Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training For Dogs Review

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If you want to make training your dog easier, there are tons of products that claim to help. You will need to find one resource in particular that works well. Training a dog, especially if it is a very stubborn breed, can be a real challenge. In this review we will take a close look at a very popular product that has a lot of dog owners talking.

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a comprehensive digital guide for training your canine without minimal hassle and frustration. It was written by Adrienne Farricelli, an expert in dog training. She has been working with a variety of dogs for over a decade in an animal hospital. Her extensive knowledgebase comes from hundreds of hours of training and experience.

How Does it Work?

This program will provide you with a number of different resources, tips and methods for training your dog. It goes into detail so you will understand everything that is being presented. You will get easy to understand instructions every step of the way. There are even visual aids in the form of photos and videos to help you.

What’s Included?

There is a ton of useful information in this program that will allow you to train your dog quickly and easily.

This digital resource offers 21 different games that you can play with your dog. These games are fun and will help you with training your pet. This is a unique and effective approach to training these animals. Each game comes with detailed instructions so you will know exactly what to do (and what not to do) while playing them.

Some of these games include:

  • Tidy Up: This game will teach your dog to pick up its toys after they are done playing with them. You will need to choose a specific place for them to put their toys.
  • Play the piano: You will also learn how to get your dog to hit certain notes on a keyboard or piano. This makes for one impressive trick to trot out when friends or family come to visit.
  • Learning toy names: Teach your dog the names for some of its favorite toys. Once you are done with this part of the training, they will be able to go get a certain toy based on the name you call out.

Training Videos
You will also receive a total of seven training videos that explain everything you need to know about making your dog more obedient overall. These videos are presented in a very friendly way that is easy to take in, even if you are a new owner.

Training Modules
There are seven different training modules in this program. Each module covers a different but equally important aspect of training dogs.

The first module is all about “Targeting”, which involves using a pointed object, a clicker device, and treats. The goal of this is to ensure that your dog starts looking to you for guidance. This is basically the infrastructure for the entire program, so it is very important.

The second module will enable you to communicate with your dog more effectively. This is an essential part of the training process. It will help your dog follow instructions a lot easier.

Behavior Training for Dogs
When you buy Brain Training for Dogs, you’ll also get a second bonus e-book called Behavior Training for Dogs. This book will teach you how to stop a variety of undesirable behaviors with your pooch, including digging, chewing, jumping, whining, and barking.

If you want to thoroughly train your dog, this book is definitely worth taking a close look at. It will provide you with effective methods for stopping all of the behaviors listed above.

Benefits of Using Brain Training for Dogs

Some of the key benefits associated with this program include:

  • No more barking: If your dog tends to bark a lot, this program can help. There is a specific section that will teach you how to stop this completely.
  • Enjoy your dog’s company: Once you have finished the training program, you will enjoy being around your dog even more.
  • Quick results: It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to get truly amazing results with your dog.
  • Easy to follow: All of the training tips and methods that are laid out in this program are very easy for any owner to follow.

Drawbacks of Using Brain Training for Dogs

You will only be able to purchase this training program in digital format. It is also important to keep in mind that not all owners will get the same results with their dog. You might have to be somewhat patient with your dog before you start seeing results.


This comprehensive dog training program only costs $47. You can use any major credit card or PayPal to buy this product. It comes with a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy Brain Training for Dogs?

Anyone who has a stubborn dog they want to train should consider buying this product. It is especially useful for new owners who are feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you want to save money by doing the training yours, this program can be very helpful. Hiring a professional trainer can be very expensive, and there is no guarantee that you’ll get noticeable results.


Brain Training for Dogs is among the most useful resources for those who want to train their dogs the right way. It offers a plethora of useful information that will help you make your dog into a far more obedient pet. If you want to put an end to your dog’s barking, digging, whining and other bad behaviors, this product is a great investment. It will also help you to teach your dog fun tricks that you can show off to friends. All of the information in this product is the result of extensive research and experience.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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