Concealed Carry Classroom Review

Concealed Carry Classroom training course can be a professional and comprehensive yet helpful session for those who need to obtain the license and permit of a concealed handgun. This classroom program offers a simple, interactive, and informative session through which you can qualify the program and achieve a competency certification easily. This program covers an extensive range of useful aspects related to weapon safety, along with that it satisfies the major requirements of obtaining the Concealed & Carry Handgun Permit (CHP). Hence, it is the easiest and most efficient way for the gun owners to obtain the appropriate permits for their weapons. The classroom training offers an instructive and pleasant approach to teaching all the basics, preliminary guidelines, tips, and tricks that you must need to understand before carrying a concealed weapon.

The process is pretty simple, easy, and convenient. This classroom program is a commercial course that allows an interested applicant to seek a handgun permit from his/her home state. Initially, you need to register for this course and complete the assessment successfully post the classroom session. Once, you have cleared the assessment with flying colors, you will be issued one valid online certificate which is a proof of your competency. You need to simply take a print out of your certificate and submit it to the nearest circuit court to further proceed with your application. The department of State Police will arrange a criminal background check for a thorough investigation to ensure you don’t possess any criminal record. Once this criminal background check is successfully done, the applicant will receive the official permit to carry a concealed handgun or weapon in his/her home state.

Concealed Carry Classroom Details

Concealed Carry Classroom program includes three steps, for example, participating in the entire course curriculum, a final assessment to judge your skill, and finally to obtain a certificate upon successful completion of this course. One major benefit that the course offers is its online registration process. You can reserve your participation through the online registration process depending on your preferred date and timings. Generally, the classroom module has a duration of around 8 hours. But many instructor courses can also be 10-12 hours long which are mainly split up into a two-day session.

Concealed Carry Classroom ReviewGenerally, the courses are taught by some well-respected, sworn, active, and currently commissioned police officers. Alternatively, the module can be covered by some skilled expert and certified instructors who are having a wide array of specialty and vivid experience in this field. Also, the lectures are held at some privately owned classrooms and it covers an extensive range of primary information and necessary skills that are required to obtain a handgun. In the full day classroom session, the module covers the handgun safety techniques while using at home, firing range, and the precautions while carrying this firearm into a holster etc. The applicant can practice firing repeatedly using some dummy bullets during the session. Also, the course demonstrates the applicant with the ability to safely load, unload, fire a semiautomatic pistol or a revolver. Moreover, the session also includes the proper care and cleaning techniques of the concealable firearms.

Upon completion of this classroom training, an assessment is taken to judge the applicant’s skill. The assessment checks the fundamental skill of an applicant before issuing a course completion certificate. If the participant clears this test, a certificate is immediately issued for further proceeding.

Bonuses: It may happen that an applicant fails to complete the assessment in a single attempt. In those cases, the course allows the participant to take multiple attempts or assessments to improvise their skill and to obtain the final certificate. Some of these course modules also offer an exciting package of bonus along with the classroom training, for example, firearm, eye protection, ammo, and ear protection.


  • Short, Informative, And Comprehensive Training: This training has an average duration of 8-10 hours. Though it’s pretty short session, but it educates you with an informative, interactive, and comprehensive learning process for a safe firearm handling.
  • Instructed By Experts: The course is executed by skilled & certified experts, hence you’ll get live help and support from them in order to understand the basics of handgun handling. The course also arranges a thorough Q&A session and interactive discussion of various real-time scenarios and synopses.
  • Online Registration: Most of this classroom program allows you to reserve your booking through an online booking platform. You have the enough flexibility to choose the instructor, course schedule, date, timings as per your requirement.
  • Practice Using Dummy Bullets: Not only you get to learn some theoretical knowledge about pistol handling, but also you are allowed to practice frequently using dummy bullets. Frequent practice using dummy bullets elevates your skill further.
  • The Topics It Covers: This classroom session covers a wide variety of useful aspects including safe firearm handling, firearm parts, and their operation (both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols), ammunition and its corresponding function, basics of pistol marksmanship, care, and maintenance process of your handgun, various live shooting activities, and concealment options etc.
  • Effectiveness: This Concealed Carry Classroom training is useful for both men and women irrespective of gender.
  • Unlimited Attempts Of Assessments: It’s extremely important for you to quickly judge yourself whether you have obtained the basic proficiency of handling a weapon. That is why the course offers you to take a thorough assessment to judge your skills. If you don’t clear the exam in a single attempt, you have the option to elevate your skill, and retry for another attempt.


Concealed Carry Classroom program doesn’t have significant flaws or cons. But before taking this course, you need to check with the state government and corresponding authority whether they allow this kind of competency certification and issue the official license to obtain the concealed firearm against it. In most of the cases, the organizations which arrange these kinds of sessions are government licensed. Hence if you take this course from them, you will not be required to face an additional headache upon completion of this course, Concealed Carry Classroom.


If you want to obtain a firearm license or official permit, then this course will be the most effective session for you. The Concealed Carry Classroom not only guides you to obtain a license but also it thoroughly trains you to effectively handle and operate the firearm too. Undoubtedly, it is the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to obtain a valid permit without much hassle.


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