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There are times when you may feel confused or skeptical in a relationship. Most of the time, this is because of being insecure about your man. Women may take some steps that may turn out to be risky or dangerous for the relationship. Thus, some expert guidance and help can do no harm.

In this Never Lose Him review, we’ve discussed this excellent product to make sure you never lose your man.

Never Lose Him PDF Details

Never Lose Him is an exceptional relationship development program. It has been specifically designed for women. The guiding principle about the development of this program has been that women need to improve their self confidence, sense of identity and self respect. Before you expect a healthy, genuine relationship, it is important to consider certain aspects of your own personality.

If a woman does not have a very strong self confidence or identity, she is easier for a man to manipulate. This may lead to a lot of insecure and unfruitful relationships. In case you are not very confident in life, it will make you a needy and dependent person. Similarly, lacking self respect would mean you’re more vulnerable to different forms of emotional or verbal abuse.

It is very important to develop your personality in these areas. It can help you find the love you have always deserved. While focusing on these areas of your personality, you will be able to provide your man with more security, affection and love. This will make sure your man is always faithful to you.

This relationship guide has been created by Nadine Piat-Niski. Nadine is a renowned writer, speaker and relationship expert specializing in encouraging healthy and long term relationships. Nadine has also helped couples develop more confidence and repair broken relationships.

In addition to this, Nadine has worked as a qualified expert on stress, depression and anxiety. She holds credentials from Real Life Coaching, Coach U and Australian Depression Institute. Nadine belongs to the ICF or International Coach Federation. She has written several columns for many different media organizations focusing on relationships.

The most important aspect of Never Lose Him guide is the L.I.P.S method. This is an acronym for:

  • Likeable and Loyal
  • Interested and Independent
  • Pleasure and Play
  • Sexy and Sassy

The L.I.P.S method emphasizes on the most important aspects of your personality development. This program explains how to become the kind of woman you always wanted to be. This effective program can help you easily attract the man you like, and show him that you will be loyal forever. It will also help you make sure that your man is always loyal towards you.

Never Lose Him ReviewThere’s another section in this program that teaches you to properly handle a romantic rejection. In this section, Nadine talks about having the right attitude. At times, a rejection may be a blessing. According to Nadine, a rejection may be an opportunity to completely develop a fresh and rejuvenating perspective.

Although rejection can be a long and painful experience, you should never use rejection as just a strong excuse to feel sorry about or for yourself. If you allow a rejection to bring your morale down, you will be denying the chance to turn yourself into a strong person.

Last but not the least, Never Lose Him also discussed how you can keep the love and attraction alive in a relationship. It also explains how to stay happy in a long distance relationship. Nadine talks about some basic and important principles that you should follow to keep the spark alive. In addition to this, Nadine also talks about dealing with various issues in a relationship in a very constructive way.


  • This program has been specifically designed for women. It can be used by both single women, and those who’re currently in a relationship. It can teach a woman how to maintain and develop fulfilling and long lasting relationships. Never Lose Him covers every aspect of a relationship, from finding a good man to spending your life with him.
  • The program is based on some realistic interpersonal dynamics along with many developed relationship principles. It does not recommend any gimmicks, tricks or manipulative behavior.
  • The overall presentation and formatting of the program allows you to read everything easily. The language is also simple to understand. With this program, you won’t experience any problems understanding the things explained by the author.
  • This program discusses a wide range of relationship stages and situations. It also offers sound advice about recovering from broken or failed relationships.
  • The custom support is exceptional. You will get a prompt response from a friendly staff member. In most cases, you will receive a response with a day.
  • The author of the program is a renowned dating and relationship expert. She has worked with some big names in the industry.


  • This program has been specifically designed for women. It can’t be used by men.
  • The program contains some minor typos and spelling errors.
  • Some readers believe that the guide is more theoretical.
  • You may even need some extra plugins to successfully download this program on your computer or some other device.
  • The program looks monotonous because of just text. Some people think that inclusion of images would have been much better.
  • Never Lose Him discusses a lot of different scenarios, and this may seem overwhelming.

If you follow the Never Lose Him program, it can be the perfect way to develop your sense of confidence and identity. You will be able to attract and entice the right kind of men. This program effectively takes a specific and detailed approach towards relationships. It shows how you can improve the way most men treat you. In addition to this, your chances of establishing strong relationships also improve. Although it does have some drawbacks, it is still the best dating guide in the market.

The best part about Never Lose Him is that it properly encourages and motivates you to properly develop your personality from within. It helps you make an attempt to look for the perfect relationship. It also explains how to become a more confident woman, while protecting yourself from deception and manipulation. The program aims to mold you into a much stronger person. It improves your chances at developing a healthy relationship.

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