Dan F. Sullivan’s My Survival Farm Review

Dan F. Sullivan's My Survival FarmALERT: This is our honest and & in-depth review. Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

If you want to live as independently as possible, it is definitely a good idea to know how about farming. Those who don’t possess this knowledge are ultimately vulnerable in a major crisis. If there is a ever a food shortage for any reason, you will be glad you know these things. In this review we will go over a very popular product called My Survival Farm. You will get all of the information you need to make the right decision.

What is My Survival Farm?

My Survival Farm is a detailed guide on how to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. This guide will provide you with incredibly valuable information for surviving a widespread catastrophe. It was written by Dan F. Sullivan, who is an expert on gardening and agriculture. This means that all of the information you get is incredibly reliable and useful. It is one of the most popular and in-depth guides to personal farming on the market today.

What’s Included?

You will quickly discover that this comprehensive guide will provide you with tons of helpful advice and step by step instructions.

Planning/Designing Your Own Garden
The first part of this guide will go in depth on how to design and plan out your survival farm. It consists of detailed steps that are simple and easy to follow. This is a crucial step to go through before you can begin growing anything. You’ll also learn how to prepare garden soil so for growing healthy fruits and vegetables.

Tips for Hiding Your Garden
There is another section of this guide that details how to hide your garden so that it is not visible to the naked eye. This will help you protect the crops that you have grown so they won’t be in any danger. If there is ever a shortage of food, you don’t want anyone stumbling across your garden.

Medicinal Plants
The list of over 50 different medicinal plants in this guide comes with detailed growing instructions for each one. This will provide you with an effective way to grow your own natural remedies and medicine. If you don’t want to rely on potentially dangerous prescription drugs, this information will be of great use. There are lots of different plants you can grow in your backyard that help with treating a wide range of medical conditions.

Creating Hedges
There are also detailed instructions within this guide that teach you how to grow hedges around your backyard and front yard. This will serve to conceal your garden and add another layer of security to your home. It is surprisingly easy and can be a wonderful thing to have if theft is ever a major concern.

Pest Control Tips
If you are going to grow your own garden at home, you will need to know how to keep various pests away. There is a section in this comprehensive guide that details how to prevent and deal with these kinds of pests. This will really help you out with keeping your crops in good condition throughout the growing process.

Perennial Plants
There is also a list of perennial plants that you can grow on your new farm. These plants come back each year without any effort whatsoever. The more work you can save yourself with farming, the better off you will be.

Benefits of My Survival Farm

Some of the biggest benefits this product has to offer include:

  • Independence: When you have your own personal farm, you won’t have to rely on grocery stores to feed you and your family.
  • Peace of mind: Those who follow this guide will have complete peace of mind when it comes to making it through especially hard times.
  • Save money: You will also be able to save quite a bit of money in groceries by following this guide.
  • Natural remedies: The medicinal plants you grow in your garden can help with a multitude of medical conditions and ailments.

Drawbacks of My Survival Farm

One of the only negative things that can be said about this product is that it is only available in digital format. You won’t find this guide on any store shelves.

Customer Reviews

A majority of the customer reviews for My Survival Farm are very positive. Lots of people have written about how this guide has helped them in a number of ways. Some people talk about how they are now able to rest peacefully with a strong sense of independence. Other reviewers have said that this guide has helped them wean themselves off their dependence on traditional medicines.


You will be able to purchase this comprehensive farming guide for just $39. This is an impressively good deal when you consider all of the useful information you are going to get. It is a total value of well over $100, so you get more than your money’s worth. You can pay for this product via PayPal or credit card, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy My Survival Farm?

Anyone who wants to be adequately prepared for some widespread catastrophe should consider buying this digital guide. It can especially benefit those who live in rural areas where there is not a grocery store nearby. If you want to live off the land and not rely on anyone else for food, this is a great investment to make.


There is simply no question that My Survival Farm has tons of useful information that can really come in handy. It will provide you with an easy and definitive means of gaining independence, which is a great thing when resources are scarce. If you want to prepare for the worst case scenario, this guide has a lot of what you need to know. All of the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow step by step. You will learn all sorts of things that can make your life easier on a daily basis.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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