Brian Klepacki’ The Inner Thigh Solution Review

The Inner Thigh Solution ReviewThe Inner Thigh Solution is a workout regime designed particularly for women who want to get strong and appealing inner thighs.

The regime is conceived and presented by Brian Klepacki who claims to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Brian has also got a degree in Exercise Science and you can find more information about him and his products on his website.

According to Brian, the inner thigh solution is developed by him after many unsuccessful trials in sculpting his clients’ thighs. He says that it took him about 20 years to crack the solution for ripped inner thighs. He also mentions a lot about, how to engage the adductor muscles, that plays a major role in sculpting one’s inner thighs.

So is this product reliable and worth the money it demands? Has it given desired results to its consumers? Hope our readers will get answers to these questions when they finish reading this review.

The Inner Thigh Solution Details

The Inner Thigh Solution package includes an Inner Thigh Solution Manual, A DVD titled The Complete Coaching Videos: Bodyweight Edition and a bonus Dine Your Way Fine manual.

Inner Thigh Solution Manual
According to Brian, the manual contains information about the exercises that help in strengthening the adductors which can be easily incorporated by both beginners and people who are familiar with work-outs. It also displays detailed explanations about the workout with pictures so that beginners can understand the postures and its benefits easily.

The Complete Coaching Videos: Bodyweight Edition
Claimed to be shot in HD the videos demonstrate how to carry out each exercise in a perfect manner only using one’s bodyweight. Brian explains the benefits of each workout and promises to give results if one emulates these workouts 15 minutes a day for 30 days.

Dine Your Way Fine
The Dine Your Way fine is a cook book that contains instructions to cook highly nutritious and at the same time tasty food. The book contains recipes by Chef Gui Alinat who is an ACF Certified Executive Chef. The manual contains recipes for all the three meals a day that can be prepared easily.

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The overall package costs $15.99 and Brian claims that the value of the manual Dine Your Way Fine alone to be $19.99. He has also mentioned that the Inner Thigh Solution will soon be listed on and its price there will be $50. Brian currently lists these three products combined at a rate of $15.99 which according to him will be $69.99 in the coming days.


  • Brian’s Knowledge: Having a look at his website and other works, one can deduce that Brian has enough experience and knowledge about the human muscles and how to train them. He claims to be a trainer for 20 years and accepts that he has lost many times in sculpting his clients’ thighs. He does not boast that he found this idea overnight and challenges people for a transformation. He has spent a lot of time on studying the adductor muscles’ nature and why he could not achieve his desired results. This transparency must be appreciated and urges one to give a go at this product.
  • Pricing: The pricing listed for the product seems to be affordable as it promises to develop one of the muscle groups that are less concentrated. The product contains both visual and writing depictions which will provide people with two options and lets them decide their best suitable format. Also, it comes with an additional cook book that contains recipes for nutritional dishes which becomes a bonus.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: The most important advantage of the product is that Brian promises 100% money back if his customers are not satisfied with their results after training for 60 days. This shows the confidence he has in his workout regime and gives us a thought that this should really work. He says that his clients can mail him on the product’s dissatisfaction after including the regime to their workout routine for 60 days and he will give their money back.
  • The Successive Sets Sequence: The exercises listed are said to be designed keeping in mind a specific sequential flow which Brian calls the Successive Sets. The sets include exercises that include dynamic stretching, multi-dimensional stabilizing and mobility drills, strengthening and sculpting exercises, and muscle activation. He says that one can achieve their desired results only by engaging and activating specific muscles and not just through hard and sweaty workout sessions.
  • Techniques Incorporated: Any physical work needs a clear and skillful technique to give the desired results. The same applies when it comes to building muscles and developing strength. Without a proper technique, one can never achieve what he wants. The inner thigh solution is said to be framed incorporating specific techniques such as restorative lengthening, Neuro-muscular activation, Iso-Holds, and time under tension tempo.
  • Customer Reviews: One can find opinions of women of various age groups and lifestyles about the inner thigh solution in the product’s website. The review posted seems to be genuine and reliable. They find the workout to be highly effective and at the same time easy to do.


  • Hard to find and correct mistakes: The main disadvantage of using a virtual trainer is that one will not be aware of the mistakes they do while carrying out a particular exercise which in turn may not give the desired results and sometime may also lead to injuries. If the same exercises are carried out under the guidance of a real-time trainer, he or she will spot your mistakes and will eventually correct them which will save you from injuries and provide nice results.
  • Each Individual is Different: When it comes to body and mind, each individual is different and the one that works for me may not work for the other. The results one need to achieve depends on their current physical conditions and their muscle’s nature. So, one has to know about their body before getting into a workout routine or else get advice from a professional trainer whether the routine will suit their current health condition or not.
  • Cost and Guarantee: Though the cost was included in the advantages category, it is also listed here because the amount you spend will become worthless if you could not achieve your desired result. On the other hand, money will not be a concern for those who have sculpted their thighs. Coming to the guarantee part, it is not sure whether your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with your results as we do not know the seller in person.

If you are one among the women who are desperately in need of sexy and sculpted inner thighs, kindly evaluate the above-mentioned points and make a decision, whether the product will suit you or not. And if you decide to go with the product, please follow the given instructions and do not give up after a few days of the workout as one can achieve nothing just in few days.

Remember that, hitting the gym and sweating is to strengthen one’s body and mind and not to please other’s eyes. Concentrate on the former, the latter will automatically accompany it.

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