John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet Review

E-Factor Diet ReviewThe E-Factor Diet is a revolutionary diet system that permits individuals to begin shedding off extra layers of fat and weight quickly by the use of simple, proven methods. One of the most outstanding facts about this system is that it does not leave the individual starving or eating only a few select foods. Rather, this guide teaches people how to condition the body to only crave for foods that are beneficial to that person’s weight and health.

Created by John Rowley, the system guarantees that the persons participating in it will feel more energized, experience a better metabolism, attain hormonal balance and get a trimmer body.

The E-Factor Diet is a package that entails the following:

  • A Weight Loss Handbook – This is an easy-to-comprehend book that shares the principles and blueprint of the E-Factor Diet program.
  • A Grocery Guide – The grocery guide will give the buyer a checklist of delicious yet simple foods that he needs to consume to maximize his weight loss potential.
  • Meal-Planning Blueprint – The meal-planning blueprint gives the buyer the specific foods to consume and the exact time to consume them.
  • A ‘Cheat Your Way Trim’ Guide – with the understanding that sometimes people will not be completely over their cravings for fast foods, John Rowley provides a guide that will help the buyer indulge in his favorite foods without the risk of messing up the diet.

In addition to the basic items in the E-Factor Diet, the system comes with several free bonuses such as:

  • If a person wants to indulge his craving for fast foods in, for example, a fast food chain, the E-Factor Diet Fast Food Guide provides specific foods that the person can eat so that he does not hinder the efficacy of the E-Factor Diet Program.
  • It contains many fat-melting smoothie recipes that a person can quickly and easily prepare.
  • It comes with the E-Factor Diet All-Day Energy Secrets guide that guides buyers on how to increase the body’s production of energy-boosting hormones.
  • Another item that comes with the E-Factor Diet program is an online seminar regarding the recovery of joints. The online seminar comes in MP3 format. Inside the seminar, individuals get to learn how to guard their joint’s health over time as well as the hazards of over-the-counter dietary supplements sold with claims they can heal joints.
  • The buyers also become eligible for John’s E-Factor Elite Support Community for one full year alongside an opportunity to contact John Rowley or his team for any additional support the buyer may need.
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It is created by a reputed and trustworthy person

With experience in the health and fitness industry that spans over three decades, coupled with appearances in numerous television shows as well as invitations to speak in many great events, John Rowley is easily one of the most well-known and credible experts in this field.

Moreover, this is not his first program. He has previously authored a slew of other books and programs such as the best seller ‘Old School New Body program’ as well as ‘The Power of Positive Fitness’. Thus, consumers can rest assured that this is a legit program that comes from a renowned expert.

Participants Witness Results Fast

In contrast with other diet programs out there, the E-Factor Diet system not only helps the participants to shed off water weight, but it also turns on the individual’s metabolism, enhances the hormonal balance, thus helping to incinerate unwanted fats fast. What is more? The program helps persons to get rid of appetite for unhealthy foods.

It Gives a Comprehensive, Accurate and Detailed Formula for Losing Weight

The program takes care of everything. It guides on the foods one can eat and the exercises a person can do to boost his energy. The package also comes with meal plans, cheat day guide, grocery guide, and many more so that the buyer does not have to guess anything. All that the participant is required to do is to read the books and guides and implement.

The E-Factor Diet Program is Affordable and Features Many Bonuses

The program comes at discounted prices that are totally reasonable, especially because buyers get to enjoy lots and lots of bonuses. Plus, the buyers get the opportunity to contact the author of the program or a member of his team directly in case the buyer has any questions or concerns concerning the product. It is noteworthy that the support or advice that is given by fitness experts of John’s caliber come with a pricey tag. Fortunately, for purchasers of the E-Factor Diet Program, the advice comes at no extra cost.

There is a Full Refund Within 60 Days If the Program Does Not Meet the Buyer’s Expectations

John Rowley promises all buyers of the program that if the E-Factor Diet program does not help at all, the buyer can send an email to him and his team, and they will make a full refund. A dissatisfied customer applying for a refund should do so within 60 days after purchase of the program. This offer of a refund is a testament of John’s confidence in the program and the potential it has to help participants lose weight and lead a healthy life after that.


Requires a Lifestyle Makeover

Before starting the E-Factor Diet program, the buyer should be aware that he may be required to make some lifestyle changes. To be fair, this is a problem every person will face when they try to change to a healthier diet and lifestyle. This lifestyle makeover is too difficult to some people that they can slip back into their destructive lifestyle and eating habits.

Users Have to Read Volumes of Literature

There are tons of literature that participants will have to read before embarking on the program, and even as they proceed with the program. Not everybody is a book junkie, and going through volumes of literature may prove daunting.

The program is Sold Only in Digital Format

The E-Factor Diet is currently sold in digital format only. Thus, everything is downloaded after a person makes the purchase.


The E-Factor Diet is practically one of the most effective weight loss guides online nowadays. There are a beaucoup of benefits users get by embarking on this program. However, it is not for everyone. It is meant for people who are ready to make some sacrifices in their pursuit for health and fitness.

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