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Flat Belly Overnight ReviewWouldn’t it be great to turn your body into a fat burning machine? If you are like most people, you must have struggled with your weight at one point or another. You have probably tried everything in the market to no avail. Many people starve themselves after reading myths about weight loss. To discover the secret to losing weight, you need Flat Belly Overnight, a program by Andrew – which helps you to lose weight in just 7 days. With this program, you will experience drastic weight loss, great sleep and a clean mind, as well as powerful energy. If you do a single trick before retiring to bed, you will lose at least 2lbs of belly fat before morning.

Andrew, the author of Flat Belly Overnight program, gave his sister Amy a three-minute sequence to perform before retiring to bed. This sequence activates the abdominal muscles and speeds up the weight loss process. With Flat Belly Overnight Protocol System, you will get secrets to help you melt your belly fat faster than a 20-year-old young adult would. Have you ever thought that you could lose weight in your sleep? Andrew’s system outlines the herbs and foods that you should consume before retiring to bed. These foods ignite your metabolism, making it possible to lose weight in your sleep!

What exactly is Flat Belly Overnight?

It is a new program that gives you access to the best-kept belly fat weight loss secret. It gives you techniques and strategies that accelerate weight loss using natural nutrition and foods. The Flat Belly Overnight system discloses a secret that will enable you to lose belly fat miraculously. In one week, you could lose up to 11 pounds of fat. If you really want to get rid of stubborn fat, money should not be an issue. Grab this product now for a one-time opportunity. This revolutionary system will not leave you starving – it focuses on nutrition.

Flat Belly Overnight program considers the fact that you might be eating the wrong thing. Therefore, you do not need to go on a diet; simply change what you eat. For example, there are 5 types of foods consumed daily that you should eliminate from your diet. One such food is cereal – no matter how healthy you think it is, cereal contributes to belly fat. It contains too much sugar that negates the effect of exercise. You should also avoid soy because it interferes with the production of a hormone required to burn fat. Additionally, you need to stay away from juices and cooking oils.

This wonderful program explains how your metabolism works and changes drastically with age. When you hit the age of 30, it changes. It also changes when you reach 40, 50, and 60. Flat Belly Overnight encourages you to change your diet until you eliminate toxic fats from your body. After using this product, you will experience a huge surge in your sex life and energy levels – making it possible to reduce the risk of serious ailments such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Product details

Andrew has dedicated his life to helping men and women who struggle with weight problems. He has thus developed a Flat Belly Overnight program that helps you to lose weight in 7 days. What does this product consist of?

  • Detox formula – this Flat Belly Overnight formula will help you to flush out the harmful toxins from your body.
  • Done for you template – this is the precise protocol that you need to use before bed. It will help you to increase your metabolism and relax – so that you can have a restful night of sleep.
  • 3-minute sequences – these 3-minute exercises will get rid of fat around your midsection and belly. The exercises target the specific part of your body that you want to trim.

This great package also includes weight loss updates on how to burn fat for a year. Additionally, you will get a toolkit and metabolism calculator. If you have any questions, you can email a coach for help.


  • This system secret is used by firefighters to make their precise weight division.
  • There is no more hopelessness when it comes to losing the fat that stubbornly sits in your midsection.
  • Flat Belly Overnight outlines the miracle herbs that you need to add in your tea so that your belly is freed of fat-storing toxins.
  • You can accomplish all your weight loss goals in less than 3 minutes per day.
  • The system is clear, simple, and concise – increases your metabolism so that you can burn belly fat faster.
  • Your immune system will be at its best, fighting off life threatening diseases and other illnesses.
  • Flat Belly Overnight system is pretty open and user friendly.
  • The program is useful for all women and men as it contains many techniques and tips. You will not need joint pain or diabetes medication anymore.
  • You will experience a new burst of energy each morning, making you feel and look younger.
  • This program is inexpensive and saves on time and money.

Flat Belly Overnight does not perform instant magic; it requires some commitment on your part. To see any obvious results, you need to follow the book for a number of weeks.


In general, this is a proven system that will produce great results for you. Flat Belly Overnight contains secrets that will solve all your weight problems. Regardless of your gender, this product will work for you. If you have bad eating habits, Flat Belly Overnight will teach you how to eat right. Those who have any queries about this program can contact the author at any time. Do you believe in this program? If not, you can still purchase it. If it does not meet your expectations, return it and get your money back.

Unlike other programs in the market, this one takes advantage of hormonal changes in the body, regardless of your age. You can now lose weight overnight when in your 40’s. With a 60-day money back guarantee, nothing is stopping you from buying Flat Belly Overnight. If this product works for you, keep using it. When you abandon it in favor of your old diet, you might lose all progress made.

