David Andrews’ Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer Review

Need a honest and in-depth Diabetes Destroyer Review?

Diabetes is a deadly disease that plagues millions of patients around the world. Diabetes is characterized by a patient having high blood sugar, and not enough insulin to process this high blood sugar, so as a result patients have to be injected with insulin to be treated. One of the scariest parts about diabetes is that many of those affected by the disease do not know they have it and seek medical treatment later than they should have after failing to get routinely checked up by their local doctor. Diabetes can be brought on by genetics and family history but the obesity epidemic in the US has caused an exponential rise in cases in recent years, mainly because so many Americans are eating foods filled with massive amounts of sugar, more than the average human should be consuming on a regular basis.

David Andrews’ Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer Overview

Patients with diabetes should no longer despair or become discouraged at the news of their diagnosis, as there is now an all-natural remedy that can cause patients to lose weight while also reversing the negative effects of diabetes permanently. The Diabetes Destroyer is an innovative step by step plan that hopes to show you how to reverse type 2 diabetes into pre-diabetes, and sometimes in as little as one week. The program comes in two versions, a short term version that lasts 3 months and a long term version that practices long term treatment for diabetes.

The Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer was made by David Andrews, a chef and former diabetes type 2 sufferer. Andrews was spending thousands on his insulin medicine and fell so ill that he was hospitalized for Nonketotic Hyperglycem Hyperosmolar coma. In the hospital, David was visited by a friend who showed him recent research from the Newcastle University in England that proved it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes with a particular diet, however it only lasted for 3 months. After more research David and Jonathan were able to come up with a system that not only lasted for 3 months, but reversed patients diabetes forever.

The Diabetes Destroyer comes in a step by step plan. The first step, involves jump starting your insulin and is the most difficult step that lasts eight weeks. Patients must give up their favorite foods and start a new meal plan that produces a great deal more insulin. The second step targets improving the efficiency of a patient’s body and their metabolism. This metabolism boost also causes a nice rise in insulin production. The third step involves timing your meal effectively in order to cure diabetes. In this step the patient is given strict instructions and details on which foods to eat at a certain time of day. When your body eats meals at the right time of day, its healing ability is increased exponentially and the body will become capable of finally fighting off diabetes.

Modules Overview

Module One: Doctors’ Secret

Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer ReviewBelieve it or not, doctors are in business not only to treat patients but also earn their keep. Those that posses a poor moral compass perpetuate a cycle of lengthy hospital stays and repeated office visits solely to reap profits on expensive consulting fees and medications, not to mention continued office visits. This is all done under the guise of treating Type 2 Diabetes and it clearly has become a national problem. Certainly, many doctors are well-meaning but this does not need to continue when those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes now have another viable option with the Diabetes Destroyer system and its four modules.

Module One, Doctors’ Secret, provides you with information about the root causes of Type 2 Diabetes. It explains how your pancreas and other bodily systems work and the roles of sugar and insulin. Additionally, it provides you with an easy way to fix your Type 2 Diabetes without enriching the pockets of unscrupulous medical professionals.

Of course, these same physicians are quick to debunk this proven system in the battle of treating Type 2 Diabetes. Module One goes into great depth and provides you with firm and indisputable facts, along with insider reports, in the face of these arguments. Do not allow the myths so many unsuspecting patients are told prevent you from fully enjoying your health.

Module Two: Temporary Meal Plan

Meal PlanModule Two, Temporary Meal Plan, provides a temporary meal plan that contains the correct nutrients your body’s system needs to energize your pancreas. Your body functions and heals optimally when utilizing the entire array of these nutrients.

This temporary meal plan contains all the detailed instructions you need to begin the process of reversing your Type 2 Diabetes. You will be amazed how quickly you will notice a difference in your energy. You will find that many of the accompanying symptoms of your Type 2 Diabetes will be alleviated or disappear entirely, such as: obesity, high blood pressure, excessive thirst and visual impairment, to name a few.

Module Three: How to Amp Your Metabolism

MetabolismModule Three, How to Amp Your Metabolism, is packed full of information to increase and maintain your metabolism. You will be provided with information on the three berries that boost your metabolism and do it naturally. Additionally, Module Three details a 30-second workout that works instantly to boost your metabolism for the entire day. Imagine doing away with a strenuous workout regime that has not, and will not, work for you.

