James Smith’s The Manifestation Power Review

James Smith's The Manifestation Power ReviewThe Manifestation Power program was recently launched and it is already attracting a lot of buzz. Developed by James Smith, this eBook guide claims to hold the secret to wealth, success, health, love and happiness. But is that true? Learn more in this comprehensive Manifestation Power review as we delve deeper into the product to find out whether it is legit or just another internet scam.

According to Smith, the Manifestation Power program is designed for people who feel incomplete in one way or another. That means if you feel like something is missing (whether it is material or non-material) in your life then you need to get this guide as soon as possible and all that will change. Basically, the tips and tricks he gives should be adequate to attract wealth, health, love, and happiness without any hard work or struggle.

The Manifestation Power Details

The Manifestation Power Package

The program is packaged in softcopy formats. It comes as an eBook that contains the practical guide on how to get whatever you desire. The eBook is in PDF format and can be accessed using pretty much any PDF reader. In addition to that, it is accompanied by a video DVD that contains videos of James Smith’s teachings and guidance.

Based on the Law of Attraction

According to the Manifestation Power, you can utilize the Law of Attraction to get anything that you want in life. Basically, the law holds that if you send positive energy you should receive positive things but if you emit negative energy then you will be surrounded by negativity. The Manifestation Power contains knowledge on how you can send the right kind of vibrations to the universe and thus receive what you want in life.

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Step by step guide

Contrary to most books and guides (Smith points out The Secret behind the Secret Law of Attraction as a good example) that do not have specific steps on how one can harness the power of positive vibrations, the Manifestation Power contains a step-wise guide that will help you to determine what you want and how to send the right signals in order to attract it. It also contains details on how to identify an opportunity and pounce on it before it disappears. In summary, the guide contains the following:

  • How to get rid of worries: worries breed negative thoughts which in turn send negative vibrations to the universe. As mentioned already, negative energy will bring negativity to your life. Therefore, the Manifestation Power system insists on eliminating worries. It has particular methods that you can use to do so. For instance, it recommends that you change your thoughts from angry and sad ones to happy and positive ones.
  • How to attract happiness: the Manifestation Power program contains details on how you can attract happiness. For starters, it encourages you to talk about happy and exciting moments, experiences, and memories. If you can’t think of happy stuff to talk about then you are better off quiet. Alternatively, you can spend your time listening to happy conversations between other people. If you feel the need to join in the knock yourself out and transform your mood from sad to happy.
  • Do things that please you: knowing what pleases you is an important part of the Manifestation Power system. That is because the guide encourages you to do activities that make you happy. Basically, you should always find things that make you smile.
  • Eat right: the Manifestation Power program contains specific tips on how to stay healthy. It provides recommended diets that contain the right nutrition, energy, and everything that the body needs. If you stick to it you will not only be healthy but you will be able to manage your weight effectively.
  • Meditation: this roadmap to wealth and happiness emphasizes the importance of meditation. The practice eliminates stress while strengthening your mental, spiritual and even physical energies.


  • The program is very affordable. It is offered on a bonus basis and after the initial payment, you won’t have to pay for anything else.
  • It is readily available for people with internet connection and PDF reader programs.
  • It is available in PDF for those who don’t mind reading and on DVD for those who would wish to skip the reading part.
  • Organized in a step-wise format for easy understanding. It is also written in very simple English that pretty much anybody who can read can understand.
  • The program allows you to set your own goals. That makes it easy for you to track your progress and success or failure.
  • Doesn’t require specialized knowledge. You don’t even need knowledge of the Law of Attraction for you to abide by the Manifestation Power Program.
  • Money-back guarantee for two months after purchase.


  • Requires your own effort. You can’t just sit and wait for positive results.
  • Based on mindset and preconceived notions about oneself. Those are hard things to change.
  • Packaged in digital format only and thus it is not available for people who want the print format.
  • No instant results. It could take several months or even years before you see any positive changes. Smith started to see substantial results after 4 months.

The big question remains, does this program work? Well, Smith says that he used it himself when he was feeling worthless. He was going through a phase in life where he felt like a failure because his job could not pay his bills. Fortunately, with the right action steps, he managed to attract a better job, new relationships, nicer home and pretty much everything else that he ever wanted.

His experience goes to say that if you follow this program as stipulated in the guide then you surely stand to enjoy wealth, health, love, and happiness. Having said that, it is also important to mention that it is not magical. It highly depends on your mentality as well as effort. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits you need to figure out how to attract positive energy first. Therefore, much as The Manifestation Power program might not offer you heaven on earth, you really don’t stand to lose much by trying it.

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