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The Diabetes Free ReviewDiabetes has become a very prevalent health issue of the present time. In the case of diabetes, a human body causes a resistance to the creation and use of insulin. Insulin is a very important component of the human body which regulates the blood glucose level. Getting rid of diabetes is not an easy thing. It requires long-term treatment using various drugs and insulin doses to have an effective control over Diabetes but it’s almost impossible to dispose it completely from the body once it finds a home inside.

Dr. David Pearson has been in the buzz for a while for his magical solution for Diabetes – ‘Diabetes Free’. The e-book basically suggests an efficient dietary program which guides the readers to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet regime and attain a big triumph over Diabetes. So, is the book a life-changer or just a scam planned to rip-off the Diabetic populace in the world? Let’s discuss this in details.

The Diabetes Free Details

Diabetes Free is an e-book authored by Dr. David Pearson, who is a self proclaimed specialist of diabetes care and insulin production. He has independently researched about the causes and cure of diabetes for years. The book costs $47 and is sold by Software Projects. Dr. Pearon’s dietary program mentioned in his book is based on his decades of research on Diabetes and personal experiences.

The book guarantees Diabetes cure within 14 days and it indeed has some strong reasons to justify its claim and stand out in the market where already thousands of Diabetes oriented books are striving to shine on. This book claims to have the potential to reverse one’s diabetes and provide a permanent relief. According to Dr. Pearson, diabetic patients must stay away from the toxin generating processed food as embracing organic and fresh diet is inviting good health.

Dr. Pearson’s digital book – Diabetes Free, assures the diabetic patients that they will be saved from the devastated state of the disease if the immensely prolific program mentioned in the e-book is religiously followed. The book has been creatively designed and it is reader-friendly. The mainly highlights the healthy program to cure Type 2 Diabetes. The writer has used his own ‘jargon’ related to Diabetes in this book, which many readers may find confusing. The official website for the book is Godiabetesfree.org, where all the essential details about the book can be obtained. An explainer video is also available about the product on their official site in which the author personally arrives and talks about the misery caused by Diabetes and how to control the disease following his recommended dietary program. He has said in his book that people can have the access to a better alternative to insulin and that is available in human body only. He is suggesting the natural ways to rev up the human health.

Software Projects Inc has published many ebooks in different genres, so far. All of the Software Projects books have a discount for 60 days. The Diabetes Free ebook is also available with this fascinating offer. A reader can return it within 60 days if he doesn’t like the content or doesn’t find it effective. The book suggests you a list of items that you should include in your diet to stay fit and say no to Diabetes.


Dr. Pearson’s latest book has lots of reasons to be in the buzz. It mentions many prolific tips that can help a diabetic patient feel the difference in his health within 15 days or so. Though the book mentions various already known facts about Diabetes and the solutions to control the health degradation caused by the disease; the writer has presented the whole content in an engaging and interactive manner that grips a reader and the curiosity to discover something unique endures till the end. To an extent, the book is not misleading.

Dr. Pearson has tried to focus on the organic Diabetes control solutions only rather than choosing an experimental or rocket science methodology that calls forth a myriad of doubts in a reader. Organic therapeutic solutions are trending and this book simply jumps on the bandwagon. The video available on their official site explains a lot about Diabetes, its tragic consequences on the human health and the organic approach to cure the misery. The video is a bit long, but helpful and builds trust in the first-time buyers. The book has nicely explained every concept step-by-step and the author has justified his personal belief and experiences with solid facts.

The author encourages people to follow a healthy food pyramid to improve their wellbeing. A major diet modification can control the blood sugar level effectively and boost the immune system. In Diabetes, heart, eyes, foot, skin, blood vessels, stomach and pancreas are at major risk. Natural therapy and dietary regulation do wonders in Diabetes and the author has proved this fact with several examples in the book. A few highlights of his book are the Foot Miracle, 27 Desserts and Breathe into a New Life sections.


The overall content of the author is pretty impressive, but if a reader mulls over the theories and experiences presented by the author after completing a section or the whole book, the complete thing will sound like a dream or a fantasy. Dr. Pearson has given impractical hopes to the diabetic patients, through his book. He only goes on talking about alternatives of Insulin for Type 2 diabetes. He has not discussed the Type 1 diabetes, which strictly demands regular insulin doses to get in control. He has even said the after following his dietary program, people with diabetes will be able to eat whatever they want, even desserts. The author has avoided any sort of controversy or contradiction to his presented theory.

