Michael Dempsey’s Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy

Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy ReviewWhen we talk about high blood sugar, it is important to note that it can prove quite hazardous to people suffering from diabetes. There are a plenty of remedies available in the market to deal with this particular condition. Sadly, most of them are only temporary and quite often than not, render potential side effects. Also, the few of them that actually work the miracles turn out to be quite expensive or are limited to particular age groups or so. Hence, we would like to introduce you to the Vedda blood sugar remedy in this particular review. We found it quite interesting and useful, for both men and women of all target age groups. Here is everything you need to know about the product. Go ahead, read along!

Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy Review

The Vedda Blood Sugar remedy program, brought into creation by Michael Dempsey, is dedicated towards lowering of the blood sugar levels on a normal scale. This remedy is derived from an ancient group called the Vedda whose lifestyle was predominantly marked by the consumption of certain foods, indulgence in certain activities and the addition of coconut oil to their daily routine.

Adding coconut oil to the food serves for the slow digestion process thus releasing the energy stream on a consistent scale. This slow energy release provides for a lower glycemic index after every course and helps break down the carbs for a steady blood sugar level.

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The Vedda blood sugar remedy is considered a breakthrough in the field of science. This program induces a completely natural way to help improve the cardiovascular health, reduce weight levels by up to 35 pounds, decrease the high blood sugar levels and reverse the type 2 diabetes condition. It also helps regulate your blood glucose levels, control the pancreas for reversing the insulin resistance levels accordingly. Moreover, this program is completely easy to use and does not involve any kind of side effects. Alternatively, this remedy when followed with proper consistency and dedication can help cure your diabetes within a duration period of about one month.

History Of The Product

Michael Dempsey brought this product into creation to improve the health of his diabetic wife and daughter. After having tried all possible medications prescribed by the doctors, Michael resorted to ancient remedies to cure blood sugar. He indulged himself in a deep study of the Vedda tribe, including the lifestyle and the remedies they resorted to for potential illnesses and diseases respectively. It was then when he discovered that the incorporation of certain foods, recipes, lifestyle habits and coconut oil can help cure blood sugar levels in patients and help them live a normal and healthy life. It was owing to this discovery that Michael set out on implementing this particular remedy for the greater good of all.

The Primary Ingredient

The main ingredient on which the whole program dwells is coconut oil. According to the sources, the Vedda tribe, from which the remedy program derived its name, was pure followers of coconut oil. They incorporated coconut oil as their basic and essential routine that helped them stay healthy and free from potential health problems.

The Complete Program

The Vedda Blood sugar remedy primarily focuses on equipping its users with knowledge of the traditional anti-diabetes methods and medications. The remedy incorporates its procedures in the following forms namely:

1) Vedda Blood Sugar remedy book
This comprehensive guide book contains all the details of the ingredients used by the Vedda tribe that helped cure diabetes to perfection. All the ingredients mentioned in this guide are clinically tested for their implementation and have yielded positive results for the same. Additionally, one can derive much useful information about the Vedda tribe and their lifestyle to keep themselves immune to other potential diseases in the long run.

2) Recipes to regulate blood sugar levels
Another great addition to this remedy program is the detailed list of recipes that are intended towards lowering of blood glucose levels to the optimum level. These recipes are not only detailed but also incorporate a high rate of simplicity to facilitate better understanding of the required diet in the corresponding users.

3) 30-Day blood sugar protocol
This particular protocol highlights a 30-day meal plan for all the diabetic patients out there. Using this particular meal plan, one can efficiently reduce the blood glucose levels and bring about a greater control over the diabetic condition. Also, since this diet is completely health oriented with no requirement for artificial supplements, this is considered quite healthy on the overall.


There are quite a number of perks associated with this particular product. Listed below are the details of the same.

1) Universally applicable
This particular product is designed in such a way that it works for all people irrespective of their age or gender. This essentially implies that no matter what your health statistics are at the present, this remedy program intends to bring about an overall greater benefit in the upcoming future.

