Adam Lyons’ Kinetic Attraction Review

Kinetic Attraction ReviewDespite the modern updates on the dating game when women make the first step, being a man still implies making the move in most situations. Sure, a lady might establish eye contact or show some interest, but chances are she will wait for you to go ahead and talk to her. It’s common sense these days. You see it in movies, as well as song videos.

This is why you’ll find a series of tutorials based on how to attract a woman and make her fall for you in no time. There are multiple strategies, yet what works for some men won’t work for everyone else. But then, it’s the 21st century, so everything is possible these days, including just sitting back and waiting for the lady to approach.

Apart from all these general programs and ideas out there, one of them manages to stand up in the crowd for addressing aspects that haven’t been cleared yet. Whether it comes to meeting, approaching, drawing attention, dating or even getting approached, Kinetic Attraction kicks in to make the difference. It’s not a program, but an actual course.

If dating is not your top game, then…. Welcome back to school! The strategies introduced in this course are detailed refined to match most guys, regardless of the girl they want to get in touch with. They are subtle, but obvious on the target’s subconscious mind. Basically, this isn’t an amalgam of strategies, but a psychological program with scientific background.

The result? Women will feel a subconscious attraction for you as you start to implement these ideas – excellent for shy men or those with little experience. Now, here comes the main question. Is Kinetic Attraction worth the money?

Read further and unveil our Kinetic Attraction review for more information about what to expect.

Created by Adam Lyons – Who is Adam Lyons?

If you’re not too much into self-improvement education, you probably have no idea who Adam Lyons is. You’re not the only one though. The body language expert has gained notoriety with his books and programs regarding what specific gestures can tell people about their interlocutors. He has been invited on CNN to talk about body language, but also express his knowledge in this field. In fact, he’s often referred to as the human lie detector.

Adam Lyons has worked with special forces as well, only to educate them on how to read pressure situations, but also how to respond to them based on less obvious reactions.

In Kinetic Attraction, the author talks about top myths (some of them true, many of them false) regarding the signs women send out when they’re interested in a man, as well as the signs that they’re not interested in you – excellent! Unless she actually says it, chances are you’ll have to read signs anyway.

What Kinetic Attraction can do for you

Kinetic Attraction is a map. It shows you the direction to a woman’s mind, heart and fantasies. On the other hand, applying the tips and advice in this program will undeniably put you into a lady’s mind 24/7. She’ll feel attracted to you without even knowing why.

It’s not a wonder program… It’s not some magic formula… It’s just pure science that’s based on anything but looks. So, what if you’re not Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom? There’s a pretty good chance this program will show your target what a wonderful man you can be without even trying too hard.

Apart from the obvious, Kinetic Attraction users will also gain three major advantages over conventional “wolves”:

  • Leading directly to the basics of her main desires and real way of thinking in terms of both communication and feelings.
  • Using eye contact in a non-conventional way, as well as the right body language to transmit signals and inspire a deep attraction to you.
  • Unlocking an instinct that forces her to chase you while overlooking other men that try to draw her attention.

Simple! However, don’t imagine that a few movements and a smile will turn you into a modern Casablanca because they won’t. It takes practice and sometimes, it works even if you don’t realize it. That’s when experience kicks in… But go on with this Kinetic Attraction review. What else can you expect from the program?

What Kinetic Attraction can teach you

Kinetic Attraction is a psychological guide on women. You have to read, learn, assimilate, practice and try in order to become an expert. It’s usually life that teaches you how to get a woman, as well as a few tips from friends. What can this program teach you then?

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The Emotional Handcuff Trick is one of the main chapters to look at if you’re looking for a relationship and not just a one-night stand. It explains how to keep the attraction intense and make sure she’ll be loyal to you.

The 5 conversation killers are not to be overlooked either, especially if you’re terrible at making small talk. There are a few killers that will simply ruin all your previous work. Most men get there at some point or another – learn how not to!

The principles of kinetics – here’s the scientific part! Find out how to trigger the subconscious response to your assault. Learn what to do and what body language to use to make women die to approach you – many of them actually will!

How about drawing some sexual attraction? Certain words and actions trigger a woman’s animal instincts without even pushing too hard. You don’t need to do any dirty talking or look sexy, but just use some innocent words that will make her mind go crazy.

Finally – and here comes another interesting part, discover what kind of body language triggers women. After all, the author of Kinetic Attraction is a body language expert. Not only this, but this section is basically an interview with confessions from women who describe what turns them on.

Any bonuses coming with Kinetic Attraction?

There is one major bonus coming with Kinetic Attraction – women!

Sure, that’s a bit too general, so the author has introduced a few special techniques to work your way to her bedroom – easy to learn, even easier to adopt.

  • Take Her Breath Away Bonus
  • Sexual Texting Bonus
  • The F@©# Buddy Formula Bonus
  • Conversational Confidence Bonus
  • Touch Her S-Spot Bonus

Each of these bonuses has its own uses – mostly sexual, of course. Picture this – the most attractive woman in a bar gets her eyes on you. Even if you’re not up for a relationship, you want more than just one-night stand – you want an extra one morning stand too, maybe a second round as well.


This Kinetic Attraction review makes it quite obvious – it’s all about getting women like a proper gentleman. You don’t want to be the classic player that hits on a dozen women in a bar and goes home with one. Instead, you want to be classic and go straight to the point.

Kinetic Attraction is a map to a woman’s fantasies and inner feelings.

One of its main benefits is helping you overcome the fear of rejection. This is one of the major things that prevents men from getting the woman they want. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Social anxiety is highly related to this, so gaining some confidence is all about yourself. You’re not sick, you’re not different, you just don’t know how to overcome fear.

From this point of view, the course is ideal for shy and inexperienced men, as well as those with some unpleasant rejection situations.

Kinetic Attraction shows you how to get both solid relationships and one-night stands. If you want a no strings attached relationship, it’s only a matter of a night or perhaps a week. At this point, the section related to triggering her sexual desires is certainly a bonus.

If you want a relationship, make sure you learn how to keep her interested in you – another useful section based on facts.


Sure, everyone would want a magic formula based on a few body language tricks and some words to get a woman. Kinetic Attraction doesn’t work like this. It will educate you on how to overcome fear and get the right woman, but it won’t work overnight. You’ll need to practice and experience before getting results – not for long though. It depends how fast you can implement these tricks into your behavior.

Although it’s not really a minus, Kinetic Formula is only available in a digital format, so you can’t find it in bookstores.


Despite all the information in this Kinetic Attraction review, there are a few things to remember. First, it comes from a proven professional, not just a random guy who no one has ever heard of – like most similar programs. Second, it’s proven to work. It’s not magic but based on scientific facts that most men are not aware of.

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Liam says October 9, 2018

I have always had serious problems in reading women. I couldn’t realize what their body language was saying no matter how hard I tried. This program helped me get to the next level and I’m happy with it. That said, it could be improved. I think there are certain areas where this could be better.

Marcus says October 14, 2018

I didn’t think it would help me much but learning about the 5 conversation killers was a game changer! I used to talk about all these 5 things, sometimes about all of them in the same conversation! No wonder I was doing so badly…

Eugene says October 17, 2018

An interesting read that has offered me a few gems I already started using. Not the best program for this kind of thing but it’s not bad either. If just a few of the things I learned turn out to work for me then I’m happy.

John says October 19, 2018

Sexual texting was pretty good and I also like the conversational confidence bonus. Just these two helped me attract 2 women already and while the relationships didn’t last very long I feel more confident about talking with women. I’m sure I will find the right kinds of women to have much longer relationships.

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