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Erectile dysfunction is an issue that many couples struggle to talk about. The long silences and cold atmosphere can be torture on women that don’t know how to help. This is where Rock Hard Protocol comes in. The tagline for this product includes the line “using nothing but a strange white powder in the palm of my hand”. While the line was surely worded that way as clickbait, as it can be easily misinterpreted, it is not untrue. The solution in this guide does involve a natural supplement that can be crushed into a white powder. So what exactly is Rock Hard Protocol, how does it help the problem and is it really worth buying?

What is Rock Hard Protocol?

The secret to this program is all about Nitric Oxide. This element helps to improve blood flow around the body and is used in bodybuilding supplements to improve conditioning. A side effect of these supplement is blood flow to the penis. This may be a downside in the gym, but it is a must in the bedroom. L-arginine is a common amino acid supplement that people take for bodybuilding, which means it has great potential as an aid for erectile dysfunction. Oral ingestion of L-arginine doesn’t ensure that users will get an erection, which is why some scientists started to add OPC to the L-arginine to stimulate the process. All buyers need to do is get the two ingredients from a health food store and mix them together.

The question that you are sure to be asking right now is this: if the method is so simple, why is Anna writing a guide about her special method and tips. The book that Anna and her friend have compiled is basically a fool-proof guide to using the method correctly. It provides details on the two supplements, the quantities to use, the best way to ingest them and other helpful information. Then there are the bonus elements to the pack – the “tweaks” discovered by Anna and Bill while experimenting with the supplements. The first bonus report is “All Night Energy”, which looks into ways of increasing energy during the day to keep up with this new sex drive. The second report is “Sexual Superman”, which is designed to help men give their partner amazing orgasms.

What are the benefits of buying this Rock Hard Protocol guide?

Anna calls this a “natural, drug free way to cure erectile dysfunction” and she is right. This is probably the biggest benefit of using the approach in her book. Many couples have either sworn off of prescription drugs because they didn’t work, or avoided them altogether because of the potential dangers. As Anna points out, there are deaths and dangers side effects attributed to Viagra. The additional benefit here is the fact that you don’t have to wait 30 minutes before having sex. Because they are natural, they can be bought without prescription from many good health food stores. This means that if you wanted to start today, you really could.

The other important selling point of this guide is the fact that it offers a unique perspective on the issue. There are plenty of dry, uncomfortable guides out there talking about the physiology of the male member and the cause of erectile dysfunction. There there are guides trying to help men deal with the issue themselves and helping them with feelings of emasculation. A female-focused guide brings in the 2nd party in this problem – the long-suffering wife/girlfriend. Women who feel they have no-one to turn to about this problem with their sex life now have a guide that speaks their language. This bonus guide on orgasms is a nice touch too.

What are the drawbacks of trying this system?

There are two clear problems with this Rock Hard Protocol program. The first is that buyers don’t appear to be getting much bang for their buck, to pardon the expression. The second, to be completely honest, is ‘Anna’ – if that is her real name. By about 20 seconds into Anna’s fantastical story of accidental sexting and arousal, it is easy to start rolling your eyes. It might be easy to get past the fake-sounding lead-up to the product if there wasn’t the extra problem of one of her methods. Crushing up the white powder and hiding it in the drink of your loved one is not a solution to communication problems. Instead, its a sign of a marriage on the rocks.

As for the issue of cost and value for money. Some buyers are left questioning the price they paid for the information received. The main point of this e-book is the information about the supplementation, and those ingredients need to be bought separately anyway. This guide is not cheap at its recommended price tag, but Anna rarely seems to be selling it for that much. Anna claims to have knocked it down from $299 to $37 for a short period to be kind. Chances are that you could get this, and the bonuses, at a bargain rate whenever you sign up. Ignore the claims that Anna may shut the site down tomorrow if ‘Bill’ finds it – she won’t.

The final recommendation on Rock Hard Protocol.

Is this guide worth buying? The answer to that depends on the desperation of the situation. If your partner is having erectile dysfunction issues and you are communicating with each other about potential treatments, skip the e-book and go get the L-arginine and OPC. Anna has essentially given away her best secrets in the sales pitch so you could just skip to the ending. If the problem is a bit more complicated and you like the idea of the extra support and guidance from Anna and her book, give it a try.

At least with the book at hand you know you are getting precisely the right ingredients in the right dosages. There is a clear appeal to this Rock Hard Protocol guide for women that are struggling with their sex lives as it speaks to them and their needs. Just make sure that you also speak to your partner and get him on-board with the plan too.

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