2) Clinically proven
This remedy program is not just some fairy tale that has been invented to suit the hallucinations of the sick. The findings have been clinically tested and proven for their authenticity. Hence, you can be rest assured that they are completely scientifically backed up if that is the criteria on which you are basing your product investment in.

3) Completely natural product
In a world that is predominantly indulged in artificial and synthetic products, especially the medications, having a program/ product that are completely natural can not only work wonders for your health, but also help you sustain yourself in the upcoming years. The perks of consuming a natural product are that they are no possible side effects that might be associated with it as such. This is an absolutely favorable standpoint from a naturally implicit point of view.

4) Weight loss
IF you are a diabetic patient and still suffer from obesity levels, well this product is your savior. This program not only ensures that you are cured of your diabetic conditions by regulating your insulin and blood glucose levels, but also facilitates in effective weight shedding during the time period.

5) User friendly and highly reliable
This particular program is quite easy to use and documented in the easiest of manner so as to facilitate easy implementation amongst its users. Also, since it has proven to be quite effective so far, we can undeniably consider it as the most reliable of the products trending in the current market.

  • This is not available in paper format. However, you can always resort to the highly efficient digital format though.
  • Since it is a completely natural form of remedy, one cannot guarantee instant results as is always the case with natural products.
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On the whole, we would definitely recommend this program for it not only proves efficient in the reversal of the diabetic conditions but also intends to improve the overall health of the person. Additionally, it provides a 60 day money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the results. Go for it and tell us your success stories later, won’t you?


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kobina nyantakyi says July 10, 2017

Dear Michael,
Thanks for the impressive presentation.I want to have your book. However, the challenge is that i signed on to similar presentation from your fellow american called David Andrews.Interetingly as i paid i was given a link for a an ebook afterwards not a single email frm me has been replied.
I paid about $69.00 .
How can i know the claims in your very convincing message will work for me.
I live in Ghana -West Africa.
Am i going to receive a e book and the recipies friendly as iive in tropical Africa?
Please me hear from you.I want to know how different is your system from others like Melabi and the one mentioned above.
Standing by .
Best regards.

    anicia a. cuevas says October 4, 2017

    I need a phone number I can call to get my refund I did not received the product

      Deanna Karsten says February 2, 2018

      I wonder if you ever got a reply. I am looking to cancel the program at $49.00 per month and have no way of contacting them. The email address does not work.

    Joseph says March 6, 2018

    Guess everyone thought highly of Michael review of his wife full recovery…also didn’t receive anything from him by given mailing address ask for and seeing these message of no way to contact him…hope nothing but the worth to come his way that he deserve Pay Back.

Chandra Jayaratne says July 14, 2017

Dear Michael,

I am from Sri Lanka. I just paid in USD 37/- to you with my credit card, since I just wanted to buy only your book “Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy”. Your site did not allow me to finish the transaction buying the book only. It was telling me that the transaction is not over until I buy several of your other books, of which I have no interest. The whole transaction looks deceitful. I would therefore urge you to refund the money paid by me forthwith and confirm.
Chandra Jayaratne
Sri Lanka

Ronald Gracia says July 16, 2017

Hi Kobina! Did you get your order? Im wondering because it clearly says that it is by downloading that you will get it. Im skeptical about it as there is no guarantee that its not a fly by night company. It is actually an online retailer named. Software Project. You mention of someone aside from Michael Dempsey who possible work with him, well i found a website with a Dr. Kendall claiming that a combination of their research did wonders, now what is really going on?
I hope these are not people who are taking advantage of peopke who are suffering already and just want a better option if there really is.
Please let me know how it goes with your order.

