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Language of Desire is a guide that is meant to teach you how to use the right words and attitude to seduce a man and to make him become sexually attracted in such a way that he will only want you. The program has been developed by Felicity Keith in collaboration with Michael Fiore. Lots of modern women have problems in their relationships or with their dates, as they can be or become undesirable for men because of certain reasons. What many women are not aware of is that the lack of attraction is caused by their own behavior. The secret is to behave in a provocative way, in order to awaken the fantasies of men.

Felicity Keith has been searching for a way to break the boredom in her relationship and she has discovered how to make her man to be constantly interested in her. All the information that she found is presented in Language of Desire for helping other women do the same. By using the program, a woman can make her man desire her so much that he will try everything to please her.

The secret is to use psychological tricks like dirty talk to stimulate the sexual thoughts of the man. You have to use dirty talk in such a way that it doesn’t sound awkward or create embarrassment. You don’t want to be considered a naughty woman. The guide teaches you how to talk dirty in the right way, without making your man laugh at you. The idea is not to make him laugh, but to seduce him.

Language of Desire PDF Details

All the good information is contained in a 10 module course. The Language of Desire program can be downloaded in the PDF format, because it comes in the form of an ebook. These modules will gradually provide detail about how you can better understand everything about your man. There are practical exercises in the course, such as the one that helps you learn how to properly text your man to awaken his attention. Even if it seems that the product is meant to help women who are in long term relationships, the guide can be used in case you are in the dating phase as well.

When you get into the membership area, you will surely become overwhelmed by the amount of details that you can read. Despite this, the information is easily readable, because there are no medical or scientific terms used. Felicity is a 42 years old mother who has been through a rough time in her relationship. Then, she realized the reason: there was a gap in her sex life. The guide comes with three bonus materials: Silent Seduction, Unstoppable Confidence and The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty.

Language of Desire ReviewSilent Seduction is a practical guide of seduction for women, including ways to use body language. The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty contains more than two hundred messages that you can send to your man to awaken his senses. Unstoppable Confidence is a downloadable MP3 resource that contains ninety minutes of conversations and training with Michael Fiore and Michael Grisworld. This guide teaches women how to be confident around men and use their feminine vulnerability to attract them.

What is great about Felicity’s Language of Desire guide is that it helps you understand yourself sexually as a woman. In the process you gain knowledge that is crucial for the survival of your relationship. You will discover a new person within you, you will develop your personality more and you can become a better women in the end. Probably women that are really shy will benefit the most. If you want your man to stop paying attention to his work, phone, TV, or computer when you are in his presence, follow the tips presented in the guide.

In the beginning of a relationship, attraction can reach a maximum level. Even if you have the cutest face, the best character in the world and the perfect body, it can be difficult to keep your man’s attention focused on you in the long term. This is the reason for which even some of the best relationships are failing, but yours will not if you do something about it. You can use the guide to transform your relationship in the best that can ever be. An interesting aspect of this product is that it can be used even by women who have men that please them in every way, because they can use the information to maintain the state of happiness in their couple.


  • The Language of Desire product can be instantly accessed in the membership area after it is purchased.
  • This is a program that is free of any risk, because of the 60-days money back policy. You can get your money back in two months if you are not pleased of the results.
  • The information contained in the course is the result of years of life experience that the author has gained.
  • The course is well structured in 10 modules that can make learning easy. There is a practical side of the course and you can take notes if you want.
  • Compared to other programs of this type, this one also addresses the sexual side of a relationship.
  • You get three bonus materials with the guide.
  • The content is easy to follow and you can listen to the content in the MP3 format. The product can work for any women, of any age and in any relationship stage.


  • The Language of Desire product is only available as a PDF file that you can download. There is no physical book.
  • You can only find the guide online.
  • No advice exists for men, because the ebook is specifically designed for women.


Language of Desire is a comprehensive relationship guide that women can use for the benefit of their sexual life with their partners. The program is based on the real life experiences of a woman and this is what makes it really useful. With information that is presented step by step, women can have a powerful weapon at their disposal, called seduction. Whether you use the program as dating advice or for bringing a long term relationship back to life, the details presented in it will provide much value for what you spend.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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