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yoga burnWith women fearing the lethal side effects of weight loss pills, many are switching to a more natural way of losing weight and staying fit. No other technique has made this possible than Her Yoga Secrets. It has been a point of discussion on the internet in the recent days. Many women are turning to it to help them get rid of the excess fat and staying healthy without worrying about the severe side effects. Her Yoga Secrets is an exercise program that has been dedicated to the ladies and made by a lady. It is an eBook that has been developed by a yoga specialist, Zoe Bray-Cotton. The eBook doesn’t involve any other inorganic content, but only videos and guidelines on how to perform effective Yoga poses for the best results.

Her Yoga Secrets PDF Details

Her Yoga Secrets also know as Yoga Burn is split into three main phases. These phases are the main emphasis of the entire program. The program operates through a dynamic sequence that helps the user execute each activity effectively. As you progress with the program, the challenge will be raised accordingly to how your body is accustomed to it. The three phases of the program are;

Phase I: The Foundational Flow

As the name suggests, it is the phase that commences the entire program. It also helps the user to build a stable foundation for her yoga. This phase is covered in four weeks, and it is specifically designed to teach the user the foundational blocks that are needed for a strong yoga exercise. With the foundational flow phase, you will be able to build up the lean muscles and burn the extra calories. Above all, you will enjoy the entire yoga session.

This phase is also designed to help you build a strong relationship between your mind and body. With this, you can then communicate with the muscle group as you advance with other video tutorials.

Phase II: Transitional Flow

This second phase aims at teaching the user how to make the moves learned in phase one seem easy. The phase is about helping you blend the moves and adjust your body to get used to them. Here, you will be engaged in a routine of blending the exercises each week.

There is a video that focuses on three exercise video clips. The video clips target the upper body, the core and how to reduce the entire body. It is all about moving from one step to another. Once you learn how to link the exercises and concentrate on each moment, you will progress swiftly.

Phase III: Mastery Flow

By the time you get to this phase, you will have mastered the entire exercise, and most of the moves will be easy to pull off. This combines the first two phases, and it will increase the metabolic rate as well. Also, there will be a change in the entire body. You will experience a change and some progress when you are at this stage.

The whole phase is simply about blending every move that you learned in the first two stages that take two months. This then becomes an effective and comfortable yoga sequence that delivers the best. One of the targets of this stage is to get rid of the stubborn fats around the body. If you worked out for two months through the first two stages and some areas still have the fat tissues, the mastery flow would eliminate them.

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The entire Her Yoga Secrets program is covered in these three phases that will take you about three months to get done. By the end of the third phase, you can be sure of having major changes in your body.

Other than the three phases, you will also get two extra videos in the program. These videos include:

  • Tips & Tools. This video teaches you how to exploit every workout by executing them at the perfect time. Also, the right resources available to you is what will help you maximize the workouts.
  • Tranquility Flow. This one has been designed for taking a mental break and de-stressing your mind. The exercises in this video are easy to perform, and they help you to get rid of the negative energy and develop a positive flow for the entire exercise.

These are the content of Her Yoga Secrets that will help you have a relaxing and effective yoga experience.


  • It is designed for every lady. Regardless of your professionalism level, this eBook will be of help to you.
  • It is cheaper compared to a regular yoga class. Some yoga classes can charge you up to $30 for one session. This eBook has a one-time buying fee that is also refundable.
  • It is natural. All you will be doing is following the videos of how to execute the exercises effectively to get the best results. You will experience nothing strange or new about the whole program.
  • No possible side effects. Unlike the regular weight loss medication, this program is all about videos and guidelines to Yoga moves.
  • You will get two extra video bonuses to help you with your yoga further.
  • The Her Yoga Secrets program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If the program is not effective within two months of use, then you can claim your full money back.
  • Proven to deliver. You can be sure of getting the best outcome with this program, thanks to the detailed phases that help you through your yoga sessions.


  • Unless you are committed towards each phase, you will not get the result that you expect. So the ball is in the court of the user.
  • It might be too basic for some yoga experts. Most of the moves are mostly meant for the newbie though they can still be helpful to the experts at some point.
  • You will need a digital device to access the videos.

Her Yoga Secrets is one program that is meant for any lady that wants to get rid of the stubborn fat tissues naturally. You will not be risking any inorganic medication or food. It is all about physical exercises. However, you will still need to watch your diet as you perform the exercises. The videos are easy to understand, so you will have an easy time using Her Yoga Secrets program. The program can be highly trusted, and you can get your money back if you feel it does not work for you after 60 days.

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I’m near 60 years old. I’ve had serious neck surgeries. Also, chronic issues from waitress & factory work. Arthritis is a big problem. I currently have acute bronchitis & came across your name. I’ve done yoga but was limited due to injuries. When lungs clear & body is stronger, I hope to get the dvds(better for me to see on tv)

    Shannon says June 4, 2016

    How is the program working for you?

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