Cyrus MD says July 21, 2017

Looks like Michael Dempsey blamed the Big Pharma for making money off the end users. WTF IS HE DOING?
Exploiting the poor “Vedda” people of Sri Lanka, getting to know theirs recipes and charging $37 for a book. He has exploited his wife’s sickness to make money, that cannot be ethical either. To gain sympathy for his wife’s illness and turning around to make money. Sounds like millions of the infomercials you see at 1:00 am on the television. It would be interesting to find out how much he has made in his exploits besides the Big Pharma. Has he donated any money to the “Vedda” people from where he stole the recipes or does he really know how to cook. The Vedda folks can use some help too.

If he really cared about it, he should sell the book online for $5 and give everyone a break from his sympathetic story and stop exploiting his wife’s sickness. Capitalistic behavior

Capitalism: “An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.”…dictionary.com

“Capitalism is an economic system and an ideology based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit”

Chris says July 26, 2017

As a type 2 diabetic, I’m always trying to research and find something that could improve conditions that this dreaded disease causes. And as I have read mainly positive reviews, the comment left by CYRUS MD, has made me think about this Remedy (possible). Would love to get feedback on what has Mr. Dempsey done for Sri Lanka? Anything? I’m all for EVERYONE living the best Quality of life. But please, don’t profit off of the people who need help the most in all matters of life! Well wishes to all. Would Love to see Mr. Dempsey response to these questions.

Teresa Ellen Martin says August 5, 2017

Hi really need to read other people’s results before I decide what’s great for my family too.
Must read please help.

bing says August 9, 2017

I would like to chat with you Mr. Dempsey, is it possible to hear from you ……. some point of clarification. my fb messenger is bing penos

B de Norman says August 17, 2017

Is this available in South Africa

Rose says August 21, 2017

How do I join the Vedda family chat room?

Asiedu-Gyekye says August 26, 2017

Mr Dempsey. Is this remedy good for patients with metabolic syndrome.? Can my patients be on their regular diet while on this medication?

Scottie says August 28, 2017

My husband had type 2 diabeties for which he relied on medication for several years. He became seriously ill with a pancreatic problem which of course raised his blood sugar to alarming levels. After my own personal research (I’m a healthcare professional) I decided that we would radically change our diet to mainly raw vegan foods, this incorporated a very healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, superfoods, supplements and lots of water and exercise. It seems like hard work and a little boring but it’s not! There are dozens of wonderful recipes out there. My husband not only came off his meds, he lost 35lb and has reversed all his chronic conditions. I strongly advise everyone to do their own research. Work with your doctor as well, not all are bad people, and if you have a chronic condition like diabetes or even some cancers, they CAN be reversed by eating whole live foods to stimulate the body’s defences in fighting most conditions. I’m sure this protocol that is being advertised is ok, but nothing beats personal research, as there’s no magic pill that can fix all ills. Wishing everyone that reads this good health

AMAYO PHILIPS says September 2, 2017

Thank you for the all revealing presentation but i am sad that we cannot join the affiliate program from Nigeria because my country NIGERIA is not in the list of countries for the affiliate program and i am sure and confident that this book will get huge acceptance and patronage in Nigeria.

Felicia Sackey Doe-Sumah says September 3, 2017

Dear Michael,
Thanks for the information. Can I get an electronic copy of the book? I live in Liberia, West Africa.


Malathi says September 7, 2017

In general, DO NOT TRUST any online offer that doesn’t reveal the price before you commit to order or download only after getting payment commitment.
In ancient cultures they ate a lot of fiber along with nutritious, mainly plant-based diets incorporating some high protein grains. They generally did not consume anything white (sugar, all purpose flour).
They incorporated stretching exercises daily, like yoga or tai chi.
And the healthier among them stayed away from alcohol, nicotine and narcotics.They lived in communities where members depended upon each other and helped each other out. Incorporating an hour of (a combination of) reading in good subjects, or conversing with true friends, meditating, prayer etc will contribute to good health as well.
If we do everything in moderation and take enough downtime, we can stay healthy. I am from India, diagnosed a year back with pre diabetes, and elevated cholesterol, and borderline high BP, but following the advice I give above, I am proud to say that I am able to reverse all of these conditions to near normal levels. I guarantee you, no one needs to be that desperate to give in to gimmicks online.