Module Three teaches you the methods that train your body, naturally, to normalize the level of sugar in your system. Attaining this benefit without insulin shots or medication is now within your reach. Remember, doctors want you to continue the losing cycle of medication, hospital stays and office visits. These techniques will eliminate the need for such things.

Module Four: Meal Time

meal timeModule Four, Meal Time, is perhaps the most informative of the four modules. This module outlines the exact schedule you should follow when eating the foods detailed.

In Modules Two and Three. Following this schedule allows your body to maintain your blood sugar at healthy levels along with your metabolism. Like any new habit, it takes persistence and hard work but the results you enjoy will be well worth the time and effort.

In addition to the times you eat your meals, Module Four details the length of time between your meals you should take. The exact time you should stop eating altogether before your bedtime is also revealed. Following this schedule is just as important as the one you follow for meal times.

David Andrews, the creator of the Diabetes Destroyer system, knows how tempting it can be to snack between meals and he addressed this issue. He reveals the top three snacks that combat diabetes. This information is extremely helpful in maintaining the entire meal time schedule outlined in this module and will keep you on track and on your way to living without Type 2 Diabetes.

Finally, Module Four shares with you what Andrews calls the Breakfast Secret.’ This is the one component to your morning meal that is absolutely essential in the treatment of your Type 2 Diabetes. You will amaze family, friends and medical professionals with the results you attain.


The obvious advantage of the Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer is that it provides a step-by-step plan that allows patients to cure their diabetes. The methods of David Andrews are scientifically proven by the aforementioned Newcastle University in England and Harvard University in the United States of America. Various other studies and research conducted around the globe backs up these findings too.

The step-by-step plan of the Diabetes Destroyer tests a patient’s will power and changes the eating and patterns in a patients life but it is also very simple in its instruction and proves easy to follow. Though the first step is long and arduous, the next two are very easy. In fact, there are over 38,300 people who tested the program and they all easily were able to get through the first step of the program. Compared to treating diabetes with insulin injections, the Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer plan is a much more natural solution as it safely can reverse the diabetes in your system.

Diabetes patients on the program also are rewarded for their efforts with fast results, in as little as 7 days patients may notice a change, however on average it usually takes 3 weeks to notice results. One of the most noticeable results caused by the program is weight loss, while it was designed to cure diabetes, it also teaches patients proper eating habits that cause them to increase their metabolism and lose weight. Lastly, the founders of the program believe in their program so much that it is offered with a refund guarantee, if patients are not seeing the results they desire then they will have their money returned. The overall price of the Diabetes Destroyer is very affordable as it costs only 37 dollars with a 60 day money back guarantee.


The Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer program calls for a great amount of self control, determination and dedication. Patients must have the time and will power to follow the strict conditions of the program. The program is also not for patients who have type one diabetes, so it does not provide a cure to all diabetes patients.


Overall, the This diabetes program from David Andrews called Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer is really hot now. Why it’s so popular? This review will answer these questions. Diabetes Destroyer is a positive alternative to expensive insulin treatments and injections if you have type 2 diabetes. Though it does not help patients with type one diabetes, it is scientifically proven to reverse diabetes and help rebuild a strong metabolism and immune system in patients with type 2 diabetes. It also teaches them a healthy lifestyle that can control their health by introducing healthy and natural foods and when to eat meals. This underrated healthy lifestyle tip is very underrated and the Diabetes Destroyer program highlights just how crucial when you eat your meal is in terms of controlling your health.

The program however, is not for everyone with type 2 diabetes. The program is very strict and demands a drastic change of lifestyle from patients. Each step must be followed very closely or patients might not see results and the first 8 weeks of the program see many patients change their entire culture. Individuals with a tough time focusing, challenges with self control, and trouble controlling their diet will be in for a challenge with the Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer. Hope this will really help you out.\

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Maria says August 6, 2016

Hi. Anyone could confirm if this ebook does work or not? It looks really promising but there are tones of scam websites with diabetes miracles and I bought few of them just to find out it was a junk. Let me know.

Avery says August 6, 2016

I just can’t believe David was able to reverse his own type 2 diabetes in such a short amount of time! My father has it and I just couldn’t imagine him getting healthier in less than 3 months! I know her is ready to do whatever is takes if it means having a chance at defeating this. My father has self control and with me and my mother by his side I know we can make this work no matter what he needs to do. Thanks for the tip on this program and here’s hoping it works!

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