Manifestation Magic Review – Reaching The Next Level From “The Secret” & “Grit”

Manifestation Magic ReviewPersonal development, the law of attraction, mindset orientation… Some aspects more and more people want to know about, but they fail to implement them. They end up sharing quotes and mottos all over social media and they are still at the same point in their lives.

In order to succeed, you have to apply what you learn and this is where Manifestation Magic kicks in. While I am one of those positive people who attract even more positivity and I do know how to set and chase goals, I wrote this Manifestation Magic review in the attempt to help others follow the path.

About Manifestation Magic and Its Author

Manifestation Magic is not a book, but a guide – both reading and audio requirements. It explains things in small and straightforward details, but it also details the steps to take in order to reach your goals. It was developed by Alexander J. Wilson – a spiritual teacher for over 7 years.

The author went to everything he talks about in the attempt to fix his life after a few harsh moments – getting out of work, losing his partner and some of his goods. He managed to get back on track and released the steps that helped him change his perception.

What Is Inside Manifestation Magic

The Manifestation Magic package consists of the following:

  • Quick start manifestation guide
  • Energy orbiting audio sessions
  • Twilight transformation energy orbiting pack
  • Push play audio application
  • Several bonuses

The quick start manifestation guide gave me a good understanding of how it all works. I cannot describe everything in a Manifestation Magic review, but what I can tell is you will find a detailed self-aware guide and simple steps to determine what you want in life.

I found the tracks in energy orbiting audio sessions to be quite calming. You can play them in your car, before bedtime or as you go through the guide. You will find more instructions on how to make the most out of them in the first guide.

The result? I will let you figure yourself. To me, it helped me clear the foggy areas of my brain – the inconvenience of not having the right goals or the possibility to set some clear goals based on what I wanted in life.

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Manifestation Magic Bonuses and Applications

There are two bonuses – chakra power system and 360 transformation system. There are also two extras that can be downloaded for free on the author’s website as well – the abundance miracle system and the 7 sacred signs.

The chakra power system is what drew my attention though – root base clearing session, sacral chakra clearing session, solar plexus full potential session, heart gratitude abundance session, throat chakra true self session, pineal gland intuition session and crown chakra highest purpose session. Each session comes with instructions on when to be played and under what circumstances.

The 7 energy orbiting tracks feature seven audios to awaken one’s superpowers – wealth awakening, whispering waves, heartbeat, stargaze, slow string relaxation, mystical chi gung and divine tranquility. I still play them even after I finished the program – excellent for meditation before I actually start the day.

How to Implement Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic is not a magic pill. I liked the fact that it does not promise you the world without doing anything. You have to work, learn how to focus and set goals. It builds a solid foundation based on science. You are literally taken from a bad place and moved to a good one by changing your mindset only.

The system is not about wealth, but also about health and family – literally any field that you can think of. It is hard to do this with a good book only. We are all beings of habit. Apart from the actual guide, we play audios too, so we dive into our minds and handle the inconsistencies that sabotage us.

Alexander J. Wilson asks for consistency by asking you to play particular tracks on a daily basis. It could be the secret to building patterns of thoughts. You end up being positive and clear your mind of all the daily trash that floods it from all directions.

Clearing out your trash is a must and you can finally do it. No goals can be achieved if you stick to your old mindset patterns. It is like applying a nice perfume when you come back from the gym without showering first – it will not work.

Advantages of Manifestation Magic

I had to work out the benefits of Manifestation Magic by myself during my research.

  • Authentic reviews – being an Internet freak over the past 20 years, I can tell the difference between fake and authentic testimonials.
  • Money back guarantee – with 60 days, you have nothing to lose, even if it does not work for you.
  • Easy to use – it is all about focusing, learning, listening and trying to be organized.
  • Instant access – as a digital product, it becomes available within minutes after buying it.
Who Manifestation Magic Is for

I would say Manifestation Magic is for everyone who struggles with something – literally everyone. It is great for those who break their backs trying to make more money and fail to do it the right way. It is excellent for those who want a more organized life and better planning, as well as those who want to start families.

Think about it this way – if you want more than what you already have regardless of the field, Manifestation Magic will help you out. It can clear out the garbage off your mind, illuminate your brain, help you set goals and teach you how to chase them – simple as that.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, I hope my Manifestation Magic review can help you understand what this is about. If you like books like “The Secret” or “Grit”, you probably know already that what they talk about is true. But somehow, they do not lead you in the right direction, so they do not help you. Manifestation Magic goes the extra mile though.

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