Ian says September 10, 2017

Doesn’t sound very good so far and just like a lot of other big companies out there making profit out of some ones misery ,looks like basic exercise seems to work quite well without making money for big companies ,I’ve had an email offering this program for $27 .

Roger McGough says September 15, 2017

I’m still waiting for my order Is this a scam our what you don’t replay to my e-mails Roger McGough You ask how it’s working how can I answer I have not received it

Robert says September 18, 2017

Is this book available in a hard copy version?

    George says April 13, 2018

    Yes, it is.

Maria Romelina Apostol says September 18, 2017

I ordered your recipe book on line and used my credit card and you never sent the book. Refund what I paid for the book otherwise I will ve yaking the appropriate action to enforce my rights.

    George says April 13, 2018

    go ahead and “ve yaking” the appropriate action to enforce your rights, dork. ve hope it makes you fat.

Cherie says September 19, 2017

Hi I bought the vedda sugar remedy in August. Money was taken out of my account. I now receive loads of emails trying to sell me more, but I’m still waiting for my original order. I don’t seem to be able to find out who to contact about my order.

T.Mike says September 23, 2017

Very good service processing my refund (however I had to pay for the shipping).
Book however (3 combined into one), contain confusing and contradicting information: If you watched the video they say do use the coconut oil, do not use canned food – well none of recipes call for use of coconut oil, they call for use of other oils, also call for use of canned fruit/vegetables! Daily I receive e-mails that have promising titles and are nothing but advertisement to buy another product. I am done with this “protocol” going back to diet and exercise – I never took diabetic medication!

Wayne Cannon says September 23, 2017

I purchased the program recently and and after 7 days I have to stop as my wife got terribly sick and I have to take care of her 24-7 and do not have time to make all the meals that are required. I want to cancel on line program that costs 49.00 dollars per month, I will start the diet as soon as I am able to.

Randy Jackson says October 1, 2017

My name is Randy where’s my order you piece of shit you got my money books etc got nothing you will be in jail soon it’s called fraud you will be found soon what a joke to play with people s lives my son purchased this for me as a gift for his father told for the cure ……

Gerald Kuha says October 2, 2017

I was going to but the book but after reading all these comments from other people I changed my mind. It’s just a big ripoff.

JANETTE ACEGLAV says October 6, 2017


Jim says October 25, 2017

My wife and I have received both e-book and the hard copy. We are both type 2 and are going to follow this diet for 30 days. I will post my findings .
Like everyone knows there are pro & cons to everything. Only you can make the decision

    Pepper Terry says October 29, 2017

    Jim: would like to hear how you and your wife have done with the Vedda Remedy. When you have completed the 30 days, would you email me and give me a brief evaluation? I would greatly appreciate it. Just diagnosed as ‘pre diabetic’ so want to gather all the info I can and make the best informed decision. I follow the Paleo method and love it. I also have a ‘free’ day once in a while because elsewise would go nuts. Thanks again, have a terrific day.

m Tennant says October 27, 2017

same as above ….send my money back asap or legal action will be taken.

Jannie F Bellew says October 31, 2017

My PC will not hold the information on Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. I would like to be able to purchase a hardback copy. My husband and I would benefit from the information. Please let my know if this is possible.

B K McBride says November 1, 2017

Have not receive my B.S.P. Manuel . I ordered circa Oct 19th. How’s it shipped ? Better yet, what do I do?

Kim says November 15, 2017

Jim I would love for you to post your results on how you and your wife are doing

Tony says November 19, 2017

Seems like there are enough ”Red Flags” here for me to run a mile!

Marcia Bandara says November 24, 2017

I am from Sri Lanka and all this sounds like a real scam.

margaret Ross says January 2, 2018

I have not got any thing to download, only getting your newsletter. Only bought it 3 days ago ?
Please fix this. !, By email.

