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Obesity is the leading cause of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer to mention a few. Most people are obese today because they lack the right knowledge about the foods they should include in their diets and those they should keep off.

Do you want to lose weight naturally? Have you tried almost everything to shed off those extra pounds with little success? If so, relax, today is your lucky day. Honestly, losing weight can be a daunting task if you don’t have a tested program or an expert hand to lead you throughout the process. So, instead of toiling hard trying out new ways to lose weight that you are not sure even work, how about you try the Fat Burning Kitchen and set your life on a new path to success?

In this review, therefore, I will answer all the burning questions that you may have about the Fat Burning Kitchen. Please read along to find out more and transform your life forever.

Mike Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen Overview

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a nutritional guide aimed at helping stop eating unhealthy foods and start eating the right foods that will help them achieve their weight loss goals. The book will give you a deeper insight into the foods that will rev up your metabolism and support the function of fat burning hormones so that you don’t have to worry about counting the calories that you consume daily.

Mike Geary's Fat Burning Kitchen ReviewWhen you start eating healthy, you will notice a significant improvement in your digestion, energy levels and much more. Besides, you will be preventing life-threatening conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much more. This nutritional guide shows you the foods that you should include in your diet and clearly spells out the need to start improving your diet if you intend to lose weight fast. If you still don’t think that you can be able to achieve your weight loss goals by just changing your diet, then this book is ideal because it will clearly show you how you can.

The brains behind the Fat Burning Kitchen are Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling. Mike is a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer while Catherine is a certified nutritionist. Mike wrote the book after doing extensive research and broad consultations with other colleagues. If you have bought any product from him before, I am sure that you know how his products work efficiently. Some of the other amazing products he has created The Truth about Six Pack Abs, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging to mention a few.

Modules & Content

Primarily, The Fat Burning Kitchen is not just a single eBook, but it is a compilation of three different modules. They include:

Module 1 – The Main Manual

The Fat Burning Kitchen main manual contains 121 pages, which Catherine Ebeling and Mike Geary have packed with the powerful and latest information regarding weight loss. Here, you will discover the techniques that will assist you to stop counting calories, and you will also learn on how to control your appetite instead of allowing it to control you.

Besides, in page nine, you will uncover that Mike has disclosed information concerning the whole grain bread. In these pages, you will find explanations on how wheat, crackers, and the whole bread contain a lot of fat. Furthermore, you will find out why tofu, veggies burger and soy milk increase your belly fat. The fascinating point concerning this program is that Mike continues to update the guide with information that is not misleading and which you can trust.

The first part of this module highlights the food that you should eat so as to make maximum use of the fat burning capabilities of your body. It comprises ten careful laid out chapters that illustrate why a group or particular food is not good for your body. The second part contains 13 chapters, and it focuses on the food that you should consume if you need to burn fat faster. These foods will help you burn fat and calories faster, allowing your body to function as it should, boost your energy, and help you stay healthy.

Therefore, the aim of this section is to provide you with the step by step guide on the foods that you can consume to transform your body so that you burn a lot of fat in your diet. Hence, this section will highlight you on how to cut the fat that will build and lead to serious diseases hence enabling you to make educated choices.

Module 2 – The 6 Fat-Burning Videos

Mainly, these six fat-burning videos are offered to you as a bonus that is entirely free, and the videos are created by Isabel De Los Rios, who is a popular certified nutritionist. In these videos, you will find great tips that will save you money and time when preparing healthy food for yourself.

Additionally, these videos will show you the junk food labels that numerous manufacturers used to brand to convince you that they are healthy. Therefore, after watching these videos, you will have the capacity to become aware of the widespread marketing practices and choose only the products that are healthy when you are shopping at a grocery store.

The module will be beneficial to you if probably you like to observe things not just in written words, but in video tutorials as well. Besides, these videos are meant to assist you in establishing quick time-saving tips you can employ to eat automatically healthier, to clarify more tricks to eliminate cravings, and help you identify where you might not be getting right in your food choices.

