EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning ReviewIf a person has a UPS or a solar panel in their homes then they must be spending a good amount of money on buying new batteries after each and every year or two. The world is becoming more and more digital quickly. There are various latest and new electronic devices that are being launched by companies each and every day. However, this leads to the increase in the demand for the batteries as well. It is a fact that almost all of the devices that exist today do require batteries to function. However, the problem is the batteries after a long period of use do end up getting dead. So one needs to ask what could be the best solution for such a problem. To purchase a new battery each and every month can be hectic and also expensive especially if the person is on a tight budget. To combat this particular issue one Frank Thompson and Tom Erickson did come up with the idea of introducing EZ battery reconditioning program.

The creators state that this particular reconditioning program is solid and does teach the user step by step method in order to bring dead batteries back to life. However, whether it actually delivers it’s promising or is simply another scam is another question altogether.

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What is EZ battery reconditioning?

EZ battery reconditioning is basically a program that is created Frank Thomson and Tom Erickson for all of those people who do not possess any specialized skills and want to recondition any dead batteries in order to bring them back to life again.

Frank and Tom did a great job by dividing the EZ battery reconditioning book into a total of 21 different chapters. This is done so that the user can pick up their favourite topic and then follow it. In addition to this with the help of the bonus guidebook, one can also learn how to recondition their batteries in order to sell them to individuals and businesses at a discounted rate in order to make a profit out of the same.

The demand for these reconditioned batteries is increasing at quite a rapid rate since the new batteries are getting more and more expensive. The user may simply be able to recondition their li-on batteries, lead-acid batteries, ni-ca batteries and ni-mh batteries with the help of the reconditioning steps that the user can easily find inside the particular program.


One of the most important features is that the guidebook contains 21 chapters in complete details with regards to the reconditioning procedure. It has guidelines to recondition each and every type of battery and also bring them back to life again.

Another essential feature is the fact that there are diagrams and pictures which can help even a beginner who has no practical experience to get the benefit out of this program.

The user can easily learn the steps on the ways to convert any of the electronic devices into portable ones with the help of batteries. They will be able to use them anytime and anywhere even when there is no trace of electric supply.

The user will get to learn how to use millimeter in order to find out which dead batteries can bring brought back to life. This will be taught to the user before using any of the steps for reconditioning.

The good thing out here is the fact that even the beginners can take help and benefits out of this program because the creators themselves provided free accessibility to the information vault that is known to contain easy definitions to hard terms. In return, it is going to become easy for each and every one to understand and also become an expert in this said field.


  • Environment-friendly: By reconditioning any old batteries a user will not only be saving a good amount of money but will also help in saving earth from pollution to a greater extent.
  • Don’t require experience: the creators have explained each and every step with the help of detailed diagrams and pictures which is why even a beginner can easily recondition old batteries.
  • Available digitally: the procedure in order to download the EZ battery reconditioning book is simple and easy. Simply after payment, the user will get instant access to the member’s area where they will be able to read it online or can also download it on their device.


No doubt the creators have provided each and every step that is necessary to recondition batteries but to understand these steps does require dedication, effort and time especially if a user wants to make money out of selling these reconditioned batteries. One needs to spend time dealing with finding out old batteries at a decent price, examining the same for any defect and then finding out the potential buyers for such reconditioned batteries.

Who should buy it?

For the ones who want to save money by bringing dead batteries to life should go for this product.


The cost of the book is only $30 which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee as well.


The user will be receiving three bonuses when they purchase Tom’s EZ battery reconditioning program. The bonuses include:

  • Frank’s Battery business guide: If a user is interested in selling out any reconditioned batteries to get a good amount of profit then this is the ideal guide for them. In this particular guide, one will find a series of steps that guide the user on how to set up their very own business and then selling reconditioned batteries to different companies and individuals.
  • Double your battery life: This mini-series may teach the user via simple steps how to easily double the life of any battery.
  • Free lifetime updates: Frank and Tom are offering the users with free lifetime updates due to the fact that there are new types of batteries that are coming into the market as times are changing very quickly.

Thus we can state that this is a useful guide developed by Tom and Frank. One can save a lot of money batteries with the help of this guide.

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Ted says March 28, 2017

Thanks for the review. It was quite informative and made me feel like I would get my monies worth.
One place in this article says they have a sixty day return policy the text next to the DOWNLOAD NOW
button says 30 days. I think ClickBank has a 60 day return policy.

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