Steve and Becky Holman’s Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body is a fitness program developed by Steve and Becky Holman, along with their team. This program is actually a book that the authors are dedicating to people who are over the age of thirty-five and who have the desire to be in shape again. Steve has more than twenty-five years of experience in the fitness domain and he is an editor-in-chief of the Iron Man Magazine. The program is focused on changing the current lifestyle of an individual into a healthy lifestyle and not only on weight loss. You won’t get a real book, but a digital product that can be downloadable once you purchase it.

All the individuals involved in the creation of this great product are experts. It can be good to know that the product you are about to purchase is the result of a strong foundation in a certain domain and of many years of experience for the developers. While the majority of fitness and weight loss programs from the market are targeting people of all categories and ages, this one is meant only for people who have at least thirty-five years old. After you are introduced into the program, you will begin with three active phases.

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The Old School New Body guide begins with the premise that you have a sedentary lifestyle. Even if this is not true for your case, it is assumed that you didn’t benefit from any fitness activity in the last few months. The next step is introducing yourself into the basics of protocol exercises and meal plans. The goal during this phase is to burn the fat that you have in excess. In the next phase, you will have to make some modifications to the meal plans, the exercises you have been using until now and even your lifestyle. The purpose is to improve your fitness and build muscle.

Old School New Body ReviewEven if the Old School New Body program is not focused on weight loss, it involves weight loss. But, the approach is unique, real and scientific. There are fewer physical exercises involved and there are no hard diets. The guide contains simple instructions that can help you to change your life for the better. Fourteen chapters have been written by the authors. These authors have amazing bodies for their age and this makes the program more credible than others. There are no risks involved in the acquisition and use of the product, as the methods are natural and there is a money back guarantee feature. This feature allows you to get a refund in sixty days if you don’t find the product useful for you.

In the first chapter, you will learn how to transform your body fat into muscle tissue, but not in the classical way. The regular workout methods can make you lose muscle tissue, not only fat. You will get a formula that will help you to recover from hard workout. The second chapter teaches people how to melt belly fat with simple exercises. Every exercise lasts maximum half an hour, so the program can be awesome for busy individuals.

The Old School New Body book has suggestive images illustrating the way in which exercises should be performed. According to chapter three, you need to exercise properly for having a good blood flow and stronger joints. If you suffer from joint pain, the exercises from this chapter will be really helpful. Chapter four of the book refers to lifestyle changes that you can make. The idea is that you can achieve success with anything if that thing is an essential part of your lifestyle. In this way, you will not force anything and you will just go with the flow. The chapter teaches you four steps that you have to follow for making the change.

Chapter five is about interval cardio and the things you need to know about it. This type of cardio is a better way to lose weight than steady-state cardio. The next chapter is meant to reveal how to actually transform your body like Becky did. The chapters from seven to fourteen contain exercises, meal plans, things to avoid while you apply the Old School New Body program and advanced training. You will go through different myths about weight loss and find out the truth in this book. The way the truth applies to people who are around and above the age of forty is another thing you can learn.


  • The Old School New Body ebook is meant for older individuals, helping them to achieve the ideal body shape for their age.
  • This is a rare and unique type of weight loss program.
  • The authors are living proofs of what the ebook can help people over forty to achieve.
  • You benefit from a fully natural way of losing weight, meaning that the product is safe to use.
  • There are no hard diets or exhausting workout sessions needed.
  • The Old School New Body program can be perfect for people who have a slow metabolism and experience joint pains.
  • Fourteen completely different chapters can be read, each having its own separate subject.
  • The exercises don’t take much of your time and they don’t stress you.
  • Even if there are no bonuses offered, the product itself contains exceptional information.
  • A money back guarantee features of sixty days makes the product even safer.
  • Once you obtain results with the guide, they will be permanent.
  • The information is easy to read.


  • This is not a magic cure, so you will have to be persistent to achieve results.
  • No bonuses are offered.
  • If you have less than thirty-five years of age, this product will not be very helpful.

Old School New Body is a unique digital product written by people who have applied everything that they present in the book for their own purposes. The methods revealed in the book are natural and don’t have any side effects. With all the benefits that the program can provide, losing weight and obtaining the ideal body shape even for older people are two goals that become easy to achieve. Instead of trying medication that promises to give you instant results and makes you disappointed in the end, or going constantly to the gym without seeing any results, maybe trying this product can be a much better idea.


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