Katie Bramlett’s Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple Review

Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple ReviewWelcome to my friendly and truly honest review of Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple!

In today’s super fast paced life, people hardly have time for themselves. The stress of work and uncountable commitments in different areas made us sweat for the whole day to fulfill them. This is the reason why people have become dependent upon the ready to made meals and junk food for most of the time. It’s a scientifically proven fact that junk food is not only unwholesome from the health’s point of view but also leads to numerous ill effects in the long run. Being extremely convenient to prepare and splurge on the unhealthy foods has made us their slave in today’s date.

Eating healthy is the key to remain fit and strong. The more a person ponders upon following a healthy diet regimen, the more he will get drifted towards being fitter than before. While making food at home become a little tedious job after completing a hectic day at the office, ordering it from outside seems a better option in most of the days. Whether you are a working person or a homemaker, munching the food which can be made easily without any hassle seems the best option. Isn’t it?

Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple from Katie Bramlett is a recipe book which not only provides you some of those recipes which can be made easily but also which are extremely nutritious and healthy. After giving birth to a baby when Katie was trying to manage her weight issues along with taking care of the little one, she used to get exhausted and left with no other option than ordering food from outside and eating the unhealthy burgers and pizzas.

This is when she decided to work on the people suffering from the same issues and didn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen preparing healthy meals. So let’s take an insight to the Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple from Katie Bramlett and check out the potential benefits one can draw out from it.

Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple Details:

“Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” is a complete guide to those who want to nourish their family with healthy meals without compromising the time spend on cooking. One can get plenty of supper time ideas which not only endow with extra nutrition to the family but also give you some extra time to indulge in activities other than cooking in a day.

It’s a fact that when you become a mom and have a little baby to care about or when you have other chores to complete in a day, cooking seems really undesirable job. But with the help of “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” you can get plenty of time as the recipes included in it can be prepared in just a few minutes and give a lot of nutrition as well. The most alluring fact about “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” is it only takes from two to three minutes to prepare food in a slow cooker. Even the food that you love to munch is made in such an incredible way that it would leave you in a great surprise. You can get simple recipes of foods like:

  • Different soups
  • Chicken meals
  • Deserts
  • Cakes
  • Fudges
  • Custard

Getting tempted? Well, while some of these foods are considered calorie rich, the recipes which are written in “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” guide are highly healthful. You might get calories but they won’t make you fat since slow cooking makes the food highly nutritious and didn’t compromise with the health benefits. With this guide, you would get a detailed know how about the ingredients to be used while preparing a nourishing meal. Along with the ingredients, the methodology to prepare a great delicious meal will act like a savior especially on a tiring day. When you can prepare an effortless meal which is equally delicious and nutritious, the joy of eating doubles.


The “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” is full of advantages as it takes away the entire burden which a common man face while preparing food. It is like a hidden treasure for the housewives who are always in dilemma as for what to prepare in order to give a complete nutrition to the family. The other perks of “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” are:

  • It gives meals ideas which are not only satisfying from the nutrition point of view but are easy to made and delicious to munch.
  • It shortens the time taken to prepare any meal. The slow cooker makes the meals extremely simple to prepare and highly nutritious without taking hours. You only need to spend four to five minutes and the food gets ready on the table.
  • The book contains plenty of recipes ranging from breakfast ideas to providing lunch and dinner suggestions. The ingredients are healthy and simple to use which can be found in any grocery store.
  • The “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” is not an e-book but a physical copy which can be ordered online for FREE. If you are thinking about the pricing of the “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” to be high than to your most surprise it comes for free. Yes, the website, for now, is not charging any fee for purchasing the book. Only you need to give the shipping charges which cost just $ 6.95.
  • You don’t need to keep an eye on the laptop or mobile or tablet to read what’s written on it. It is a light and a handy book which can be carried anywhere without any trouble.
  • The pages of the book are made sturdy and waterproof so that one can use it while cooking in the kitchen without the fear of it being damaged when the cooking becomes little messy.
  • Although it is not priced, the company commits a 60 days money back guarantee if a person didn’t find it useful enough. The shipping charge which is taken will be refunded.


  • It always goes out of stock. Yes, being provided for free and just the shipping charges are taken people are getting head over heels over this cookbook. And that is why it always go out of stock.’
  • One needs to have a slow cooker to make the recipes written in the book. Since the recipes are healthy and quick to make, a slow cooker is the need of this cookbook.

It said that when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade and enjoy it. Likewise, when life is giving you an option to get something like “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” guide and that too absolutely for FREE, there should not be any second thought about it. Take an access to the website and order it before it goes out of stock. Remember millions of people are pondering over this article and getting directed towards its website to make a purchase.

Don’t let this opportunity go out of your hand. Grab a “Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple” guide for yourself and give all the required nutrition to your family without wasting time unnecessarily on the kitchen. A slow cooker, simple ingredients, and this extremely beneficial guide are all that is needed for the nourishment.

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Norman says October 25, 2017

Is this own of those free books where you pay the S&H charge and then to your surprise find out that you subscribed to an auto-renewal subscription of some product or service that was hidden in the fine print of the Terms and Conditions not evident on the order page?

Carla says May 20, 2018

Katie, I have your Slow Cooker book and today I am making the pomegranate short ribs. I am at #3 and have poured this mixture over the ribs in cooker. The last paragraph says, “Place all glaze ingredients in a small pot. Where is the list for the glaze ingredients or have I messed up? I have read & re-read the recipe.

Joy Boudreau says July 4, 2018

Carla – I see you have not gotten an answer. This has thrown me for a loop, too…

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