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Pinky says February 23, 2016

I put in my info for the $ 37 to have access to the system then was assaulted with other offers I don’t want and have not gotten access to the part I want. What do I do to get access to what I was promised before I report you to the better business bureau?

    ContinuumBooks Staff says February 24, 2016

    You should ask the system author directly on his website.

      James Victor says August 3, 2016

      Can anyone tell me how can u get your money back

        Kim Hendrickson says August 28, 2016

        I did the same as you did. Was bombarded too. I’ve sent emails asking to remove my email from their data base or I’ll take future action. From the original info I payed $37 ftom I took the information continued my own research via internet. It’s not exactly 100% overnight sucess. It’s a process. Contact:

    Robin says June 21, 2016

    What did you find out about this? It said money back guarantee in 30 days. It would take you 30 days to figure out how to get your money back. This is not what I wanted either. I am in it for 280.00
    Let me know.

Whetu says March 4, 2016

This system targets mainly forty plus clients, I’m turning twenty six this year and have suffered excruciatingly with my weight since thirteen. With my lower back injury, exercise is very painful, so I’m just wondering, would this be good for me given that I’m not forty yet?

    Kara says April 23, 2016

    I would say it wouldn’t hurt to do it, this program says 40 because of hormonal changes in our bodies. At your age though you also could be suffering from hormone being out of wack. You can buy this program try it see if it helps if it doesn’t you have 60 days to get a full refund.

lisa menna says June 29, 2016

OH my god!!!! the SPAM that ANDREW RAPOSO SENDS IS ENDLESS> NO unsubcribe and finally , I am able to find him and he sends a form apology and the instruction to unsubscribe….instead of just doing it. And the link is not quick or easy and full of other who are as annoyed as me/ poor ethics. selfish megalomaniac behavior .

    Glo says August 28, 2016

    He uses a very powerful ’emotional ‘ marketing technique to engage the listener ( Who may already be desperate ) , uses “family “as his leverage to keep you very curious. And baits your ‘easy to do’ button. His marketing is very well scripted; he uses opt-ins after his initial offer ( all adding to his 24 hour bank account) and is not very VISIBLE to locate. When I google him, he promotes HIMSELF thru MANY websites ; has his own reviews of himself too.
    Weight loss takes conscious effort; knowledge about your body; some consistent type of exercise; awareness of healthy food intake. ALL of this can be researched for FREE on the Internet
    You will loose weight when you CHANGE eating habits and add in move ment – why? Because your output (your metabolism) must be greater than your input(food)

Debi garcia says August 10, 2016

for a refund call 1-800-218-1525 they will need your e-mail address

F hamilton says August 14, 2016

He’s a liar and ripoff artist. He responds with bs that has nothing to do with original claims or my refund request. Wish I’d seen this before buying.

Kim Hendrickson says August 28, 2016

Well I called the 800 number and received the email in which to cancel and refund request. It claims one day reply. We’ll see. I will never do this again. I’ll do my own research. I was fooled.

Ben says September 12, 2016

So Can I Get My Money Back

    ContinuumBooks Staff says September 16, 2016

    Yes, you can. Read the comments as people share the way to get money back. It isn’t as easy as author promise but it is possible.

Lynn says September 12, 2016

I was sooo suspicious, but desperately wanting to believe that there was something out there that would work. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It sounded too good to be true.

willie says September 20, 2016

I was hoping this was so true i want to lose weight so bad i read that this was a scam diet, i ask for my money back hope i get it she said it would take 3 business day wish me luck

    Therese Duran says October 16, 2016

    I’m so sorry you are all having so much trouble and wish you luck in getting your money back. I appreciate your taking the time to post an opinion. It saved me some money.

Diana says October 26, 2016

The website makes it very hard to find what you’re looking for. Have not lost two pounds overnight with ginger root tea. I cannot get the 3 minute exercises to do before bed. Each email I get is selling another product. I am really frustrated.

Brenda says November 3, 2016


Read the reviews by customers like yourself before you give your money or your credit card. I bought a diet product once and canceled it but the company kept charging my credit card. This happened to me once. I call my credit card company and asked them to turn my credit card off. I only made payments to my credit card. Nothing could be charged. They also refunded my a credit back to my account. Good luck to you and hope you get your money back.

Kim says November 13, 2016

I am about to try and get my $ back. I can’t even get this crap to download. What exactly did you guys do to get your $ back and how long did it take???

Diana Sandidge says May 8, 2017

Good luck they took mine and never sent me anything. Can’t even find a way to get my money back.

Charlotte says May 15, 2017

I have acid reflux can I use this weight loss method with this condition?

Theresa says May 25, 2017

i am very disappointed. the most i knew before. And it is a lie that you loose Every night one pound.

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