Brittany Francis’ 60 Minute Profit Plan Review

60 Minute Profit Plan ReviewIn the world, where everything is growing so fast, it really becomes a challenge to survive in the fast changing economy. You need to keep learning new skills or technologies in order to survive and to get the basic needs which include food, money and shelter. Nowadays, every individual look for ways to earn extra income other than their full-time jobs. It has in fact become the necessity to have an extra source of income or some profit plan for a better future and life.

To help individuals earn extra bucks, there many money making programs available in the internet that claims to help individual in earning a huge amount of money without putting too much efforts. But what individuals must understand that not all the programs provide you the benefit they claim. So whenever you fall for the claims made by any system, it is really important to check it twice before buying them.

One such money making product available on the internet is 60 Minute Profit Plan. This profit plan is a Clickbank product, which help you earn $30K in the first month itself. The product claims that the user can earn up to $30,000 every month within the comfort of your home. So if you are also planning to buy this product and looking forward to become financially independent, then here is the detailed review to help you know more about the product.

What is 60 Minute Profit Plan Program?

Created and developed by a woman, named Brittany Francis, the program claims that anybody can make as much as $30K in the very first month of using the program. The program is also said to be the fastest way to make money without putting much efforts and time. The program contains step by step instructions that can help you to earn huge amount of money in 60 minutes.
To make money through this program, all you need to do is to create a report and putting them for sale on the internet. You just need to keep doing it and repeating the process to earn the money. In other words, it basically provides you a platform, where you can earn your living online by creating reports repeatedly.

The program provides you the videos to help you understand the process of creating reports that the clients can buy from you. More importantly, to create these reports, you don’t need to have any prior experience or skills to do the job. No matter if you are a student or a homemaker, anyone can use the program to earn the extra bucks. This program is also a savior for people who hates their job and is looking for ways to make money for their living.

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Be it your living room or bedroom, you can work from just anywhere. According to Brittany Francis, the program also doesn’t take much time; you just need to spend an hour or two to earn the amount it promises.

How does this 60 Minute Profit plan program works?

Though the creator of this program Brittany Francis, the program can provide you the results overnight, but it is not completely true. Many users who have used the program say that this program doesn’t work like how Brittany claims. This program cannot make you earn money instantly and is no secret to solve your financial issues overnight. Also if you are thinking that buying this program can help you make money the same day you purchase it, then you are wrong here. It doesn’t work like how the author claims.

The creator of this program doesn’t even explain how this program actually works and how it helps people to make profits. If you watch the video available on the official website to sell the product, you will only notice her talking about how fast you can make money through this system again and again. She will only tell you how you can quit your job and use this product to live the lifestyle you have always dreamt of. She doesn’t say any such thing about the video which can make people understand if this product is a red flag or not.

According to Brittany, this program will teach you some amazing money making methods which will definitely change your life for good. She is also offering 30% discount on the overall price of the product.

The Four Methods of 60 Minute Profit Plan

The program mainly teaches users the four methods to make money through 60 Minute Profit Plan. They are:

  1. Email marketing- It contains around 12 videos.
  2. Make money using paid surveys- It contain only 1 video.
  3. Make money by testing websites- It contain 1 video.
  4. Make money via freelancing

Is 60 Minute Profit Plan worth it?

It is wrong to say the 60 minute profit plan is a scam because at the end of the day, you are getting the training to make the money. But it is definitely not worth it. The reason it is not worth investing is that it cannot help you earn money as much as $30K/month. Also the sales presentation they are providing to the users is misleading and there are definitely red flags found in the sales page.


The advantages of using 60 Minute Profit Plan to make money as per the creator of the program is:

  • Users can use this program to earn huge amount of money within the comfort of your home.
  • The program can help you earn as much as $30K in a span of one month.
  • The program is suitable for both experienced and non-experienced people.
  • It provides you the training to create the reports which you can use to sell and can earn through them.
  • It also teaches you the four ways to make money online which include email marketing and freelancing.
  • Users need to follow the step by step instructions to earn money through the program.
  • The steps are easy to understand for everyone. The videos will also make it easy for users to get the desired results without any hassle.
  • While buying the program, users also get the discount of 30%, which makes it even more affordable.

There are many red flags found in the program:

  • From the creator of the program to the testimonials, users are claiming that it is all red flag. Even the creator of the program is said to be fake.
  • The people used in the video for testimonials are basically paid actors who sell their services at Fiverr, which give users the reason to not buy this program.
  • All the Facebook and Twitter comments are fabricated and there is nothing genuine in these comments.
  • While buying the program, they also ask you to buy the other program to get results from the former program.

Even if this 60 Minute Profit plan is not a scam, you will not get the results as claimed by the creator. The program is not good enough to make any positive changes to your financial situation. There is no way you can earn $30K using this program. So think twice and invest your money wisely.

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