The book is only available in the digital format. You can’t visit your nearby book store and ask for this book. At the seller’s site – Softwareprojects.com, you can see the 11 days diabetes cure assurance while the book says 14 days. The price of the book has fallen from $197.99 due to the controversy created. A big fall indeed. Even, their YouTube video explains the book and its concept is in the marketing style which directly reflects the moneymaking intentions and not genuine help.

The author has been in the news since the inception of this book because of its exceptional marketing only. Before the publishing of the book, Dr. Pearson has not been a familiar name in the diabetes arena or his contributions in this field aren’t unveiled yet. This makes the whole scenario doubtful.

He has used self-discovered words at many places in his book that have nothing to do with the medical terminology. You may have to read them twice to get the context. The video, explaining the book on their official site is very long and the disclaimer and all those license, losing stuff said in the beginning snatches the legitimacy tag from the brand. Such lies make the product a marketing hoax.

This book has a very strict lifestyle and diet program which is not possible to follow for everyone. Only dedicated folks can relish its benefits as they may be in the do or die situation due to severe diabetic complications.

He talks about his tragic story of losing his father and Liver IGF replacement, which makes the whole concept a trick to convince the readers about the authenticity of his concept. It would have been better if he had come up with a sober presentation rather than creating a larger than life scenario.


To an extent, the Diabetes Free book penned by Dr. David Pearson sounds genuine as it has mentioned several holistic solutions that are proven and dietary plans that indeed fit the bill. All the claims, guarantees, 60 day free return, freebies like 3 useful books and his personal stories change a reader’s perception in the end. All these things seem fascinating and you may want to believe this in the beginning, but somewhere deep inside you may be facing a rapid fire round with several questions and logics. The bottom line is, the book seems to be just another money-minting strategy of a wannabe popular and rich author who calls himself a researcher and diabetes specialist.

It would be better if you find someone who has really read the book and experienced any sort of benefit through it because $47 matters, especially when the promises and claims don’t sound legit.

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John Patrick Cunningham says July 6, 2017

The video that I watched, merely mentioned that his parents worked long hours and claimed the woman who raised him, had diabetes. Another abberation in the story that makes me doubt.

Amod Rimal says August 21, 2017

I have applied Diabetes Free Program and it worked me 99.999999%. I had taken prescribed drugs for diabetes (Metformin, 500 mg twice a day) since 8-9 years. Now I have stopped taking since July 19th and checking sugar levels at least twice a day, it hasn’t gone >6 even using regular food after 8 weeks program whereas, it never <6.5 while taking Metformin.

I strongly advise to follow it for 8 weeks then seems diabetes will be gone forever. I think it's not required to take Sugar Balance Supplement however, I have taken for two months. Just need to focus on 8 weeks diet (fast track).

I found this is the remedy to get rid out diabetes for ever.

    Clayton says November 13, 2017

    When I started diabetes free program I was 188 pounds,56 yrs old on juardiance daily with high blood pressure,have to be honest it was hard to eat only 800 calories daily and cut out all the bad foods. I was diagnosed diabetic 2 yrs ago, runs in family.I checked blood sugar everyday fasting, it took a good 2 weeks to notice any difference besides feeling like I was starving. I started losing a pound a day from this point and fasting blood sugar was around 120 every morning and lower throughout day. End of 8 weeks weight was 165 ,blood sugars were under diabetic levels everyday all day but did not change blood pressure or energy levels.this system works but must eat clean after 8 weeks. I started drinking diet sodas on daily basis my blood sugar levels increased and started gaining too much weight.In conclusion when starting program my a1c was 7.0 end of program 6.1 doctor would not re- prescribe meds, only set back was when Dr. gave me steroid shot for injury it raised sugar levels to 160 daily for 2 months back to normal again.This works if you will follow system .

Shari says February 20, 2019

My husband and I both used this program because he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I wanted to support him. It’s better to do together because it does require lots of home cooking as opposed to restaurant eating. We both lost a good amount of weight. My husband’s pre-diabetes went away. We continue to maintain the lighter version of Pearson’s plan. I don’t think he ever said it just goes away forever. It’s something you have to work at. But my husband does cheat from time to time and he has maintained good health. I don’t really understand the above-review. It’s not clear what point of view the author is taking and it’s not particularly well written. As far as I’m concerned, everyone should be on this healthy eating plan, especially in light of the drastic increase in diabetes in this country. Food, not drugs, is the healthiest way to manage this disease.

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