Module 3 – The Advanced Fat Burning Nutritional Blueprint

Notably, this is a special bonus section added to the fat burning package. It is an advanced fat burning blueprint that is meant solely for advanced users just as its name suggests. Just like Mike did, in this bonus section, he has revealed to you how you can go from 10.2% body fat to 6.9% body fat in merely 23 days. You can choose to apply the advanced fat burning strategies even if you are already lean but you wish to lose the last few pounds of stubborn fat.

Interestingly, in this bonus section, you will discover each and everything concerning the workout plan, meal timing, and how much you can eat fats and proteins. You will also find out the exercises that you can use to maintain the percentage of your body fat to 6.9%.

Additionally, in this part, you will learn about the details of everything Mike ate, fat ratios, proteins, carb, as well as the precise timing about workouts to maximize fat burning. You will also discover the advanced methods that you can use for the specific types of workouts and exercises that are necessary for lean muscle maintenance and to maximize fat loss for such a short period.

Even more, you will also get the details of the advanced tactics that involve particular spices, nutrients, teas, foods among others that you can use to obtain the fastest results throughout these 23 days. According to Mike, you should use these methods for only 3-4 weeks and only when you must drop the remaining body fat and get leaner faster. The best thing is that the entire advanced fat burning nutritional blueprint is available for free when you purchase the Fat Burning Kitchen.


Exposes unhealthy foods

Let’s face it, a majority of people today are eating unhealthy foods that have been labeled healthy. The Fat Burning Kitchen mentions a few important things about processed foods and the undesired effects they have on your body. Our ancestors lived healthier lives than us because they did not eat processed foods that have flooded the market today. Be careful of the foods that you eat, some may be labeled healthy while they affect your health negatively.


If your goal is to achieve a healthier and leaner body quickly, then the Fat Burning Kitchen is ideal because it was created to help you do just that. Getting the body that you have always desired is not easy, but with the incredible tips given throughout the book, you’ll certainly be closer to making your dreams come true. If you carefully follow everything mentioned you wouldn’t have problems shedding off those unwanted pounds.

Easy to follow

Mike wanted people to have an easy time understanding some issues he touched on in the book and that are why he went the extra mile to include video lessons. These videos are meant for use along with the book to help you achieve your weight loss goals in the blink of an eye.

Written by two authors

The Fat Burning Kitchen is unlike most nutritional guides that are created by one expert. Two brains are greater than one, and that is the key reason it towers head and shoulder tall above other nutritional guides. In fact, the Fat Burning Kitchen is loaded with lots of information, unlike any nutritional e-book I have come across this year.

Exceptional client service

If you have read the book and you have any questions that require urgent answers, you can always contact Mike, who works with a friendly team of customer care professionals dedicated to helping you any time of the day. So if you have any question about the book, don’t keep it to yourself, Speak out and you will get the necessary assistance within the shortest time possible.


You must change your diet

The Fat Burning Kitchen emphasizes on diet change because it’s the only way out for those who are looking to lose weight naturally. Our American diet is mainly composed of corn linked to life-threatening conditions like osteoporosis, anemia, arthritis among others.

Too scientific at times

Those who have not read the book from cover to cover find it hard to understand some concepts. Read the book and ensure that you place attention to the scientific details because they are very vital to your success.

Final Thoughts: Is the Fat Burning Kitchen Worth buying?

Well, the Fat Burning Kitchen is strongly recommended to those who intend to lose weight fast naturally. It has existed for a while now and has received uncountable rave reviews about its effectiveness when it comes to helping people shed weight fast. If this e-book has helped thousands and thousands across the globe shed weight and get the body that they have always desired, it means you can get positive results too.

What even more exciting about the Fat Burning Kitchen is that it comes with an eight-week money back pledge meaning you have nothing to lose if it doesn’t meet your expectation. The best place to buy the product is from the official website. Grab your copy and begin the journey of getting your dream body on the right foot! Hopefully, you have learned several new things about the Fat Burning Kitchen and that you will get your copy soon.


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