ED Conqueror Review

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED, is a condition any man would cringe to hear about, especially in relation to themselves.

But at some point in your life you may have ED or will experience some form of it. This may simply be a onetime thing, or affect you to the point of not letting you enjoy or give sexual satisfaction to your partner.

Read our ED Conqueror review to find out if that product is good enough for you.

ED Conqueror PDF Overview

The ED Conqueror is a program designed by Michael Steel that is said to work to correct erectile dysfunction using a simple sandwich. Being a former ED sufferer, Michael got his breakthrough while trying to save his marriage. He had tried different remedies including ED drugs and supplements to no avail. This is until he fell upon what was really behind erectile dysfunction; inflammation. He then went on to discover 12 foods most helpful in anti-inflammation and he used them to make his sandwich.

The program is designed to fight off ED using an all-natural and non-medical approach. ED Conqueror gives you information on these important foods that fight off inflammation, which is the primary cause of ED, and enables proper and adequate flow of blood to your member. This enables it to erect sufficiently for you to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Product details

ED Conqueror ReviewThe ED Conqueror is a guide that consists of 3 modules that educate you on different approaches used together to combat ED including dietary, exercise and psychological approaches. This material is explained in easy to understand language. Here is what each module has to offer:

Module 1

Michael refers to this module as the “Truth about your ED”. In it, he reveals the reason behind erectile dysfunction, as well as the danger in the drugs sold to combat it. He backs his findings with studies, also showing the studies that give inflammation as the reason for ED.

Module 2

In this module, Michael reveals what he calls the blueprint to solve your inflammation and conquer your ED. He exposes the 12 foods you need to incorporate in your diet that will reduce inflammation and gives various sandwich recipes that these foods can be put in, to give you a delicious way to normal erectile function. He adds on to the foods by educating you on the natural supplements that reduce inflammation. Michael also reveals the 13 worst foods that aggravate inflammation as well as those supplements that worsen ED.

Michael also includes 11 lifestyle hacks that will improve your sexual health. Some of these hacks include advice on the way to cook your food in order to get healthy erections. He also teaches you on quick and long term ways to eliminate stress from your life, which is another inhibitor of erections. He further reveals a relaxing workout that enables erections by eradicating inflammation. Included in this module is a 30 day sample plan that acts as a guide to facilitate the implementation of the program. The program is supposed to be capable of achieving results in as little as 24 hours.

Module 3

Michael calls this the “Firing on all cylinders” plan. In it he guides you on how to get erectile health and keep it after eliminating the inflammation. He reveals a 60 second workout that strengthens the pelvic muscles and encourages healthy flow of blood to an erection. He includes various tricks to get an erection regardless of whether you are tired or stressed. One of these tricks is in a simple sleep habit. He also talks about 11 medications to avoid in order to get good ED cure results as well as reveals what is behind the potent watermelon juice.

A free copy of Michael’s free “Rock her World” guide to give your partner the greatest orgasms is included in this program. It will educate you on how to have a mutual climax as well as other great sex tricks. This will come in handy when you have resolved your ED issue.


A Safe, All Natural Approach

The greatest advantage to the ED Conqueror is the all natural approach to curing ED that it takes. Unlike other programs or drugs, this program does not have adverse side effects you will have to deal with. The beauty of the Conqueror program is it utilizes foods, exercises and mental therapy advice to help rid you of ED.

Scientific Backing

While you are allowed to be skeptical of programs that do not follow the course of traditional medicine, you will find security in this program. It uses scientific proof of the facts and guidelines it gives you. It gives you this proof using research findings that it presents. This allows you to research and find out if the program is stating truth.


The ED Conqueror program is immediately available to download when you pay for it on the official site. It is available in pdf format, allowing you easy, fast, and immediate access to your ED cure.


This program offers a very affordable alternative to the traditional medicine route. It goes for a fraction of the cost you would buy your erectile dysfunction pills meaning you can get it at your earliest convenience.

Easy Implementation

The program is made for everyday people with everyday language. This makes it an easy utility as you follow it to beat off ED. The program is also open to all age groups as it does not have any restrictions on age.

Money Back Guarantee

Accompanying the program is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you feel the guide is not assisting you to achieve sexual vitality within 60 days, you can ask for your refund.


The main disadvantage of this program is that Michael only presents it in softcopy, downloadable from the official site. This means you will not have a tangible copy to handle. You will also need to ensure you are not allergic to any of the foods advised to combat erectile dysfunction. You can easily know this by analyzing the foods, though they are nitrate rich foods.


When all is said and done, the ED Conqueror program gives you a long term solution to erectile dysfunction. It presents its solution in an all natural and safe approach which is rare to find. This allows you the freedom to follow the guide while seeing the results come fast. The beauty of this program is that it offers a very affordable solution to a very embarrassing problem making it worth a try.


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Brandon says January 16, 2016

Are you kidding me? This is about a sandwich? So this guy “fixed” his problem with the help of a sandwich? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t think you can do this without some sort of pills or a special treatment.

    Steve says January 18, 2016

    It may sound funny to you as it did to me when I first heard this but it works. And it’s not just a sandwich, there are more. The idea is to eat certain foods while avoiding others like the plague.

    Daniel says January 20, 2016

    My wife is very happy with this. Before reading and following the guide, I was having problems with getting an erection or having times when my mind was just not into it because I was stressed or tired. Followed the guide to a T and now I am making my wife happy and I am enjoying sex and having more of it.

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