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The Amazing Abs Solution is about a new workout training program for fat loss and abdominal sculpting. It’s a video-based instructional information product that aims to teach a set of exercises to help lose fat, get toned abs, and shrink waistline. The workout routine is based on an accidental discovery by the product creator, after he recovered from a leg injury. Today, his methods are a proven solution to various cases of losing stubborn belly fats. Whether it was gained from years of inactive lifestyle, pregnancy or chronic weight problems, the product helped in solving such cases.

Yuri Elkaim, the ingenious creator of the Amazing Abs Solution workout program, is a former professional soccer player and strength coach from the University of Toronto. He continued to play pro soccer even after he broke his leg. He’s now known as a New York Times best selling author and also, as a world class fat loss expert. He currently teaches people to get fit and healthy.

Amazing Abs Solution PDF Details

The Amazing Abs Solution is a follow-along abs training program that targets to strengthen your core, sculpt your abs and burn the belly fat. Yuri developed his own Build-Sculpt-Burn system that allows anybody to achieve those three benefits by performing three quick workouts each week. His methods take advantage of the power of the metabolic compounding. The workout suits health buffs of any age and fitness level.

Amazing Abs Solution ReviewMetabolic compounding produces a special effect on the body, triggered when very specific exercises are performed correctly. It aims to stretch those muscles that play an important role in burning more calories. However, these muscles, especially the deep core muscles, are often overlooked when exercising the usual way. With the Amazing Abs Solution, only the right instructions are advised. They will be followed to activate more of these core muscles. This is achieved through the virtual coaching that Yuri delivers within the course. By doing the right exercise, more calories can be burned.

The Amazing Abs solution can be used as an exercise routine on its own. However, you can also apply it in addition to your current workout. It serves as an accelerator that will help you gain sculpted abs in a short period of time.

The product itself is based on a 12-week workout calendar. Each phase of the program, Build-Sculpt-Burn, must be done in four weeks. There’s a video to follow every week.

There are also mp3 audios to listen to each week. They should help you even more to pump up each workout. Allow Yuri’s voice to motivate and push you to exercise until the end. Workout trackers are also provided. It’s a handy checklist of the exercises that you must perform, the number of repetitions and the right order into which they must be done. These trackers come with images so you can visualize the proper positions for every exercise.

The Amazing Abs Solution also offers three more bonus workouts available in audio format and a very useful 21-day diet guide in pdf. These are great complementaries to the abs workout system core product.


There are many benefits to mention about the Amazing Abs Solution. For the purpose of this review, we summarized them into five advantages. They are:

  • The workout program provides a personalized expert coaching with Yuri Elkaim, which is very effective in helping you learn and perform the right actions. It’s a fact that most people who exercise on their own are prone to make mistakes on doing the exact action required. They also tend to just give up the routine. The Amazing Abs Solution will closely guide you in performing each step. By doing so, you can enjoy the fast results.
  • In addition, you’re paying for less than the normal high per hour cost of an expert trainer. Unlike other fat loss trainers, Yuri is a trustworthy coach. He won’t waste your time. Every exercise on his workout routine has a purpose and guaranteed to give you amazing results. In reality, you get more value for your money than what you originally paid for.
  • The abs training workouts are laid out in easy-to-follow steps and delivered via videos. It’s very straightforward to go back and forth the instructions if you need to. It’s also convenient to upload them on your mobile devices. Should you travel somewhere, you can continue with your workout by watching the videos in your smartphone. With Amazing Abs Solution, you certainly wouldn’t have any excuse of not having a stunning abs.
  • The Amazing Abs Solution works. That’s the best advantage you can get. The workouts are proven to shed belly fat and, tested to give you toned abs and shrank waistline. Realize how much you can get from 20-minute period of exercise every day.
  • You can get your money back within 60-day period, if you’re unable to see noticeable results. There’s no risk on your part as a consumer.


The only disadvantage of the Amazing Abs Solution system is, you will have to take action and follow Yuri’s instructions to enjoy visible results. Yes, you will be challenged with exercises that will target your inner abdominal muscles. You may get sore muscles or pains at some point. But the good news is, it works. You will get that sculpt in your abs if you continue with the program.

Just like any other product that you buy, it won’t work unless you use it. Amazing Abs Solution is not for the lazy. You’ll have to move your body. The program will help you by providing motivation as you try to perform each action.


Losing belly fat is not too quick and easy. Aiming for toned abs is even more difficult and time consuming. With the special techniques taught in the Amazing Abs Solution, these obstacles to a great body turn into a challenge of 20-minute a day workout. And the results are evident.

Learning from a personal coach can truly be effective. Added with a simple step-by-step guide and virtual accompaniment as you perform the exercise, the workout can be achieved without any problem. We therefore conclude that the Amazing Abs Solution is a quality product that’s worth a try.


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