Forex Trendy Review

The Foreign Exchange market is a very volatile market; it can make investors become very poor or very rich. Learning how to read trends can be very time-consuming, especially for beginner traders, and often people lose a lot of money before they know how to read trends profitably. That is why it is important for people to educate themselves on the software and applications that can help to reduce risk of losing one’s investment.

Forex Trendy is a cloud computing software that scans all currency pairs available in the Forex Market, and detects the most profitable trades automatically. It provides various information in charts and graphs to help traders know when the market conditions are ideal for trading. It also warns against any unstable patterns, thereby preventing traders from investing their money when market is not friendly.

The idea behind this program is to help people learn the trading markets, as well as the current trends on the Foreign Exchange market, so as to make informed choices during times of uncertainty.

Additionally, the software tool automatically researches financial information, and keeps traders updated with the latest information. Traders can set email notifications to receive useful information about investing or any other financial topic of interest.

Forex Trendy Overview

Forex Trendy has many useful features that make it very effective in chosing profitable trades accurately. They include:

Cloud Technology

The program uses cloud computing, as well as many dedicated servers to monitor, detect and aggregate market trends is an easy-to-understand graph. This system works on the theory that these servers are able collect and analyze data faster than any human being could on his own. It also presents results in an easy to understand manner that gives its users a competitive edge over other forex traders.

Customizable settings

Forex trendy makes it easy for traders to personalize trend graphics. One can choose to scan a few selected currencies of choice, or all the 34 currency pairs at once. As a result, it is able to provide a clear view of the latest market trends within seconds.

Simple Setup

The program has an extremely user-friendly interface and simple setup. Because it is a web-based application, users don’t have to run an installation package on their computers, or refer to a manual. After purchasing, users simply need to sign into the members area with their username and password, and start using the product.

Easy to Understand

Forex Trendy depicts trend lines clearly on the screen with contrasting colors to illustrate pattern breakouts and differences. This helps to give an overall overview of the current market trends, which in turn, enables one to easily gauge the right time to buy or sell. Sharp slopes, as well as consistent patterns are outlined using a clear blue marker to help traders avoid market drops, or know the perfect time for trading.

Other features include:

    Forex Trendy Review

  • It has automated chart signals that are able to detect trend lines, flags, wedges and triangles.
  • It requires less computer space for storage.
  • Members receive emails and audible alerts
  • The scanner has minimal system requirements, and works well with all new computer models.
  • It can also provide quick trend summary using all time frames.


This Forex scanner tool is very easy to use; it does not require any set-up or installations. Right after signing up, users get instant access to the members area, where they can begin using the signals immediately.
Another advantage is that it doesn’t require prior experience to use. That means that even beginner trades will be able to read and understand the information presented in the charts and graphs, and make a profitable trading.

In addition, it’s audible alerts make it possible for users to be a few meters away from their computers, but still get instant alerts if a profitable trade is possible.

One can set this system to monitor all markets or a few ones depending on area of interest. Because it does so continuously, there is no need to flick from one screen to another to watch different chart patterns. A user simply needs to trade the profitable currency pairs and markets that have been detected.

Simply set it and forget. Forex Trendy not only alerts a trader of the exact moment for trade, but also provides indications of where to set one’s take profit. After a trader has set his trade in the platform, he or she can concentrate on other things throughout the day.

It also has a very clear interface, huge community and excellent professional support. So, users should not shy away from asking questions in case they encounter any problems while using the scanner.

Other advantages include:

  • Exclusive membership section
  • The program is developed by professional Forex traders
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means users can buy and try it for 60 days, and if they are not satisfied, the are refunded their purchase price.
  • It operates continuously in the cloud, enabling users to get real-time information on the latest market trends.
  • It has live and updated graphs and charts.
  • It has a filter option which gives users control over the markets and periods they want to monitor.
  • It also comes with several bonuses including a PDF training tutorial that explains how to fully take advantage of the program, as well as how to recognize trend lines, flags, wedges and triangles.


Despite the numerous advantages, this software also has some flaws. The main disadvantages include the following:

  • A trader must be connected to a stable internet, in order to use the software.
  • Because the program presents its findings in form of charts and graphs, it is important that one becomes comfortable reading charts.
  • If one is far away from the computer, he might miss a good time to trade because he won’t hear the audible warnings.
  • Finally, it is common knowledge that Forex trade can be very rewarding, but risky too. So, it is important to be careful when investing.

Overall, Forex Trendy is a web-based Forex scanner that has proven to detect profitable trades accurately, thus increasing the chances of Forex traders to make profits. It is a tool that both beginner and seasoned traders can take advantage of to increase their chances of trading profitably. Since it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, there is no harm in trying this product to find out whether it works or not.


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dravida says June 20, 2018

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The problem is, as you may have already experienced, too many false breakouts. You see trend lines everywhere, however not all trend lines should be considered. You have to distinguish between STRONG and WEAK trend lines.

One good guideline is that a strong trend line should have AT LEAST THREE touching points. Trend lines with more than four touching points are MONSTER trend lines and you should be always prepared for the massive breakout!

This sophisticated software automatically draws only the strongest trend lines and recognizes the most reliable chart patterns formed by trend lines…

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