Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter Yoga Review

Shapeshifter Yoga ReviewYou can come across a wide range of fitness, wellness and weight loss products these days. How to choose the best one? It has become increasingly difficult for common people to select the best one and many of them arrive at a wrong conclusion. Such a situation leads to unwanted side effects and you will never be able to achieve the expected results. You should always select a product that follows a scientific method of approach and the product that you select needs to go in complete harmony with your lifestyle as well. That is exactly where the importance of Shapeshifter Yoga comes in.

What is Shapeshifter Yoga?

This digital training program combines advanced techniques and special yoga movements harmoniously to offer you a healthy and beautiful body. More emphasis is given to keep you engaged in pain-free motions and non-strenuous yoga flows to deliver results in a fast manner. This eBook, designed by Kris Fondran, consists of Shapeshifter Yoga kick start manual, Yoga pose video library, Yoga program video, Yoga everyday flow follow along video, Yoga pose manual and Yoga at a glance wall charts and, the package also contains free gifts like Follow along audio files, Breath awareness meditation video, Body awareness “absolute stillness” audio and Yoga nidra guided meditation audio. You can purchase this program for $54 and the manufacturer also gives you the option to purchase this digital guide in two equal installments ($27each).

Learn about the creator

Kris Fondran is a well known yoga teacher and earlier, she was also a long distance marathon runner. This lady has over a decade of experience in practicing yoga and she also holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and a bachelor’s degree in education as well. Mrs. Fondran realized the amazing benefits of yoga when she went to a studio that taught her yoga in the real sense of that word; slow moving, relaxing, focused and connected to the body. These techniques transformed her body in the best possible manner and based on the proficiency that she gained throughout her personal experience, research and clinical studies, she developed Shapeshifter Yoga.

What makes this product truly unique and highly result oriented?

You might have come across different types of conventional yoga classes where you need to stretch your body and perform some breath control exercises as well. But this product focuses on yoga exercises that help you burn fat with utmost efficiency in a speedy manner and at the same time, these exercises tone your body to give a perfect shape. Fondran has combined several poses in a unique way to deliver the expected results and you will be able to burn more calories than aerobics or other cardio exercises. Various components included in this program clearly convey how to perform these exercises and yoga poses in a systematic manner.

The Quick start manual – Master key

The quick manual of Shapeshifter Yoga program can be described as the master key. It teaches you how to get started with yoga practice and with the help of this manual, you can work to master the skills and build your knowledge of each pose. You can perform this total body workout in 10 minutes and the quick manual also teaches you how to get accustomed to the Shapeshifter everyday flow. You can also find highly revealing information on how to get maximum benefits from each pose and this manual also contains detailed guidelines on how to perform stretching properly.

What do other components reveal?

Although many fitness programs contain valuable suggestions, they fail to demonstrate how the exercises should be done. When you perform them in a wrong way, you are not going to achieve the desired results. The exclusive Video Library of this digital guide guides you through 34 individual yoga poses and it teaches you to how to enjoy each pose or movement. These videos clearly show you when to breath and you can find unique poses to tone and shape different parts of your body as well. For example; Boat Pose and Sleeping abdominal for toning your abs and improve digestion, Equestrian pose for strengthening your glutes, Cobra for reshaping your shoulders and re-flab your triceps and many more.

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The Shapeshifter Yoga program Video connects all the 32 poses advocated in the video library into one long form routine. This section teaches you how to move on from one pose to the next gradually and you will come to know how to go deeper into the movements. The Everyday Flow Follow Along Video makes you familiarize with a series of poses, designed to give you a full body workout in 10 minutes. In order to get optimal results, multiple muscle groups are involved and excellent results can be achieved if you perform this exercise twice a day and three days a week. The Yoga Pose Manual contains step-by-step instruction and tips on performing all 32 poses and it can be used as a quick reference guide. The Shapeshifter Yoga Wall Charts can be printed and pasted on the walls where you practice and they can be described as a visual guide.


  • This digital guide optimizes the amazing benefits of yoga in unique and fast manner.
  • It can be described as a modified yoga program, infused with body sculpting and fat burning mechanisms.
  • All the poses advocated in this program were tested on scientific equipment.
  • This program contains pain-free motions that offer a beautiful body, improved energy, balanced hormone levels, better flexibility, high sexual energy and sound sleep.
  • The exercises advocated in this program reduce stress, anxiety and tension as well.
  • These yoga exercises go in complete harmony with people having different fitness levels.
  • The Shapeshifter Yoga program can be followed at your own pace and schedule.
  • Kris Fondran offers a hassle-free, 60 day money back guarantee scheme to safeguard interests of the customers in the best possible manner.
  • The beautiful formatting of this program offers a relaxing experience for the users.
  • It can be downloaded easily to your computer or your mobile devices and you also get a lot of bonus gifts.
  • You can purchase this product for a modest price of $54 only. If you want, they payment can be done in two installments.
  • The credibility of the author can never be questioned because she is a highly experienced and qualified yoga instructor.


  • You may have to spend additional amount on yoga mats and comfortable yoga wear.
  • This program is primarily designed for women.

Everybody knows that yoga offers excellent results but you need to follow the poses correctly to enjoy maximum results. At the same time, traditional yoga practices do not deliver faster results and that is exactly why Shapeshifter yoga combines advanced techniques and special yoga movements to reshape your body while enjoying all other benefits associated with conventional yoga practices.

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