Edmund Loh’s Easy Bonus Builder Review

Easy Bonus Builder ReviewIf you have been working on digital and online marketing then Easy Bonus Builder product is totally appropriate for you. Easy Bonus Builder give you the opportunity to create your own personalized bonus pages which give you a boost in the sales of your online business.

Easy Bonus Builder Overview:

Easy Bonus Builder will help you in creating bonus pages having a modern look, which also offers a high range of bonuses to their marketers. If you are an affiliate or a vendor producing these bonus pages always boosts your business ventures but at the same time, it is a tiresome job. Easy Bonus Builder is a software which is cloud-based enabling you to build a number of bonus pages with help of inbuilt designer templates offering you over 50 bonuses and prizes. This product attracts a number of people because there is no investment cost from your side as you pay nothing for other products to be added to this product.

Additionally, you do not need any degree or prior knowledge to create your own bonus pages with Easy Bonus Builder. Easy Bonus Builder is created by Edmund Loh. He is an experienced creator of a number of online products and also an expert in giving instructions who has created many advertising online courses for marketers. Easy Bonus Builder is a result of many years of hard work of Edmund and June Ashley along with Edmund’s other merchandise.

Product Details:

Easy Bonus Builder helps entrepreneurs to sell their products and items in this large online business forum. It can be easily used with the help of just a few clicks. These bonus pages encourage the online marketers to create new and innovative promotional plans.

The way in which Easy Bonus Builders functions:
Step 1: Select your favorite template and bonus from the library.
Step 2: Make your web page attractive and tempting by editing it and give the product details you want to feature and the products you want to increase the sales of.
Step 3: Finally, you should submit your edited version of your bonus page and begin to use it on the online forum.

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Easy Bonus Builder is a different kind of website which allows its users to create their own bonus pages just by some action of few clicks! The key features of this amazing product are:

1. Easy Bonus Builder allows its users to create bonus pages instantly:
You can instantly create a number of personalized bonus pages with just a few clicks. Easy Bonus Builder enables you to set up a new and fresh bonus page with the drag-and-drop options in the software which can be directly published on the online forum.

2. Easy Bonus Builder offers you an Editor to personalize your Bonus page:
Easy Bonus Builder provides you with a set of editing tools such as ‘CTA button edition’, ‘test editor’, ‘image editor’ and much more such tools. These built-in tools help you to continuously edit your bonus pages and you can make changes in your page according to your choices.

3. Easy Bonus Builder offers over 50 designer templates:
You can choose from the over 50 amazing designer templates from the Easy Bonus Builder library of templates. If you upgrade your package then you will also get options over 150 templates. These templates are designed by experts and have a professional look which instantly increases the sales of your online business.

4. Easy Bonus Builder offers bonus pages that can be automatically downloaded:
Easy Bonus Builder enables you to generate automatic download pages when the customers want to download them.

5. Content Management did in totality:
Easy Bonus Builder enables to add everything into your digital marketing page. You may add images, text, videos, hyperlinks, CTA buttons, etc.

6. Easy Bonus Builder offers exit pop-up redirect:
Easy Bonus Builder offers their customers with exit pop-up options which enable them to switch on or off whenever they want which increases sales and conversion and also reduces bounce rates.

7. Easy Bonus Builder has a professional and user-friendly application:
Easy Bonus Builder have been designed by experts by using minimum complicated tools which are actually very user-friendly which is totally incorporated in this software. It allows you to incorporate videos from popular website like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia in few seconds. It also enables its user to convert HTML pages. You may also get the idea of incorporating hyperlink according to your convenience.

8. The Pricing of Easy Bonus Builder:
If you are impressed by the characteristic and the working system of Easy Bonus Builder and its great library with a number of designed templates, then there are high possibilities that you get this software today itself. Easy Bonus Builder charges you a price of $27. But due to its increase in demand this software will be priced by Edmund at $37 after some days. So you should not waste a second and visit the official site of Easy Bonus Builder and search for the best offer that suits you.

9. Easy Bonus Builder is giving you some extra bonuses too if you order the product just now! These bonuses are as follows:

  • SEO Mastery Course
  • RankXL Niche Site Course 2.0
  • List Builders Lab 2016
  • All WordPress themes Junkie


  • Easy Bonus Builder offers their users and customers with a huge stock of personally designed templates which has a modern and professional look.
  • Easy Bonus Builder software has a web page that consists of a smooth working system so there is no chance of losing any kind of data.
  • Edmund and his team members have developed an excellent customer service for their users who answer to all the queries of Easy Bonus Builder’s customers.
  • Edmund gives a number of offers on the prices of Easy Bonus Builder so you can acquire this product at the best price available.

Easy Bonus Builder software is a useful product only if it is used with a website or with an e-mail marketing list. If you do not own a website and a marketing e-mail list then Easy Bonus Builder has no use in your computer and in your life. Additionally, if you are not having these tools and a perfect internet connection to promote your online business then this product just becomes useless for you.


To conclude, Easy Bonus Builder gives you one of the best services to increase your sales of your digital marketing business. If you are successful in creating your own bonus pages then your sales drastically increase by 40%. Easy Bonus Builder acts as a driving force in making you a popular entrepreneur. You can have your own story of rags to riches by using this product to improve your digital marketing system online.

Easy Bonus Builder is so high in demand at the moment that thousands of stocks are getting sold out within few hours. This is the reason for which Edmund, the creator of Easy Bonus Builder have increased its price from $27 to $37. Before it is too late, and the price of this product is doubled just go and grab this product which is a solution to all your business problems. Give your online business a new direction today itself!

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Michael says November 9, 2017

It’s a good software, but no ability to see the bonuses prior to putting the landing page together. And the customer service leaves much to be desired.

I purchased the resell rights to this product and submitted a ticket on October 21st, 2017, because there were no clear instructions on how to the the reseller program up and still haven’t gotten a response.

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