Bill Tharpe’s The ED Destroyer Program Review

The ED Destroyer Program ReviewDoes ED Destroyer Program by Bill Tharpe work? NO, IT DOES NOT! Alternative Here

Erectile dysfunction is a condition affecting millions of men. This condition is usually characterized by the inability of the male reproductive organ to rise to the occasion when the need arises. While there might be many remedies for erectile dysfunction in the market, not all of them are effective and as a norm, a vast majority usually offer a temporary solution to this problem. Faced with such a predicament, Bill Tharpe decided to come up with a more permanent solution: and that how ED destroyer came into being.

What exactly is the ED Destroyer?

The ED destroyer also known as the erectile dysfunction destroyer can be best described as a supplement guide which has the capacity to help men restore their natural ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

The ED destroyer program is based on the personal experience of Bill Tharpe who was struggling with erectile dysfunction himself. In a bid to beat erectile dysfunction, Bill tried using Viagra to solve the problem and unfortunately ended up in a hospital bed with a prolonged painful erection.

Rather than trying to use Viagra again after the unpleasant experience, Bill Tharpe decided to carry out his own scientific research on how to address erectile dysfunction and that’s how he eventually come up with the ED destroyer program.

Product details

The ED destroyer program gives users plenty of information as to how the human body works and how the ED destroyer program can literally change the life of anyone who is experiencing erectile dysfunction.

According to Bill Tharpe, most of the products developed to address erectile dysfunction are usually designed with a presumption that erectile dysfunction is brought about by a hormone deficiency in the human body. However according to Tharpe research has shown that only 3 percent of ED cases are due to a hormone imbalance while the rest of the cases: 97% are due to a clog in the body system. Tharpe further asserts that the ED Destroyer program has the capacity to eliminate this clog within 3 days of starting the program.

In the ED destroyer program, Bill Tharpe asserts rigid erections within the human body are usually brought about by the chemical nitric oxide which naturally occurs when one is aroused. Nitric oxide helps blood to collect in chambers within the penis making it rigid.

Tharpe further states that an enzyme known as eNos is needed to activate sexual performance as it triggers the formation of nitric oxide within the body. Without this enzyme, it would be impossible for one to have an erection.

According to Bill Tharpe, the ED destroyer program highlights the different natural ingredients that can be used to stimulate the enzyme eNos so as to release nitric oxide. The program also gives valuable info on when to take the food and supplements so as to have the best chance of success. Tharpe goes on further to say that with this program; you can be able to get an erection whenever you want provided you are not among the 3 percent whose erectile dysfunction is due to a hormone imbalance.

When you purchase the ED destroyer package, you will get access to a wealth of information which Bill Tharpe claims has the capacity to restore your erection. The main thing you will receive with the package is a list of ingredients that you will need to acquire before you start of the program. The package also contains information on how you will need to combine these ingredients so as to clear out any blockages in your body.


There are many pros associated with the ED destroyer program. The following is an overview of some of the most notable benefits associated with this program:

Backed by medical research and literature

Part of Bill Tharpe assumptions are backed by sufficient medical research. For instance, the claim that the eNos enzyme is responsible for bringing about erections; there is sufficient medical evidence and research to back up this claim and the eNos enzyme has been highlighted in major medical journals as having the capacity to bring about penile erection.

On the other hand, the question of whether diet can influence the production of nitric oxide and consequently penile erection is not quite clear. There is medical evidence that a diet rich in fats and sugars can bring about erectile dysfunction but none whatsoever on the impact of certain diets on the production of nitric oxide.

A Viagra free solution

Another notable benefit of the ED destroyer program is that it does not incorporate the use of Viagra. Viagra is considered as being an effective short time solution to erectile dysfunction but has the major disadvantage of being quite expensive while at the same time having adverse side effects that make it quite risky.

Accessible and inexpensive

The program makes use of readily available materials and as such is considered as being both accessible and inexpensive.

No side effects

Since the ED destroyer program makes use of natural ingredients, it has no side effects.


The ED destroyer program also has some disadvantages associated with it:

Results could be different

As claimed by Bill Tharpe, the program does not work for 3% of the people whose erectile dysfunction is due to a hormonal imbalance and as such, if you fall under this category you will not receive favorable results from this program.

No clinical tests

No clinical tests whatsoever have been carried out based on this program and as such, there is no sufficient proof to determine whether the program works or not.

Digital copy only

The program is in form of an eBook and as such not much of a problem for those who are comfortable with modern technology. On the other hand if you do not like eBooks, this can be a bit of a problem.

Final verdict

There are many medical regimes and alternative treatments for ED out there. Some of them work while others are full of hype and others quite dangerous.

In the case of the Ed destroyer program, the program seems quite easy to implement while the ingredients are all natural: with some having aphrodisiac properties, and as such there is a minimal chance of side effects. The destroyer program is also much safer than Viagra.

However, the program has not undergone any clinical trial and there is no medical evidence whatsoever that diet can contribute to curing erectile dysfunction and as such: the ED destroyer although safe is not worthy to be classified as a solution to erectile dysfunction.



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