Jen Sinkler’s The Bigness Project Review

Jen Sinkler's The Bigness Project ReviewI know a lot of women who try almost every idea that occur to them in the hope of getting out all that useless fat from their body. But, nothing seems to be working for them even after those long sweaty hours spend at the gym. No matter what secret mantra they try and practice, they still find it impossible to get their body in shape and achieve the desired body fitness. Are you one among these people? If yes, we know your story and we are here to help.

All that hard work and the colossal waste of time and money with no solid results might be a big bother for you. Have you come to that point where you have lost all hope of ending up with a good physique?

Don’t lose your will! You can do it, you surely can! All you need is some proper support and the right kind of training. So, where do you turn to for this? Well, today we are reviewing a popular product that does just that.

The Bigness Project Overview

The Bigness Project is an outstanding program that works well as a hypertrophy training program. It intends to improve your physique by enhancing your muscle mass. But, the program also equally focuses on ensuring that you do not get fat in the process. The training program does well to optimize your muscle growth and make sure that you develop a lean muscle mass.

But, your body physique isn’t the only thing it improves! It does a great deal of good for your thought process and lifestyle too. The program advocates that the fitness of your mind is almost as important as the fitness of your body. Once you are done with this training curriculum, you will achieve both physical strength and mental strength.

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The training program will be effective in bringing notable positive changes to your body. That perfect physique you have once dreamed about is finally up for grabs! The guide is not just about making muscles, it also includes the things you need to do to secure and retain them too.

The Bigness Project is developed by Jen Sinkler, a popular figure in the circuit of health and wellness. Her years of expertise and study in the health and fitness industry reflect on the effectiveness of the training program.

Product Details

The Bigness Project is a hypertrophy training product that focuses on helping women build muscles in a healthy manner. The duration of the training program is 14 weeks.

The complete package includes the training program, a user manual that details the philosophy behind the program and a video exercise library which illustrates the tutored exercises. There is an exercise glossary with illustrations and pictures as well.

The program is authored by Jen Sinkler and comes with some bonus offer at most times. Please note that the admission to the program is not always open and it is based on applications. Once you sign up for it, the program is non-transferable.


  • The best part about the training program is its affordability. The highly helpful program has a reasonable price tag attached to it and it does not put a huge hole in your pocket. The Bigness Project is a much cheaper option compared to any of its competing programs which aren’t even half as effective as this one.
  • There is no question or doubt about its effectiveness. Lots of satisfied customers have written glorious testimonials about how the program has changed both their mental and physical health. If you follow the instructions and training guide without fail, the best results can be achieved.
  • The entire Bigness Project program is extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. There were no hardships encountered in understanding the nutritional tips, general advises and exercise movements discussed in the program. All the exercise techniques are well-illustrated using pictures and videos.
  • It doesn’t just teach you the exercise movements to be followed. It also guides you on how to do it the right way by giving you some excellent tricks and techniques to do them easily.
  • A satisfied customer is always the top-priority of the Bigness Project. It offers a money-back guarantee to its users if the training program isn’t suitable for them or if they aren’t satisfied with the results.
  • A single batch of Bigness Project allows for just a limited number of enrollments. This ensures that you derive maximum results from the 14 week program. The personal attention and direct tutoring you get from Jen Sinkler is highly motivating and helpful.
  • The Bigness Project Facebook community you get access to is a unique feature of this program. It is just a closed group of similar-minded people moving towards the same goal. The members of the community support and motivate each other to proceed with the objectives and tasks at hand. Through the community forum, queries and doubts about nutrition and exercises in the program can be put forward and discussed. Jen Sinkler herself is also a part of the community and answers questions raised in the group.
  • There is nothing unhealthy about the techniques and methods tutored in the Bigness Project program. The whole training program has been approved by a good number of nutrition experts and fitness specialists across the globe.
  • Nope! Nothing much here! The training program is a true winner with no flaws to point out or criticize about. If you follow the instructions and carry on with the program step-by-step, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be effective in getting you the desired results.
  • The one point you should note is that the training program is only available online. This might affect its accessibility a bit if you don’t have an internet connection or if the net connectivity is slow. A few users might prefer an offline version to stay clear of such connectivity issues. But as of now, the product creators do not provide such an option.
  • The program follows a strict chronological order. Missing a step or doing it in the wrong order can affect its effectiveness. If you are looking for the right results, you should be really serious with the training program. Keep your laziness aside and be fully committed to the training program.
  • Admission to the Bigness Project isn’t open all the time. Most batches have limited seats that get filled up quickly. Some users might find it really difficult to enroll themselves with this much sought-after program.

The Bigness Project is the perfect program to improve your body and physique with hypertrophy. The simple yet effective exercises and useful nutrition tips discussed in the guide works like a charm. Your lifestyle, your weight, your muscles – everything just goes uphill once you enroll to this program and commit yourself to it. Enroll with this program and save a lot of time and money you are going to unnecessarily spend on ineffective programs.

The important thing is that the admission to the program isn’t open at all times. So grab the chance whenever you can. And even when it opens up, it does get booked up really fast. So, it is better to add yourself to the waitlist to win a seat in the next batch!

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