Dr. Wa Chung’s Fungus Key Pro Review

Dr. Wa Chung's Fungus Key Pro ReviewFungus Key Pro is an e-book by Dr. Wa Chung that provides a specially designed program that is based on using remedies made of natural ingredients used by the Vietnamese, to help heal toe nail fungus.

Fungus Key Pro Overview

This e-book claims that the ‘Strength strategy’ can boost recovery and healing by supercharging your immune system and that you can ‘feel’ the healing during the process. The book also promises to give the reader back their beautiful feet and the discovery of ‘Green magic’ which supposedly is a powerful ingredient that inhibits the spread of the infection instantly.

To author of Fungus free pro shines light on the dangers of ignoring fungus, which can result in the spreading of the infection causing damage to even the immune system and even scars on the face. He also highlights the side effects that can be caused by prescription medication and hence he claims that Fungus Key Pro is ‘safe’ and ‘natural’ remedy for all ages.

Product Details

The Fungus Free Pro consists of 8 well arranged chapters which not only talk about ways to prevent toe nail fungus but also mentions how one’s hygiene level is reflected by the condition of their toenails and fingernails. Though the e-book is about a rather scientific topic, the easy language and clear font make understanding and reading the matter, very easy.

After the introductory chapter, the second chapter highlights the subject of Onchomycosis (medical term for toe nail fungus) and discusses how and where it develops and how nail polish and certain kinds of shoes can cause the development of it.

This book certainly believes that prevention is better than cure and hence lists a variety of measures to prevent the infection and as well as prevent the spread of it, if already infected. This well-constructed guide does a good job in giving the reader the symptoms that should that should be looked out for and how to act in case the symptoms are observed. For the ease of treatment, author has also taken the effort to mention the antifungal brands that have quite effective prescription medication for this ailment.

The Fungus Free Pro then goes a step further by providing statistics regarding the widespread presence of this syndrome in the general population as well as that of the United Sates. It is also worth noting that this ailment is more likely to be prevalent in a certain age group of people than the others and the challenges that a person affected with leukemia or diabetes are sure to experience during the treatment of this infection. The book also highlights the link between nail fungus and athletes’ foot and the fact that there are more individuals who are affected by athlete’s foot than toe nail fungus.

Coming to the main focus of the book: recipes to make natural remedy to treat the fungus menace, the book contains 10 easy concoctions that can be made easily with natural ingredients which are readily available and claim to be ‘nail penetrating formulas that are clinically proven’.

The book also has a chapter discussing how an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to nail fungus and offers valuable advice on helping ones’ body fight ailments and improve overall health.

To truly detox ones’ body, the author suggests a wonder plant with amazing properties and real life examples of how it helps in removing heavy metals and dioxins from the body and helped individuals suffering from various ailments such as Rosacea. By talking about in detail about the chemical composition of this plant and how it can be used to detox one’s body, makes the book a very interesting read.

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The book concludes by offering readers another set of 8 recipes, this time they are remedies for healthy skin. This part lists the various natural ingredients required, the steps to make the recipe and also information about the serving size. It also provides a list of categories of possible allergies that can result in skin damage such as food, eye and skin allergies, respiratory and latex allergies etc., which makes it easier for the reader to read and understand it.


  • Though the book is about a scientific subject, the non-technical or uncomplicated language used makes it easy for the lay man to understand the subject matter. The well-organized chapters and large font also helps in the readability of the e-book.
  • Individuals having an internet connection can easily access this-book.
  • The author’s expose on Lamisil and Sporanox and several other warnings by The Sydney Morning Herald, FDA, insisting that they have cause serious side effects which has even resulted in death, re enforces the idea that it is best to stick to natural remedies.
  • By providing real life examples in the book, it seems more reliable and authentic. Also impeccable research has gone into writing this book, as the reader feels like they are discovering new ways which may have been previously overlooked
  • The remedies mentioned take hardly 10 minutes to make and can be easily fit into even a busy schedule. Implementing his recommendations is hassle free due to the detailed instructions that are provided.
  • Depending upon the severity of it, results can take anywhere from just a few weeks to over a month.
  • The ingredients mentioned in the recipes are not only easily found in the kitchen but also inexpensive and can definitely be found at the local grocery store.
  • There is nothing more reassuring of the efficiency of a product than its money back guarantee. If a customer is unhappy with the Fungus Free Protocol, they can ask for a refund in 60 days.
  • The book’s availability is quite limited as it is only available online and hence no printed versions are available. Also though the large font makes it easy to read, it does reflect unprofessionalism as the reader may feel that the large font was used to fill up pages.
  • As Wu Chang is the author’s pen name, it is nearly impossible to verify the author’s background. The unavailability of the author’s real name gives rise to skepticism from the reader about the credibility of the content.
  • Baking soda and coconut oil are the two natural remedies mentioned in the book. However studies show that both these ingredients may only prevent the fungus from spreading and not cure them as the book suggests.
  • Though the side effects of OTC medication are mentioned, they work from inside out as compared to natural remedies which only treat the ailment on the outside.
  • The remedies take time to show tangible results. Depending upon the severity of the infection and the persistence in using the natural remedies, it may take week to even months for individuals to see actual results.

Overall, the Fungus Key Pro is one of the most informative e-books available as of now to prevent or cure fungal infection. The number of those affected by this ailment is huge in number and hence this book can definitely some provide answers or solutions to at least a large number of affected individuals by going into great lengths to talk about the causes, preventions measures and cures with both natural and over the counter remedies.

It effectiveness cannot be backed completely because it is a relatively new product which doesn’t have many customer reviews online. But what is worth mentioning are the studies that have proven the anti-fungal properties of natural ingredients like coconut oil, which are mentioned in the book.

Also after being aware about the serious side effects that may even cause death, caused by antifungal drugs makes it even easier to choose natural ingredients as remedies. It is also crucial to discuss with a doctor about the allergies or side effects that even natural ingredients may have on your body before going for any remedy. With that in minds, if ones’ ailment isn’t severe, trying natural remedies that are suggested in the book is definitely the way to go.

But like any natural remedy or treatment, the Fungus Key Pro system isn’t a perfect or instant cure. To see actual results or notable improvements, it may take anywhere between weeks to months, depending upon the severity of the infection. It must also be kept in mind that just like other natural remedies, there’s always a possibility that the treatment program might not work for you at all.

If an overnight solution is what you are seeking for the fungal infection or prefer taking over the counter drugs then investing in the Fungus Key Pro is not the right choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for easy to understand and follow natural cures are preferred to cure your toe and nail fungal infection that is not going to create a hole in your wallet or cause serious side effects caused by expensive antifungal medication, then the Fungus Key Pro eBook is the right way to go.

Though a 100% success isn’t guaranteed with this program, the fact that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee gives one the time needed to test Dr. Wu Chang’s natural methods risk-free and to see if they bring results or not!

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