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Combat Fighter ReviewALERT: This is our honest and & in-depth review. Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

Are you one of those people who want to learn the combat skills through which you can protect yourselves as well as your family, but you couldn’t make time to practice because of your busy schedule? If yes, then you need something extraordinary having ability to teach you those lessons in the shortest possible time efficiently.

In this post, we will review one of the most amazing survival kits, named Combat Fighter through which you can learn the techniques to fight & protect yourselves. Since its launch, there are thousands of people who have successfully managed to enjoy the benefits of this program. So, our team thought about reviewing each of the important perspective of this guide for making sure you can make a decision to buy or not efficiently. Read the complete review & then make your choice.

Combat Fighter Overview

The Combat Fighter System is a survival guide that is created by the popular author John Black, who is working for the US army. This program is created for the individuals who want to make sure their family remains safe from the looters, home invaders & criminals. He has himself dealt with this program during his young days when his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend assault him. After this incident, the author learns essential techniques for many years & created this guide so that the readers don’t have to face the same problem. This guide will give you a chance to learn these skills within days. However, it takes some time to make you an expert to deal with such conditions.

The complete package only cost $37 that is quite affordable considering safety skills offered by it. That’s not all, the program comes with a money-back guarantee that allows you test it for 60 days & give all the money back if one doesn’t get satisfied with its content. In addition to that, you will get three bonus guides for free with this guide. We have given details about each of them in detail:

  • Advanced Situational Awareness Manual: This bonus program will assist you in reading the conditions effectively & skills that can help in providing protection from a life-threatening attack. You will know about some amazing scanning, observation, & monitoring techniques with the help of the Advanced Situational Awareness. It is a pretty easy guide that will assist in protecting your loved ones safely.
  • Alpha Survival Manual: In this bonus guide, you will learn about the professional skills & approach that can assist you while dealing with the emergency conditions. It is very easy to understand guide for making sure your family stays protected during the bad times. There is a special focus given by the author on providing safety to the child & other family members.
  • Alpha Nation Online-Coaching Community: This bonus guide will give you an access to the online community where you will get a chance to chat with the people who are masters in these skills. You will be able to work with a team for the next 30 days that make your combat skills better. In addition to that, you will receive many videos & written posts that can help you in becoming a leader.

The original price of these bonus guides is more than US$ 70, but the author is giving it free for some limited users.

Product Details

The Combat Fighter is a pretty exciting program that will help in learning everything that ranges from staying protected from a deadly disaster to cutting your hairs during emergency times. That’s not all, you will be able to know about the important details on how to stay in perfect body shape. This guide is divided into many different parts for making it convenient for the people. We have explained each of these components in detail below:

  • The Center Line Strike: This is an amazing technique through which you can knock the opponent immediately. You will learn about how to use this approach for quickly retreating if an attack happens on you. It is an orthodox type of skill that can allow you stun the opponent in a unique manner.
  • Blitz Blast: In this part, you will get a chance to know about a devastating skill so that your opponent can become overwhelmed within some seconds without creating any problem for you. This is one of the most amazing skills that you can learn in this guide.
  • The Force Hijack: Here, the author has explained the technique named Force Hijack. It will allow you to utilize the force of your attacker against them. You will be able to deflect & harness their power very effectively.
  • Surgical Strike: This part will let you learn about the surgical strike methods such as Underhand Ocular Control so that you can attack your opponent instantly. It is a massive neurological disruption & makes you pretty disciplined. These types of moves can work brilliantly if your opponent is pretty strong.
  • One and Drone: If you don’t like the complex type of skills, then One & Drone technique is made for you. It will help you win your fight in a simple way & eliminate the majority of techniques that the majority of instructors teach to their students.
  • Tipping Point Principle: In this part, you will learn about the Tipping Point Principle that is a pretty amazing approach. It will allow you to learn about the technique to shift between defense & attack in an amazing way.
  • Third Eye: In this section, you will be able to learn about the situational awareness approach whose name is Third Eye. If you become successful in learning this technique, then you will become successful in turning yourself into a virtual Jedi. There will be a significant improvement in your ability to take the benefits of the weaknesses of your opponents.

We have only explained some major parts of this amazing guide. However, this guide has so much to offer that can help you in becoming stronger.


Check out the major advantages offered by the Combat Fighter program that is explained below:

  • This guide can improve your stronger skills so that you can provide extra protection to your body & family members.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee offered by the program that gives a great sign of relief to your mind.
  • The price of this amazing program is pretty low when compared to the huge amount of benefits that it can offer.
  • There are three bonus guides available for free without charging a single penny is given by the author.

Have a look at some major disadvantages of the Combat Fighter guide mentioned below:

  • There is a need for some practice to brush up your skills. However, it might be difficult for the lazy people.

Our team has gone through the Combat Fighter guide in-depth & found out that this program has the potential to train the readers about the combat skills. You can enhance your level of protection by learning the skills that are explained in this guide.

Furthermore, the affordable pricing, 60-day money back guarantee & bonus guides make it a perfect product. So, if you are really up for learning some amazing techniques, then invest your money in the Combat Fighter program now.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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Robin Henderson says June 7, 2018

This only talks about men. I am a 53 year old female who wants to protect my family and loved ones as much as any man !!!! The main reason I have not “clicked the button below” to buy this is because I’m a little bothered that it seems as though the program believes only men can learn this -almost like it’s a “mans only” club. Please give me your thoughts

Patrick Taylor says October 7, 2018


Obviously, he is marketing to a very specific segment. Have you ever heard of an “avatar” in marketing?

If you think this information would be of benefit to you, then purchase it for goodness’ sake!!! He’s offering you a great price and a complete money back guarantee.

People need to stop being so sensitive and offended at every little thing.

Good grief. Get some thick skin.

Just my two cents.

Take it or leave ir.

But if you think you need this training and would benefit from it, but you determine just because the marketing seems to be aimed at men…. well, that’s just silly to me.

    Caliallye says February 28, 2019

    It’s not silly. For example, at 5’2” in order for me to punch a 6’2” man in the nose, I literally have to jump up to reach it! Okay, he was 6’5”, and I used to do the high jump, so I could manage it, but that was when I was 36. At 65, how do I manage it?
    The center of gravity is much lower for me, my reach is shorter, other than bitikng him in the knees, how do I use the “Kabul” tactic to punch someone in the nose?

MPS says December 12, 2018

John Black IS Todd Lamb. They are one and the same. This is snake oil.

Bill Dershem says December 23, 2018

Thank You Patric Taylor! This type of marketing targets men’s insecurities as a “provider” to his family. It’s brilliant! If somebody is too offended by the he-vs-she language of the ADVERTIZEMENT, they don’t stand a chance in a real world, violent encounter anyway. Said person may prefer a “…. for the soul” e-book and leave the combat fighter manuals to “PEOPLE” strong enough to recognize advertising to target audiences. When we SEARCH OUT things to be offended by, we WILL find them, and they weaken us all. Semper Fi

Richard Fatheree says January 6, 2019

John Black you’ll never sell a video anybody with a brain the way you’re trying to do it and the little videos of the MMA fights and the two guys standing in front of each other acting like military people and the girl fighting the guy with the motorcycle helmet they suck plain and simple if that is the quality of your actual videos then who in the hell would want to buy one only dumbasses I’ve been doing martial arts for 38 years and I specialize in street fighting and what I saw of what I could find on year videos would be a video that I would never watch I would like to see a real video even if it’s just a three-minute video your real techniques because what I seen so far simply sucks 318 505 56 07 my name is Richard

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