Brian Flatt’s The 3 Week Diet Review

The 3 Week Diet program promises a quick way to shed some weight. The creator of the program is Brian Flatt. Brian claims that the utilization of the program one can lose 12-23 pounds of fat within 21 days.

The 3 Week Diet involves a combination of different foods which are usually chained together into various distinct phases. The diet usually starts with the detox stages which is followed by a fasting phase, then followed by two different low carbon phases. The information provided in the eBook addresses the major issues in permanent weight loss.

3 Week Diet Details

The three-week diet comprises of three parts as explained below.

Part 1
Part one of the three-week diet consists of four different phases.

  • Phase 1 being the hardest. The phases last for 7 days and is where one loses much of the weight.
  • Phase 2 last for one day, but it is effective since one can lose more than one pound in the single day.
  • Phase 3 lasts for three days beginning from day 9-11. During this phase a change of diet is required, which might seem odd but helps a lot.
  • Phase 4 lasts from day 12 to day 21. During this period Brian teaches you a unique and powerful way to continue losing more weight during these nine days. It is in this phase that you get to learn on how to calculate your BMR. This helps in helping a person determine the number of calories that he/she requires to maintain weight and then cut it off almost instantaneously.

Part 2

The second part of the 3 Week Diet is just about all about exercise. With the diet program alone, you can lose weight but with a combination of the exercise, you will burn fat at a higher rate. These workouts normally last for approximately 20-30 minutes, and they are purposely meant to be intense rather than being long. The exercise program focuses on the full body resistance training every day.

The 3 Week Diet focuses on resistance training which includes; squats, pushups, and others. More effort is put on resistance workouts rather than cardio workouts simply because the resistance workouts burn as twice as many calories as the cardio workouts. Resistance workouts burn the glycogen in your body faster, and this makes you start burning fat for energy. The workout program provides exercise which targets every major muscle group in the body. One is also guided on how to do the exercises, how many times to undertake each activity and how long to rest between each exercise.

Part 3

This is the last part of the 3 Week Diet. The major challenge in losing weight is dealing with the cravings for all the tasty and delicious food you know you should not be eating. In this section, the user is provided with a 20 seconds technique which helps in fighting the temptations for all “prohibited” foods during this period. The manual also offers other tips which are helpful in assisting the user to stick to the recommended diet to meet the required goals.


3 week diet modules

Introduction Manual

The importance of living a healthy life is explained first. This part shows you how your life will transform if you stick to the regime given in the book thoroughly. An empirical research that allowed this book to be made is also explained. It offers insight into the science behind weight loss, the way our bodies work and the way different nutrients affect us. Advice on what you should do and shouldn’t do in order to achieve the complete effect can also be found here.

Diet Manual
This one is the largest part of the whole book, meaning it has been given the most importance. It is divided into four phases which include:

  • Detox and Cleanse, with a special emphasis on liver health (First 7 days).
  • The 8th full day of fasting, you don’t eat anything for a period of 24 hours.
  • Fat phase, you ingest your calories only in the form of healthy fats which has a great effect on weight loss.
  • Repeated calorie restriction depending on your BMR and BMI.

Not everyone has the same body type and metabolism which means that not everyone will benefit from the same diet equally. Whether you’re an endomorph, ectomorph or somewhere in-between, it might be easier or harder for you to have weight fluctuations. This is exactly where the Diet Manual comes in. It explains you the way to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) which together with the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) can provide a huge difference in your diet.

You will then receive a weight loss plan which fits your body type the best with the correct diet for daily intake. This means you will get a complete combination of groceries and the exact amount you should be consuming to lose as much as 30 pounds over the course of next few days. You’ll also receive a list of harmful foods which you must avoid.

Workout Manual

Now that you’re already starting to melt that body fat, with this correct fitness, you can supercharge your results. Double the speed which you lose weight by sticking to the plan explained here. It involves a combination of cardio exercises and high-intensity ones which speed up your heart rate and metabolism, ultimately leading to the increase of fat loss.

The best thing is that it doesn’t take that much to get rid of that nasty fat on your belly. Only 20 minutes of exercise, 3-4 days of the week will make you look better than ever. Intense, full-body exercises that only last for a few minutes activate your body and stimulate fat melting. You don’t need a gym card to these; you can do it in your house or wherever you can find a few square feet of free space. There’s also a free 6-pack workout manual – Midsection Miracle Workout – if you want extra results.

Mindset & Motivation Manual

3 week diet reviewAcquiring the will to get in shape and retaining that burning desire to keep healthy is paramount. Positive psychology on losing fat that guides the readers through the plan making sure they obey all its rules is presented here. After a substantial weight loss, you are motivated to stay fit and healthy and make sure that fat never returns.

It also contains an exclusive 20-second self-discipline technique which can be used to distract your mind every time you crave for unhealthy foods. This manual serves as a guard dog which will make sure that you always stay on the right path through your transformation to a healthier, slimmer and a more confident individual.


  • Easy to understand: the program is well explained in the eBook. You do not have to struggle to know what you are required to do. It is written in simple English that can easily be followed by the non-native English speakers without even missing a word out of it.
  • You can do it at home: you do not need to visit the gym or eat hard to find foods. When undertaking this program, you do not need much space for the workouts either.
  • Easy to get through: the program only takes 21 days to achieve the desired results. Unlike other programs which take up to 90 days without producing the desired results. The 3 Week Diet will only make you hungry for 3 weeks, and then you will be able to resume your regular diet.

Does not take over your life

The program does not take over your life like some other programs. The workouts only take some few minutes and are quite easy to follow. You can resume on with your daily routine and still have enough time for the 3 Week Diet.

It is a full system

The program gives you an exact system to follow. Unlike other diet books which will only tell you what to eat and workout programs which will just inform you on how to exercise. The 3 Week Diet puts these two pieces (diet and exercise) together so that you do not need to purchase anything else.

Provides unique information

Unlike other weight loss programs, the eBook provides unique information which is original. Other programs tend to patch up together different information found on the internet. Brian promises unique and well-crafted information to help you shed some weight.

Money back guarantee

If the program does not work for you or you do not like the after purchase, you can still get back your money within 60 days. So you need not worry about losing your hard earned cash.

  • Hunger: if you are not careful with the program, you might find yourself getting hungry and low on energy. Therefore if not serious with the program you can easily quit.
  • Lack videos: the program does not provide tutorial videos. Videos are essential in making a person implement and follow each of the recommended steps in the program to the latter. This can be a problem to the non-native English speakers who have not fully mastered the English language.
  • Some Supplements are needed: the author of the eBook recommends the use of extra supplements. Most people love losing weight naturally and tend not to like the idea of using supplements in shedding some weight.
  • Some additional equipment are needed: some of the equipment’s you will require include; some weights, a bench or a chair. This can be a challenge for those interested in the program but having a restrained budget.

Most people want to lose weight but lack the knowledge on how to do it right. However, with the Brian Flatt system, 3 Week Diets, you are guaranteed of regaining your smile by losing some pounds and within 21 days you will perfectly achieve your desired body size.


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Jessie says August 5, 2016

This diet is definitely not for everyone but if you manage to get past those 7 days you’re almost done. I got married two weeks ago and Heather Mathews’ program helped me to shed around 10 pounds. I have to say though, I was diligent and respected it to a T, otherwise you won’t make it. I had a lot of support in my now-husband since he knew I wasn’t happy with my weight so my advice would be to have someone who can hold you accountable, it helps a lot!

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