JVZoo Academy Review

JVZoo Academy ReviewPutting forth a pretty bold statement is the JVZOO Academy which has been successfully put together by Sam Bakker. Rendered as the first of online income system, this product has been popularly endorsed by the JVZoo themselves, not to mention the fact that it is vaguely similar to the JVZoo version of the CB passive income created by Patrick Chan.

If you are one of those who has previously tinkered with the concepts of affiliate marketing, I take it that you are quite familiar with the JVZoo products. However, if this word seems to have totally lost you in trauma, fret not, for it will be elaborated to you in further detail in the upcoming content.

What Is JV ZOO Academy

The JVZoo can be termed as quite the insane marketplace that brings together the sellers and the affiliates over the concept of digital products. Providing further clarification, affiliates are that segment of the population who promote the seller products in exchange for a commission.

The best part about the JVZoo is that the signup process is relatively quite easy and there is no fee charged for the same. This indefinitely implies that anyone can simply sign up with them and start promoting the seller products for a lump sum commission. However, as pretty obvious it may seem, it is not altogether a piece of cake. There is no becoming of a millionaire overnight, and given the fact that there is a tad bit of struggle involved with affiliate marketing, it definitely pays to have a good knowledge of what you are plunging into before you actually take the dive!

This is exactly where the JVZoo Academy comes into the picture. Seems that Sam Bakker was well aware of the pre-requisites a novice would require when it comes to affiliate marketing with the JVZoo platform! Hence, he covers all the major aspects of affiliate marketing struggles and the genius way to master it successfully for better promotion of the products on the given platform.

To add credibility to his stature in affiliate marketing, it would be humble enough to state that he earned a whopping 8 million dollars in commissions through JVZoo. Hence, it would be fair enough to follow the leader’s footsteps for a far better and brighter success in the upcoming future.

What Does The Training Cover?

The JVZoo Academy training is primarily targeted towards multiple sets of audience and the prime users sit to avail better advantages in general. When considered from a different point of view, the so called “big bucks training” is basically more inclined towards using the network and push the launch of the corresponding product. The bottom line that ensembles the academy training is to launch an original product and accelerate the kickass commissions that result from it.

There is one significant example to substantiate the authenticity of the JVZoo academy. So far it goes to say that one particular member generated a whopping 95000 dollars just within a week. Further, the product is actually endorsed by the JVZoo platform, hence the validity of the claim can be successfully established!

Features Of JVZoo Academy

Much as you are inclined to believe that like other academy sites you are thrown a bunch of training videos out of which you need to make the most of, the situation is quite on the contrary. You are provided with a plethora of training videos supplemented with relative case studies with actionable results.

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Also, you are provided with whole lods of cheat sheets digests, particularly useful info, access to community support and monthly upgrades to substantiate the learning process completely.

There are basically four core modules incorporated into the JVZoo academy namely:

  • Fundamentals – This module covers the basic concepts on how to use the JVZoo platform to achieve the maximum of profits.
  • Business Foundations – This particular module covers the concepts of building a successful online business that is both sustainable and substantial. You will be equipped with a whole new lot of techniques to achieve success as a product creator or an affiliate marketer as such.
  • Vendor product sales – The very name of this module is apparent in what it constitutes. However, to be more specific, this module implicitly focuses on choosing a particular niche, facilitation of product conversion from the given niche and outselling the same on the JVZoo platform to maximise the benefits on the whole.
  • Affiliate marketing and business – Unlike other modules, this one primarily focuses on affiliate marketing concepts and the crude basics on bagging the right offers to generate the maximum income. It is all about choosing the product wisely for further future transaction requirements.


There are apparently a few stages of this product and the pricing for the same has been estimated accordingly. Consider the initial launch period of 7 days, one is usually charged a nominal fee of $197 which is a one time payment. It facilitates full access to everything and also the future updates which stand release. Once the launch period is over, the user will be charged a fee which will be on a monthly recurring basis. However, the estimates of the same has not yet been disclosed by Sam as of now.

There is also quite a lucrative offer which is additionally released with the existing ones. These are more like the add-ons, however with a full potential to be upheld a standalone courses as well.

The 60 day action plan: Priced at 97 dollars, this offer is explicitly designed to keep you in track. It covers a daily update of a set of tasks designated as the action plan which one is mandated to achieve to ensure total consistency when it comes to the course. Although this course might be taken for granted given the fact that most people are obsessed with making money rather than staying focused on the job, this might be quite the icing on the cake for the masterminds out there. If you are the one who believes in planning before action, this course is definitely the one for you!

Live coaching: Priced at 197 dollars, you will be entitled to 6 weeks of live coaching by Sam Bakker himself. Although this is not a one on one coaching as you would expect it to be, it is the ultimate guide to have a deep insight into the basic essentials of JVZoo platform. Conducted via community webinars, this is definitely the go to course for all those who are passionate about real time classroom teaching!


There are quite a number of advantages associated with the JVZoo Academy training. Listed below are some perks of availing the same:

  • A whole new plethora of courses that are intended towards learning the essence of thr platform and for making more money out of affiliate marketing.
  • Great content with exceptionally detailed lessons and relatively suggestible case studies for reference purposes.
  • Step by step guidance of the whole process with essential details of its implementation.
  • Excellent support team that tends to the queries of the users from all over the world.
  • Priced according to the requirements and covers essential concepts accordingly.

Although there seem to be quite a number of advantages towards availing this product, one simply cannot ignore the fact that is generally overpriced. Fair enough, the pricing of the core modules has been sorted to requirements, however, considering the case for a total novice, the pricing becomes far more than bearable. Nevertheless, the JVZoo Academy is totally worth every penny of investment for making more money and building a brand online!


This course is a must have for those who have previously indulged in affiliate marketing. For a complete novice, it might be a tad more advanced and having a basic knowledge of the same from alternative sources can come in quite handy. Also, the pricing doesn’t seem to be quite attractive. If you are complete beginner to something as strangling as affiliate marketing, investing this high on a course can prove quite cumbersome.

On the bright side, this is completely an awesome product that helps you kickstart your brand on the entrepreneur level. More importantly, if you are inclined towards launching a new product on the JVZoo platform and making it big with attractive outselling, this course deserves to make it into the must-haves! It pays to have prior training and know-how of the platform you are going to get involved in. Since the product is priced optimally according to the requirements, it should be much of a drag given the fact that you are definitely going to benefit out of it in the further future.

On the whole, the JVZoo Academy training is highly recommended to every individual out there who wants to make some serious wad of money out of affiliate marketing. Hopefully, Sam is going to have a hell lot of profit from all his innovation. Likewise, there is definitely going to be a millionaire or two emerge from the strategizing on the JVZoo platform!

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