Nick Guarino’s The EMP Survival Course Review

Nick Guarino's The EMP Survival CourseStill wondering if The EMP Survival Course is any Good?

The EMP Survival Course is a comprehensive survival guide created by Nick Guarino, a former radio and television host. It is meant to help people survive an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack. Nick predicts that EMP will strike the United States soon. He says that according to many sources, Russia is preparing an EMP attack in form of bombs which will be launched simultaneously. The electromagnetic-pulse will produce a short explosion of high voltage energy. This can damage any building, power lines and electrical equipment. The EMP Survival Course will provide you with step-by-step procedures so that you can prepare for any electrical crisis.

It is a practical guide filled with useful information and techniques that only a few scientists and military personnel may know. This course explains why your electrical equipment will be out of commission. It shows you the electronics you need to survive in the post-EMP life. You will be able to learn how to keep your appliances running after the entire United States grid is down. This program includes methods of how to make your own energy. You will also learn how to survive food shortage, an economic meltdown, a mass pandemic and even riots. Here are the main topics covered in the EMP Survival Course.

The EMP Survival Course Details

In the EMP Survival Course, you will learn the reasons why your electrical appliances will stop working. Nick also talks about what you can do to protect them from an electrical pulse. Nick explains how you can build a special gadget that can protect all electrical appliances. You can be able to do this with common items found in any household. These simple devices will shield your electronics from an EMP attack. This survival course also explains five survival electronics. These will ensure that your home has light, heat and communications in the event of an EMP attack.

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The course teaches about securing power to all your appliances immediately after the attack. This is because the whole national grid is expected to be down. You will also be able to learn about scientifically proven methods for protecting your electrical systems from being damaged by EMP bombs. The EMP Survival Course covers three relatively cheap methods of producing energy when needed. Again, you will learn alternative cooking, lightning and heating solutions .These will keep you running after the attack.

Nick talks explains how you can assess the effectiveness of your Faraday cage for an EMP attack. The course points out the right generator and spare parts needed. These will help you build a self-sustaining source of energy in case of the attack. Most expensive inverted generators will most likely fry. The course reveals techniques used by Chinese spying agencies during riots that destroy electrical and electronic equipment. By following these proven techniques you will be able to save your electrical equipment. You will be able to learn how to live completely off-grid while maintaining a modern lifestyle

This course will also teach on how to ensure constant food and water supply. It talks about the best way of finding clean water sources. You will learn how to store enough heat sensitive medicines. You will learn about cheap and efficient ways of growing, storing and preserving food. This is to make sure you have a constant supply of fruits, vegetables and grains. Nick talks about a simple system that gives you a constant supply of fresh eggs and meat irrespective of your environment. These three food products can be obtained from rabbits, quails and chicken which thrive well in urban areas. You will be able to eat well while others are looting and fighting in the streets.


  • The EMP Survival Course is easy to understand. It is written in a simple language which is understandable to anyone who can read. All the techniques can be implemented without any special skills.
  • It also provides an extensive approach into other kinds of disasters. These prepare you in emergency situations apart from an EMP attack. You will be able to access water, gas, food and more.
  • The solutions provided in the course can be implemented in a short period of time. With commitment and motivation, you can cover everything within a few weeks.
  • These techniques can also be implemented anytime. You will be able to survive during blackouts or hurricanes. This allows you to use the knowledge even in absence of an EMP attack to cut your electricity costs.
  • Above all, you can ask Nick Guarino for a refund if you find the program unsatisfactory. This gives the confidence to purchase and try it out with no risk.


  • This course does not come with bonuses like other programs. It only contains survival tips and techniques. Anyone looking for anything additional will be disappointed.
  • It is an expensive compared to other similar products. However, it provides more survival solutions than many online survival guides.
  • EMP Survival Course is an exclusively digital product. It is available only as an eBook that can be downloaded after making a payment.

Nick has compiled one of the most detailed and comprehensive survival guide. You don’t need to worry about the EMP bomb attack. This program will teach you how to protect your electrical equipment and design new power systems. You will be able to learn about food production systems like hydroponics which will keep your family fed after the EMP attack. Special electronic gadgets and other alternative methods of energy are also clearly explained. You will be able to maintain an ultra-modern lifestyle after this disaster. This program has its pros and cons. However, you can get a refund if you find it unsatisfactory. You have up to 2 months to go through it and apply the techniques.

This course is very elaborate and easy to implement. It is recommended to anyone who wants to learn about EMP survival techniques. There are many doubts about the attack but it is always good to be prepared. We are not certain that Russia will attack the United States but disasters always occur. You can also implement these techniques to survive minor problems like blackouts, floods, hurricanes and terrorist attacks. It may be expensive but this master piece provides a lot of survival techniques compared to many similar online courses. It is a practical, risk free and useful product for your life.

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