Jonas Jurgella’s Cat Language Bible Review

Cat Language Bible ReviewWhat’s so special about the Cat Language Bible?

It is an undeniable fact that when we bring our pets home, especially cats, they become an integral part of our life. They become our family and we treat them as our own kid. But when we fail to understand the signs and body language of our own cat or what they are trying to convey to us, it feels terrible and we end up disappointed. Cats communicate with their owner using a variety of sounds and body language. With little observation and study, you can easily understand what your cat is trying to tell you. But that does not always happen.

Sometimes no matter how much you try, you fail to understand your furry friend. So, if that’s the case with you too, then this Cat Language Bible Guide is all you need to communicate directly with your cat or to understand what they have been trying to tell you. After all, your bond with your cat is special and it is your responsibility to make it better and stronger every day.

What is Cat Language Bible?

Believe it or not, Cats are the most interesting and intelligent creatures that we have around us. Another interesting factor about cats is that they feel a variety of emotions, complexities and also feel lethargic, giddy and remorseful time to time. So if you too own a cat and are looking for some ways to take your communication level with your cat to a higher level, then this Cat Language Bible is all you need to do it effectively.

The Cat Language Bible is not only your guide to understand your cat in a better way, but it also teaches you to translate various verbal and nonverbal clues that your cat might wants you to know. It also tells you various other interesting ways to respond back to your cat so that you can show them your emotions in a more effective way. With the help of this guide, you will also get to know what your cat likes or dislikes about you, your house as well as your hobbies.

“According to researchers in Tokyo, the studies conducted on Cat’s behavior has also revealed that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone, but also by identifying certain words, including their names, the owner’s name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…” Isn’t that interesting?

How Cat Language Bible helps you grow your bond with Feline Friends?

The most incredible thing about this Cat Language Bible is that it is not just text. This guide is well designed and contains multiple shots of cats showcasing a variety of signs based on their behavior, which you cannot otherwise understand through texts. This Cat Language Bible also shows, cat in various emotional and communicative states. Not many people know this but cat focusses way more on tone than human to convey different ideas and emotions and this guide will teach you everything you need to learn to communicate with your feline friend. This guide will also teach you when to use screeching tones and soft tones as well use of low, medium and high pitches for effective conversation with your cat.

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It also helps you do three other important things that you always wish to do with your cat or kittens:

  • This guide teaches you ways how you can easily express the level of affection you feel for your furry friend, in your own words.
  • This guide teaches you how you can have true or detailed conversation with your cat, just like a parent would have with his or her kid.
  • It also tells how you can easily control or teach discipline to your cat without using a harsh voice or projecting negative emotions.


If you own a cat or soon planning to bring a cat home, then this Cat Language Bible is all you need to enjoy your time together or to develop a bond with your cat in the best way possible. This Cat Language Bible offers you uncountable benefits and totally changes the relationship you share with your feline friend.

  • It provides the detailed explanation with pictures on how cats use their different body parts like whiskers, ears, eyes, meows, mouth and tails to communicate with their owners or to show them their needs and emotions.
  • It provides useful information on proper pet care and valuable tips like how to deal with issues like spraying and excessive night meowing.
  • This guide will also help you to understand the signs when your cat is happy, sad, playful, loving or angry.
  • This guide is tested and is completely safe to use to understand your cat’s behavior.
  • It comes with 100% money back guarantee and can be returned within 60 days after your purchase, if not satisfied.
  • It tells you some amazing tips on how to take care of your cat, their diet, health and other important information.

This may surprise you, but this Cat Language Bible doesn’t have any disadvantage and is designed after years of studies and researches conducted on the cats. This book only contains facts and is designed to provide a go-to-guide to develop bonds with your cat through language communication.

You also get Three Free Bonus Guides and a Super Bonus Guide

When you take the Cat Language Bible, you also get three bonus guides to help you improve your communication with your cat, that too absolutely free.

Bonus Guide 1: The Cat Care Guide
This Bonus Guide will help you understand how to show affection and compassion to your feline family member. It will also help you in various other areas like how to give proper attention, entertainment, support as well as feeding to your cat. It will also help you understand the emotions of your cat or what exactly she is trying to tell you.

Bonus Guide 2: Training Your Cat
This second bonus guide is all about how to train or raise a well-disciplined cat. As we all know training your cat sometimes turns out to be more difficult than training your dog. But this guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to raise a well-disciplined cat, using love, care and instruction all together.

Bonus Guide 3: A-To-Z Feline Nutrition
As we all know, all living beings need nutrition in order to enjoy a healthy brain and body, and that’s the case with your feline friend too. So to help your cat live a life full of strength, vitality and health, you get this guide that tells you everything you need to know about your cat’s health and nutrition.

Super Bonus 4: Free Lifetime Updates
As the research is still going on, and every day new studies on cats are coming out, so whoever takes this Cat Language Bible will get the new version of the Cat Language Bible for free on its release. You will receive the new version of the ebook through your mail without putting any efforts.


For all cat lovers, this Cat Language Bible is a must have guide for you. This guide is mostly available at the price of $199, but you can buy this guide at a low cost of $37 from its official website. Not only this, when you add the product to your cart, the other bonus guides automatically gets added to your cart and you receive them without paying any money. So hurry up and buy your copy of The Cat Language Bible to become an expert at cat speak.

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Heath says January 25, 2017

Hi guys this book Is the best ever about socialising with cats I’ve ever read in my whole life!

It takes you through a journey of communication with cats from their emotions to their needs.

Thank you Jonas Jurgella for teaching me heaps more about cute, adorable cats

I tamed my cat from a hellish nightmare to a true blue

Yours sincerely, Heath

Penny Copland-Griffiths says September 16, 2017

Never received my order of 31st July which I paid up front. Trying to sort it out but not getting much progress…..

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