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My Personal Frequency “Frequency” is a word that gets tossed around quite frequently in the religious and metaphysical communities. But what is the frequency? In essence, frequency is the rate of vibration and oscillation measured over a particular length of time (usually one second). In layman’s terms, it’s genuinely a repeating sequence. Take a heartbeat, for example – the standard heart frequency is 60-100 beats per minute.

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What is My Personal Frequency?

When we attain an excessive frequency in our personal energy signature, we entice more advantageous emotions and experiences. Love, for instance, is a very high-frequency emotion. When we emit a low frequency, we drop into an ego-based attitude that can attract negativity, stress, anxiety, and despair into our experience. To destroy it down even further, think about the human body and what it’s made of. Everything breaks down to energy! The body itself is composed of different systems, which are made up of organs and tissues. The organs and tissues are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made up of atoms. Atoms are made of subatomic particles that are made of (you guessed it) energy! The notion that “everything is energy” is a long way from a woo-woo, unfounded claim. It’s a scientific fact.

The universe is impartial – it doesn’t judge or determine who has to be punished. It responds to what we give out and express. Sometimes we fall into a victim mindset, believing that we’re chronically unlucky, or working via some gathered karma. Mostly, however, we are truly dealing with the experiences, situations, and human beings that we’re attracting, like a magnet, through our private vibrational frequency. Thankfully, through mindfulness and strong intention, we have the power to bring positivity, beauty, happiness, money, and other joys in our lives.

Any extraordinary feat requires accumulating information, so it’s important to research the phenomena that shape our very existence.

How it Works

All of these elements are clues that help us determine our signature frequency and reply to the question, what is the frequency? Besides the scientific definition, frequency performs a big roll in our daily lives with the resource of attracting things and experiences into our field. When our desks our cluttered, our frequency is generally cluttered, too. When our friends are judgmental and cynical, we tend to be, as well. And, whether or not we understand it, the phrases we select out reflect our inner self and concurrently form our exterior world. We ride electricity all the time; however, many humans virtually aren’t touchy enough to discover the delicate nuances. The world of electricity is powerful but elusive because we don’t see it. But, truly like the powerful emotion of love, it has to be felt to be experienced.

So, what is the frequency? It’s a massive query and an effective question and one that consists of the very essence of who we are. Use the splendid mantra “You are what you think” to remind your self that we are some distance larger than what we find out with our five senses. The world is mutable, bending to our will and transferring fluidly around us at each suggestion we supply. Once we open our eyes to the real realities of the universe, we will by no means once extra be blind to our authentic possible, and the effects have an influence on we have not solely on our very personal lives, however on the complete world.

What’s Included?

The program you are getting will help you attract multiple windfalls! You’re receiving personalized audio sessions that will bring your desires into reality. Along with knowledge on how to revive your vagal nerve!

An additional “Universal Life-Force Energy” audio session to help you balance your energy fields is just for $9.95.

Benefits of My Personal Frequency

It makes you attract more money, love, and other amenities of life.

Drawbacks of My Personal Frequency

The product is available online; therefore, you should have a digital device to access data related to my personal frequency.

Customer Reviews

Many customers say that they have seen some truly terrific people that are always ready to assist with anything associated with the product. The owner’s website runs out of this world. The reaction time to a question is practically immediate. The results from the use of this product are also mind-blowing, according to many customer reviews. These reviews can be viewed on the official website as well.


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Who Should Buy My Personal Frequency?

The world of vibrational frequency and electricity is usually elusive to those who approach requirements totally with the mind. Energy has to be felt and observed, totally, and simply integrated into our awareness. Take a look spherical:

  • What do you see?
  • How do you decorate your home?
  • What ingredients do you eat?
  • Who do you associate with?
  • Imagine attending a huge party. Who do you find your self gravitating to?

Beyond bodily attractions, such as admiring a vibrant article of clothing, a quite face, or welcoming physique language; you will be drawn to fantastic people due to the feeling you get from them. This is the magnetic enchantment we feel when all and sundry vibrates at a comparable resonance as us. After the party, we might remark, “I cherished her vibe!” Although, as quickly as again, the phrase “vibe” gets thrown around besides abandoning, on a quantum stage, we’re recognizing a resonant, lively connection between ourselves and any other person.

How regularly do you utter the words “I need” or “I can’t” or “I don’t?” Do you longingly sigh “I never” or “I wish”? Everything we feel and voice turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we exclaim that we “never get a break”, then we never will get a leg up, and when we say that we “can’t make ends meet” then we will locate it even more difficult to lift abundance into our lives.

All of these elements are clues that assist us in deciding to know more about our personal frequency.


If you need to find your personal frequency, do not waste time, and get help from the experts. Visit the official website and book your reading. This will help you find internal peace and help you attract money and love that you desire.

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