Carissa Alinat’s The French Paleo Burn Review

The French Paleo Burn ReviewIf you are someone who is tired of your excessive weight, then choosing a right weight loss program is highly essential to get the desired result. But there are uncountable programs available in the market that guarantees effective weight loss, so how can you decide which one is right for you? Well, this is a question that often troubles both men and women who are looking for the right program to follow. Well, it is definitely a confusing situation; wanting to lose weight, but not knowing as to which program to go for.

The French Paleo Burn Program is definitely the most effective and reliable program available in the market. The program is mainly designed for the mothers of different age groups who forget to take care of themselves and neglect their body in order to take care of their kids. But people of all age groups, size and gender can use the program to get effective results.

About the French Paleo Burn Program

Designed by Carissa Alinat, a 36 year old mother of 3, French Paleo Burn Program is quite new in the market, but has received many positive responses from people all over the world. It is believed that the author has herself struggled a lot to lose weight. She tried many conventional and ineffective methods to lose weight, but all her efforts went in vain. This is when she designed this effective and reliable weight loss program for all those people who are looking for ways to naturally transform their body.

The French Paleo Burn Program is a basically a fitness program, which consist of a number of parts to help you get the toned, healthy and perfect looking body. The best thing about taking this program is that it will not suggest you to count calories, drinking those bitter shakes, or to sweat yourself in the gym doing those difficult exercises. It only contains simple and easy to follow steps to get a gorgeous looking body.

Who is Carissa Alinat – the author of the program?

Before you try any program, it is really important to know about the author of the program and how reliable the program is? Well, Carissa Alinat, the author of this program is a qualified individual who has earned her Master’s degree as the Nurse Practitioner. The author is currently said to be working on her PhD and is a weight loss expert as well as a published writer. Carissa Alinat has designed an easy to follow a weight loss routine to help people of all age groups and size to lose weight.

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What else you get along with the French Paleo Burn Program?

a) French Paleo Burn ebook- Simple weight loss Routine
This weight loss routine is specifically designed for all those individuals who are struggling to lose weight. The best thing about this weight reduction routine is that it contains only easy and effective ways to shed weight. The ebook is basically divided in two phases to help you maintain your weight loss:

  • Phases 1 – In this phase, you basically get an easy to follow program that helps you lose weight in 60 days. The author has divided the program into various small steps that help you burn your stubborn fat effectively.
  • Phases 2 – As we all know maintaining weight loss can be a challenging thing for many people as without a proper plan, you cannot achieve your ultimate target. In phase 2, you get a proper plan to follow to get the desired results.

b) Around 50 French Paleo Recipes for Burning Fat
This is the second guide that you get along with this program. Carissa Alinat got inspired to write this recipe book when she noticed the diet and lean body of French people. The author then decided to write a recipe book that contains more than 50 French Paleo recipes to help people lose weight. The best thing about this recipe guide is that all the recipes included in the diet are healthy as well as free from grain, dairy, sugar and gluten.

c) French Paleo Burn Book – A 14-Day Diet Plan
This is the third program of French Paleo Burn recipe guide program. The author has listed 14 day meal plan in this program that helps you lose weight within 14 days.

d) Three other bonus guides for women
To motivate all those women who are working hard to lose weight, Carissa Alinat’s French Paleo Burn Program provides other bonus guides for women to promote weight loss.

  • The Truth about Weight loss EBook – This eBook teaches you various facts that you need to know about losing weight. It teaches you the list of foods that you must eat for perfect looking body and the foods that you must avoid in order to maintain weight.
  • Secrets of Skinny French Women – This eBook is the best book for women to lose weight as it contains all the secrets of the French women that help them stay slim and in shape by limiting their food intake.
  • 8 Week Primal Movement Plan – This is the third bonus guide that you get along with this program. This 8 week, Primal Movement plan contains various videos that feature easy movement that help you lose weight effectively. All the movements included in the program can be easily performed at any place without using any equipment.


  • The program contains easy to follow steps and diet plan to help you lose weight in the most effective way possible.
  • The French Paleo Burn program is reliable, tested and has helped many people all over the world to lose weight.
  • It teaches you various fats burning foods that you must include in your diet to enjoy their various weight loss properties.
  • You also get a French Paleo Burn PDF that teaches you to cook various recipes at home, that too very easily and quickly.
  • It teaches you various foods that you must try to boost your metabolism as well as to burn more calories effectively.
  • The program is quite affordable and is available at the cost of just $17. Not only this, you also get various bonus guides along with the program, that too without paying any additional cost.
  • Though there is no such disadvantage of using this program, but what might bother people about this program is that it is only available in digital format, so all those people who prefer hard copy might find it difficult to access the program.
  • As the program contains videos, you need a reliable PC and Internet connection to access it.
  • You need to follow the program without a miss to get the slim and toned body.
Bottom Line

The French Paleo Burn program is the best program to go for if you really want to get rid of those extra pounds and body fat. Another benefit of taking this program is that it offers a full money back guarantee and you can claim for refund within 60 days of using it, in case you are not satisfied with the results. You can buy the program from its official website.

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