Doc says January 4, 2018

Why isn’t this fool in jail? I cancelled before agreeing to change my browser was promised the book but the transaction never went through. After reading here I believe this guy is a liar and a fool to think someone won’t come after him and his family. Karma is a b-otch

Loretta Russell says January 20, 2018

I never recieved a book. I was told I would. How can I get a refund?

Theresa Gross says January 29, 2018

Mr. Dempsey, I paid $49.00 for the email books, and also paid $49.00 for the actual books. You took my money and didn’t give me any books. I found you on the the computer and there were the books i never received. I am going to report you to the BBB. You sir, I believe is a fraud and I want my money back for the actual books I didn’t receive.

Florence Earlene Schmidt says January 29, 2018

i didn’t realize there was not a paper book, only on line. I am too old for this arrangement and if I can’t have the book (which was pictured in your ad), please refund my money.

Carl Hounshell says February 3, 2018

With this many negative remarks, I immediatly contacted my credit card company to stop payment. I could not find a phone number for Dempsy or clickbank, but my credit card company gave me the number for clickbank-1 800 390 6035, so I called them about 20 or 25 minutes after the purchase to exercise my “Money back guarantee within 60 days” The woman who answered the phone pretended as though she could not hear me, and stated that she was cancelling the call, as no one was on the line. (This program may indeed work, but I have dealt with scam artists long enough to recognize one!)
Carl Hounshell Hialeah, FL.

Alice Dumonceaux says February 10, 2018

Dear Mr. Dempsey:

We did get the books. Thank you! Also there was one that was a gift, “15 Colorful Drinks that Flush Toxins”. As I was printing is my printer ran out of ink. Half was not printed. So what I,m asking is, can I get another copy sent to us?

Thank You

Len and Alice

David Hamilton says February 28, 2018

I have the book on page 94 the recipe for Vegetable Soup doesn’t have ingredient amounts for each ingredient.

Joseph says March 7, 2018

Wonder if he used his real profile on the video including his way…someone out there should be able to notice him where ever he visits, shops, etc. Perhaps we can all get together and put this person behind bars by any tips of his location that local police will help. Anyone can be notice if one follow the lead of his daily visit that enjoy spending our money on fine dinning, wine and living expense,etc.

Mark says March 28, 2018

It’s all a scam. The guy doesn’t exist and he misrepresents the “study” referenced. The pictures of him and his family are all stock photos. Complete scam, through and through.

Louis-Charles Koukougnon says July 26, 2018

Hi it’s possible ta have this in french. I come from Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa)

Evelyn King says August 12, 2018

I have finished the 30 day detox program and after another week. I am totally off insulin. Previously was on two different kinds each day. I have lost 15 pounds. I just had blood work done and my A1C is the lowest it has been for many years. My cholesterol numbers are perfect. I feel very well. I had no trouble down loading the ebook and the smoothies book. The diet was a big change and I felt a little tired for the first couple of weeks but now have lots of energy. It was helpful that my husband went on the diet with me and assisted with the cooking. We are thrilled that I am off insulin and my blood sugars are so much better. I would highly recommend this diet and the service I received. EW Canada

Phil says September 16, 2018

I have only just ordered this book but cannot Understand why there’s only one review saying how they got on with the diet??

gloria zimmerle says December 3, 2018

I also did not receive the book that I ordered. Mr. Dempsey had been e-mailing me about some other
products that he recommends so I told him about the order that did not arrive. No response to my 2
e-mails. Does anybody have any number that we can call? Does anybody have any idea what is going on? With all these many complaints, I think we should call the Better Business Bureau and tell them what
is going on. And if any body has the phone number for the Better Business Bureau in that particular area,
I would very much appreciate it if it is posted on line so we can all call. Maybe then Mr. Dempsey will finally
pay attention to us.

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