Easy Diy Aquaponics Review

Aquaponics is a system where plants and marine creatures grow and mature together in the system. It is advantageous to both plants and creatures as there is no need of any soil, which in turn means there are no weeds.

While there are various aquaponics systems you can build, if you are new to aquaponics, it’s better to start off with the Easy DIY Aquaponics system. The system offers a step-by-step guide for building and maintaining a simple, but effective aquaponics system.

It was created by Andrew Endres, who is an organic gardening enthusiast. He had spent hundreds of hours researching and developing an affordable aquaponics system that lasts as long, and as well as expensive kits. This kit is highly customizable and scalable wherein you can double or triple the size of your operation spending much less than you would if you bought a pre-made aquaponics system.

Easy DIY Aquaponics uses a comprehensive gardening approach guide with both aqua-culture and hydro-ponics. It has a pure bio-filter which filters out all the unsafe chemicals in water to make the system as risk-free as possible for ocean food. The ocean food like ammonia and algae are recycled into nitrates, which prove useful for feeding plants.

The Easy DIY Aquaponics system is simple in function, but brilliant. There is no need of your watering or weeding it. Moreover, as minimal soil is used, there is on worry about unwanted pests and conditions.

The flower roots too don’t need to search too deep for water and its crops are grown close together in a small amount of space. This is the beauty of the system, the fact that it is so simple and effective in function. Moreover, all this can be built at the mere cost of $300.

Easy Diy Aquaponics Details

The Easy DIY Aquaponics is divided into two components; an eBook and a video with instructions. The eBook or manual provides aquaponics farmers with all the details they require to build the aquaponics system on their own.

The eBook generally covers the fundamental concepts of aquaponics while describing its actual working. The eBook is very easy to read and understand, and includes step-by-step instructions for building an aquaponics system. All this is achieved through instructions depicted using plans, pictures and three dimensional colour diagram photos which make it so much easier to understand the system.

The module of the eBook comprises of:

  • A complete set of system parts
  • An identify guide
  • A main process manual with 53 pages
  • Systems maintenance log

The video instructions of Easy DIY Aquaponics are an added bonus to aquaponics farmers. It helps you build the system instead of just reading through it. The video is similar to the eBook, but describes everything in greater detail with clear and concise instructions. The enjoyable teaching style of the system makes everything so understandable.

An additional feature of the Easy DIY Aquaponics system is its disposable existence time support. You can clarify as many doubts as you like by sending emails to the support system.


There are various advantages associated with the Easy DIY Aquaponics system, giving you all the more reason to invest in it. These advantages are:

  • The Easy DIY Aquaponics system is a set-and-forget approach where once built, you just have to leave it on its own. The ocean food and plants all work symbiotically together.
  • There are separate guides to follow for troubleshooting your queries and a maintenance schedule comprising of an entire material list.
  • The beautiful video is easily downloadable, very clear to see and understand and provides users with detailed and helpful information about the system.
  • The system offers 7 bonus downloads to its users which will definitely impress the eco-friendly patrons.
  • Most of the tools and materials used for building the system are simple and easy to access or buy from the hardware store.
  • The writer uses a very enjoyable teaching style in the video segment, making it so easy to get everything across clearly to consumers.
  • The system is so fun and easy to use, and lucrative to the owner once all its necessities are perfectly incorporated.
  • To top it all, Easy DIY Aquaponics is easy to start with, easy to operate and intuitive in nature.
  • The manual not only shows you how to get started with your aquaponics project, but also how to maintain it throughout the year.
  • Easy DIY Aquaponics comes with blueprints and diagrams which provide you with all the details required for each step of the process, while giving you an idea of how it all works.
  • Easy DIY Aquaponics comes with complete systems parts list which you can conveniently print out to use for reference when you go to buy the parts of the system.
  • The system also offers a well organized and easy-to-follow log which helps you keep track of all your chemical tests, water changes, feedings and overall health of your plants and fishes.
  • As the owner of an Easy DIY Aquaponics system, you are provided with an all access pass which gives you access to the members’ section of Easy DIY Aquaponics download site. You can thus access the tips, updates, news, information and new instructions which are periodically posted here.
  • These bonus downloads include a beginners guide to worm farming, inside tips for healthy living, DIY green house plans, vegan recipes for newbie’s, plans for building your own windmill and a guide lasting out details about various survival plants.
  • The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you think the set up is not for you, you need not worry. You just have to ask for a refund, and you receive your money back.


There are no major disadvantages associated with this system. Some people just think that there are some initial expenses to bear like expenses for housing, tank, pumps, plumbing and beds. You also require some tools to do some drilling and cutting while setting up the system.


Anyone who has tried various traditional gardening techniques will definitely get thrilled to learn about the straightforward techniques followed by DIY aquaponics, which are more preferable to use when compared to traditional gardening concepts. The system compromises of simple and clear instructions which help you develop a home system and to maintain it.

With Easy DIY Aquaponics, all your uncertainties as a home gardener are eliminated/u>. You just have to follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to create a great personal aquaponics system for all your vegetable and fish needs!.


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