your need you can choose the packs. The contents in the packs may differ based on the price.


Overall, it can be concluded that this is one amazing course that has been designed for individuals and businesses who wishes to make the most of Facebook ads. If you are able to follow this guide completely then you can benefit yourself a lot from it.

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