Eric Wong’s Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review

Can’t find the best Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review?

Do you have tight shoulders causing you not just poor flexibility, but so much pain and very poor posture? Have you try to exercise the tightness yourself by just stretching in place with no any luck? Then you’re not alone! more than 70% of the population handles some sort of flexibility issue and shoulder tightness that they are unable to just get rid of.

If you are prepared to really do something about these kinds of stiff shoulders, then Eric Wong has produced a program to assist you loosen up the shoulders once and for all. However, will it really work for you? This Shoulder Flexibility Solution review will look at what he’s providing and why it may not or (may) be something you really want to try for yourself.

What Is Shoulder Flexibility Solution All About?

By far, static stretching is the most common methods to try and loosen up your shoulders. I’m ready to bet that you have tried it? I really know I have. However, Eric states that static stretching is the least effective means to enhance your shoulder flexibility, that explains why it’s so hard to get rid of the shoulder tightness from just stretching alone.

The entire Shoulder Flexibility Solution program is dependent on science, and it has been made to make it very easy for the user. Additionally, no matter how little luck you have had in the past with enhancing your shoulders, or even how little time you’ve to commit to improving your shoulders, the program will assist you get the results you actually want.

Inside Shoulder Flexibility Solution, you will get a bunch of routines which are offered in both video and PDF, which include:

  • Routine #1: Assists you behind your back, to touch your hands. Eric says that being unable to touch your hands is really abnormal and implies problems in your body. The routine concentrates on releasing tissues which are building functional strength and are restricted.
  • Routine #2: Assists you obtain the right head position for a healthy jaw, neck, and spine. If you have ever feel like you probably be leaning far forward with your head, this will really help you to change things around and obtain the right posture that promotes better physical well-being.
  • Routine #3: Assists you increase your motion’s range and reach overhead as well. The routine doesn’t only focus on the shoulder, but also the core and thoracic spine too.
  • Routine #4: Assists you fix the issue of rounded shoulders as well as automatically sit in a posture which is beneficial to your flexibility, strength, and spine.
  • Routine #5: Assists you fix a problem in which the shoulder blade in an abnormal position, protrudes from the back. This problem can easily result in injury, so it must be taken care of.
  • Routine #6: Assists you increase your shoulder mobility. This routine has to be done before your exercise to help you lift with just less effort, and by so doing it will assist you increase your record personally.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution makes use of a system known as the 3D Flexibility System which addresses why your shoulders are really tight. It helps you obtain the flexibility you really want without causing pain at all. The system concentrates on things such as improving joint stability to assist relax your muscles and also improve your capability to control your muscles, that will help improve strength and flexibility.

The bonuses

Eric Wong's Shoulder Flexibility Solution ReviewThere are basically 2 bonus packages associated with this item. The first one happens to be the rotator hardening routine and the second is the shoulder regen routine. They are both similar to the main item with regards to delivery. For instance, Eric shows us how to perform each movement through video and the PDF that follows it is more or even a routine PDF that assist remind me what next to do.

Just like the key product the video is clear, high quality and stacked with awesome content. These videos are not only 30 second videos, they’re super in depth are usually between 1-5 minutes in length.


  • Easy to use. Just follow the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program and obtain results.
  • Enhance your shoulder flexibility and enjoy more freedom to carry out what you would like to do.
  • Reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain once you increase flexibility.
  • Increase your posture that affects your entire physical health and your look.
  • Obtain stronger shoulders.
  • The entire information is downloadable instantly so you can start now.
  • It takes some time since you do need nearly 15 minutes to correctly perform the routine, and you are required to do 1 routine for 6 days per week.
  • You don’t get a physical product for you to go along with the digital item. This means you just have access to videos and PDFs.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution (just like many of Eric’s products) is really incredible. I thought the hip flexibility solution by him was top quality with regard to professionalism and content but this product is entirely better than his hip flexibility solution. It appears that Eric surely likes to undersell and also over deliver which is actually a great trait to obtain.

The product is an expensive than the other shoulder products available out there however, I have not really seen a product for shoulder in this depth. And just like Eric says in his video, many shoulder products focusing mainly on stretching or even mainly on mobility whereas his product really targets dynamic as well as mobility, static stretching, relief of muscle tension, decreasing muscle imbalances and lot more.

I don’t just know about you but then the last physio I went to really charged me a $130, for some rubber band exercises and also 2 stretches and they still had the gut to book me in for two good appointments the week later. With this package, it’s nearly half that price AND it also comes with all you require to fix your shoulders and also get them back on the proper track.

If you have any kind of niggly shoulder issues then you have to grab a copy of Shoulder Flexibility Solution. Even though it’s purely for injury prevention. It also comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days so it’s an awesome risk free purchase. You can even grab a copy of Shoulder Flexibility Solution and if you do not like it then you can simply refund it.


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