Amy North’s Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry ReviewIf you are a woman, then one of the main dilemmas in your life has probably been related to keeping men interested in you and getting the most out of your relationships. Nowadays, a lot of intimacy can be achieved through texting, which makes knowing what texts to send and when a must.

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a program which claims to teach you all the ins and outs of getting a man interested in you and keeping him like that. Amy North has compiled a plethora of strategies for seducing the men of your dreams over text, all of which are based on her extensive research into relationships and male psychology. It is a program which features a book along with videos and examples of texts and tips on how and when to use them. It also features three bonus PDFs.


As previously mentioned, Text Chemistry will teach you all you need to know about texting men in a way that will make them desire you and become deeply interested in you. If you have ever felt like nothing you seem to do gets a man interested, then perhaps this program is just the thing you need.

Text Chemistry is not just based on random guesswork but rather developed over a time period using real-world evidence to support the theory that it teaches. Male psychology, just like its female counterpart, can be studied and noticed to function in certain patterns. Once these patterns are recognized, it is not difficult to play on them in order to get men to do exactly what you want.

Mind you, this does mean that the ethical side of this program is questionable, so if you are a woman who does not condone playing with people’s emotions and considers that to be immoral, then this program may not be for you. Then again, the case can be made that it is all in the name of playful love, in order to achieve a higher-quality relationship with someone. In that case, it may not sound too bad.

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The program is divided into several sections and features a variety of different text types which can be applied to just about any situation you can find yourself in with a guy. Apart from the basics, there is advice on how to text if you are trying to get his thoughts on you and away from other women. This so-called E-glow text will keep its mind on you. You will find texts which will help you rejuvenate a relationship that has perhaps gone stale and needs spicing up, or if you would rather get your ex back then there are examples for that too. Likewise, if you feel that you are unable to attract a man sexually, then this program will show you just what kind of irresistible text to send to make him desire your presence and touch.

However, maybe you are the kind of woman who wants a way to keep a man for a long time and not just to have a few minutes of spicy fun with him. In that case, Amy has you covered as well. Within this program, you will also find guides on what texts to send when you want him to propose as soon as possible. They have really thought of everything.

If your texting partner and you are going to be separated for a while, then it is good to know how to make him miss you. You will also be taught how to get him warmed up when he starts to go cold on you during texting. There are texts which will “hit him hard” and affect him psychologically to a great extent. The program also features tips on how to talk over the phone in a way that is attractive and what kind of pictures to send him so that his jaw really drops.

Far from just teaching you what texts to send him, this program will also educate you on how to interpret and understand his texts, so that you know what signals he is sending and how to respond accordingly.

Text Chemistry also comes with three bonus PDFs called The Phone Game, Why Men Leave, and Tinder Success Secrets.


  • Learn to keep men interested in you: If you have ever been frustrated about the fact that you just cannot get a man to stay in your life as more than a friend, then the tips in this program will greatly help you.
  • Spice up your relationship: Most relationships get ‘stale’ after a while. If you are looking for that spark to re-ignite the flame between you and your man, then this program might just help.
  • Become better at online dating: A lot of people meet each other through online dating nowadays. Since that is mostly text-based, this program will improve your online game.


As previously mentioned, some readers may find the advice given in this program as emotionally manipulative or exploitative.

Why should you buy Text Chemistry?

This program will undoubtedly improve your love life with men if you are in a place where you feel like you are not getting as much of them as you would like.


The entire program can be purchased for $49.95, which is not so great a price for such a comprehensive and complete guide.


Dating is not easy, and many women feel themselves to be quite challenged in that aspect. This easy-to-follow program will give you advice on texting which will improve your game and make you more likely to attract the men you desire. A great product for any woman who has felt herself to have not had the best of luck in her love life, this is a great first step towards becoming the natural seductress that you are deep down. So if you feel unsatisfied with how things are going with men in your life, then definitely give this product a shot. It is unlikely you will be disappointed.

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