Christian Goodman’s The Erection Mastery System Review

Erection Mastery System ReviewErection Mastery System is an e-book by Christian Goodman, designed with input from erectile dysfunction and sexual performance experts, to teach sufferers to cure erectile dysfunction. The techniques mentioned in this book is supposedly going to give user a powerful erection and the ability to main it for hours to get maximum sexual satisfaction once again.

The e book categorizes the cause of ED into 2 categories: physical and emotional and suggests exercise around the affected area for the former and relaxation techniques for the latter as the cure. This program promises to teach the user steps that require a mere 30 minutes for 3-7 days a week for about 1-2 months to get rid of erectile dysfunction for good. The book suggests that these techniques can be practiced alone or even with the user’s partner.

The e-book also claims that its techniques are far more effective than the drugs for erectile dysfunction such as Cialis and Viagra as they only help less than half of the users and also cause harmful side effects.

The Erection Mastery System Details

Erectile Mastery System is priced at 37$ and includes directions for 3 types of easy and simple to execute emotional release exercises: breathing, mental and awareness exercises. The exercises have been tested and improved by clients who have apparently reversed their erectile dysfunction (emotional cause). The e-book assures the cure of the erectile dysfunction and restoring self-confidence, no matter what the cause is. These easy to execute and simple to practice exercises do not require user to be in any particular type of physical shape.

The Erectile Mastery Program consists of a total of 31 exercises which includes:

  • 4 Pubococcygeus (Pc) muscle exercises that are designed to increase the flow of blood into the penis and prevent it from leaking out. The other Pc exercises which are out there apparently do not fulfill the same purpose. This exercise can be practices anywhere, even in public without anyone knowing that you’re doing it.
  • 3 breathing exercises that have the power to help release stress and relieve tension. These breathing exercises are designed to specifically combat the stress that causes erectile dysfunction, helping user feel lighter and also in maintaining an erection.
  • 6 emotional and mental release exercises that help relieve emotional tension which is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. These exercises claim to have an almost immediate effect after trying it out just once.
  • 4 pelvic exercises that help relieve tension around the hip and pelvis which is known to restrict the flow of blood to the genital region. These exercises are designed to make the user feel a rush of energy into his penis.
  • 9 mystical awareness exercises that can be practiced alone or with user’s partner. These exercises are designed to make user last longer and then eventually for him to have control of the duration of sex, making the user take charge of his sexual pleasure and that of his partner’s.
  • 5 Secret Lama exercises that were apparently only taught in the beginning of the 19th century, in a secret society and is believed to hold the key to the fountain of youth. Scientifically speaking, these exercises are extremely helpful in improving the blood circulation of the entire body, which doesn’t only help cure erectile dysfunction; but also make user experience new surges of energy, like never before.
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  • After purchasing the book, downloading it is very easy and takes only a few minutes. It can also be viewed on a smartphone or tables besides the laptop and can even be printed if user prefers that.
  • Though the book is about a scientific subject, the uncomplicated language in which the instructions are written makes it very easy to read and also understand.
  • Accessing this e-book also gives you access to an online community that enjoys helping all its members.
  • Its focus on natural methods as opposed to drugs that have serious side effects is definitely a better approach to deal with erectile dysfunction.
  • Christian Goodman, the author of this e-book is a natural health researcher and Icelandic therapist and also the author of many health related books and both offline and online articles which makes him a reliable source of information.
  • Christian Goodman’s other health programs: high blood pressure program which suggests natural exercises to lower blood pressure has received numerous positive testimonials and reviews which suggest the efficiency of his techniques when it comes to health.
  • The Erection Mastery system is also very budget friendly with its cost of 37 dollars as compared to the 100s of dollars that one needs to spend on drugs for ED.
  • This product stands above competitors by not only giving almost instant results to the user but also with its money back guarantee. If user isn’t happy with the results of the Erection Mastery, a refund will be given with no questions asked, within 60 days of purchase of the product.
  • The nil reimbursement rates add to the reliability and efficiency of this product.
  • Last but not the least, this program can be followed by any individual i.e., it doesn’t require a certain physical shape for the techniques to be effective.


  • The Erection Mastery System except that web page of the product doesn’t have a very good format.
  • Just like any natural method, the techniques provided in this e-book may take time for the user to see any tangible results and also it may be possible that it is not effective at all for certain individuals.
  • Though the author has quite a few impressive qualifications for him to be a reliable source of information, but his credibility on this subject: Erectile dysfunction hasn’t been established anywhere previously.
  • Also if the main cause of erectile dysfunction is deeply psychologically rooted then simple exercises may not really help cure it as it may need proper counseling.

Overall, the Erection Mastery System is one of the most informative e-books that are available to prevent erectile dysfunction. There is a huge population of men that is affected by this issue and suffers in silence and this program can definitely help provide some solutions to them.

Though its effectiveness and reliability cannot be backed 100% as it is a relatively new product which doesn’t have a lot of customer reviews online, the few reviews that do exist are positive ones. It is also worth mentioning the amount of research that has gone into coming up with natural techniques that are not only easy to do but also have scientific reasons backing up its effects.

After being aware about the harmful side effects that are caused by drugs for ED, it makes it easier to choose the natural techniques mentioned in this book. With that in mind, if you ED have a deeply rooted emotional cause, this program may not really help cure your ED completely. But if it isn’t very severe then trying these natural techniques given in the Erection Mastery System is definitely the way to go!

Also keeping in mind the heavy cost of medication for ED and the comparatively low price of the e-book along with its money back guarantee definitely makes it a must try for anyone suffering from ED.

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