Bob Burnham

When Passion Drives Your Actions

Bob BurnhamMany times, the plot of an ebook is better than the actual book, just like trailers are often better than movies. You end up reading an intriguing plot and already imagine the action of a book, only to go through it and realize that it was far from your expectations – what a waste of time, right?

Bob Burnham has become a popular figure over the Internet due to his extensive reviews of ebooks from various fields. As a self-declared “fast reader”, he enjoys new plots and stories, but he also reviews them for potential readers to have a better clue about what to expect.

About Bob Burnham

Born in 1981, Bob Burnham comes from a family of professors. Both his parents taught literature in high-schools, while his grandfather was principal of a local school. With solid academic examples to follow in his family, it was obvious that he would follow a different path. The only difference? It is adapted to modern days.

More and more people turn to ebooks for their convenience. Some books are not even released in a hardcover edition. For this reason, Bob Burnham has focused on a new trend. His passion for reading came to life while still in his early schooling years. He used to finish a summer holiday literature within the first few weeks, only to move on to more interesting books.

He used to review books and make recommendations for his colleagues in school. He was so conscious about it that he could make anyone believe that a book was good or bad. Without giving away any major details, his reviews could tell you everything you wanted to know for a good decision.

Giving his avid passion for reading, it was only a matter of time until Bob Burnham began writing his own ebooks.

Diving In

While his parents thought reading was only a hobby, the young Bob Burnham proved them wrong when he decided to study literature at the Illinois College from Jacksonville. Getting accepted raised no problems for him and not only because of his previous schooling scores, but also because of how convincing his letter was. He studied for three years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in literature. He pursued a Master’s degree as well, which he obtained just a few years later. As an expert in this field, he was credited as a professor.

His passion for reading and reviewing ebooks was not affected by his schooling years. He kept writing articles on various books. By the time he graduated from college, he had two reviews published in a local newspaper. To some people, his passion could only be described as a hobby – a side activity to teaching literature. But according to Bob Burnham, it was more than that. It was a side career that promised to erupt like a volcano.

This is exactly what happened. His published reviews turned him into a small local celebrity. From that point on, his popularity just kept growing. He has also released three ebooks himself, which are currently available for sale over the Internet.

On an academical note, Bob Burnham has never ceased to educate himself. As a professor, he understands the importance of being up to date with the latest ideas and technologies in this field. His teaching methods are described to be innovative and modern, often relying on modern equipment and digital solutions to keep his students entertained. He keeps taking new courses on a regular basis and never misses the opportunity to review and recommend a good ebook when he stumbles upon one.

Awards and Recognitions

Bob Burnham has a decent collection of awards and trophies close to his massive library. He has received three trophies at the Global Ebook Awards in 2014 (one for his reviewing skills and two for his ebooks). Two of his ebooks have also been awarded at the Literary Awards in 2015.

His reviewing work has been featured by major publications like New Literary Houston, The Hudson Review, Glimmer Rain and Journal of Modern Literature. At the same time, his unique reviews are constantly taken over by various publications and linked back to his name. The Sewanee Review named him the best ebook writer to follow in 2015.

These Days

These days, Bob Burnham’s life is split between two apparently similar, but different careers. As a professor, he teaches on a regular basis in a local high-school. He is among the most appreciated professors on site and has an exquisite popularity among his students because of his friendly attitude. His capability to convince people to read in today’s modern society is the main reason behind his prestige. Over the past years, he has managed to infuse the love for literature into new students like no other professor.

While he sees it as a second career, his love for ebooks is just as high. He reviews new books on a regular basis and his name is usually mentioned by publications, blogs and magazines when referring to them. His talent of making everyone aware of what to expect without giving away any spoilers is what makes him so popular in the online world. Whether it comes to novels or scientific work, he goes through new releases in the attempt to learn, discover and help others decide on the right read.

On a writing note, Bob Burnham is currently working on three different ebooks. His older releases are easily available over the Internet. He also writes for high authority blogs and publications as a guest author. Many times, his reviews are simply taken over by magazines and linked back to his name. Although he did attend a few conferences and spoke as a guest, he admits that speaking in public is not his strongest point, yet he never says never.

When asked about launching his own magazine on literature, Bob Burnham admitted that he has never thought about it, but he appreciated the idea and promised to give it a thought.

How He Does It

Bob Burnham’s success is obviously drawn by passion. It is easy to tell the reasons wherefore someone becomes successful. His passion for literature became obvious when he was only a young student and had no future plans. He has made a career out of it, but he keeps diversifying it in the attempt to prevent boredom. He is the active person who clearly needs to keep entertained and there is no better way to do it than discovering new things.

He once said that he knows how annoying it is to spend time reading a book, only to figure that it was not as you expected. For this reason, he aims to express his feelings through his unbiased reviews.

When it comes to writing ebooks, Bob Burnham once said that it represents the optimal way to express creativity and let ideas come out.

Bottom Line

In the end, Bob Burnham has become an authority – there are no doubts about it. He has a glowing career as a professor, but he also follows his dreams of discovering the new and expressing his own creativity in a unique way. His reviews represent the best way to give to the world and help others discover their inner love for reading.