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Pandora’s Box System is a dating program that gives you a wide range of strategies for women with various personality types. The system provides different ways to identify what type she is and also interpret what she needs in dating, in a long-term relationship and in sex.

The system has been designed around the simple idea of asking women three questions that will tell you the type of sexual response system that a woman has. This is believed to be the key factor to attracting her since all women are quite different.

Pandora’s Box system was created by Vin DiCarlo. DiCarlo is among the leading coaches today for men today on getting more dates with the women, attracting different women as well as gaining self-confidence amongst men.

Pandora’s Box System PDF Details

The whole program works on finding out the personality type of girls. Vin DiCarlo has split women into eight different personalities.

You have to identify her three different personality traits so as to categorize the girl into one of the eight different personalities. Moreover, in order to find the 3 traits, you will have to do it by finding the following things from the girl, which are also known as her “conflicts”:

  • Her Time Line
  • Her Sex Line
  • Her Relationship Line

Let’s go over every “conflicts”

Time Line

Is your girl an investor (N) or is she a Tester (T)? A tester (T) is capable of dating multiple guys at a single whereas an investor (N) is only able invest her time on just one person at a given time. Thus, this is her timeline.

Sex Line

Is the girl of your dreams a Justifier (J) or is she a Denier (D)? This part is relatively simple. Does your girl deny that she had sex or whether wants sex? Alternatively, is she fairly open to sex yet she justifies her reason? Once you manage to find this out, then you’re on to the following step.

Relationship Line

Pandora's Box ReviewIs this girl an Idealist (I) or a Realist (R)? This is how your girl basically views her life in future with you. It shows how she views her life while in a relationship to how life is with you.

Profiling your girl is actually fun and you could get extremely good at profiling with just little bits of practice.

However, most importantly, once you’ve answered these three questions – you will then know instantly which of the eight categories of girls she belongs to and you’ll also get to know exactly how to progress so as to get the girl attracted to you. You’ll know exactly how to touch her, what to say to her and the kind of body language to be used around her. You will also know the activities that she enjoys as well as the things that you shouldn’t to do when you’re around her. Remember, getting to know what you should not to do is as important as getting to know what to do.

Therefore, once you have identified her type, you’ll use the “Ultimate Strategies Guide for the Eight Types of Women”, to easily and quickly know what she values, the persons that she finds herself attracted to and the traits that she is looking for in her future a partner.

Here are the 8 categories of women that you will discover.

  • The Playette
  • The Social Butterfly
  • The Hopeful Romantic
  • The Cinderella
  • The Private Dancer
  • The Modern Woman
  • The Connoisseur
  • The Seductress

For every kind of woman, you’ll learn:

  • Her Desires – You will learn what she’s looking for in an ideal man and the reasons.
  • How She Gets Whatever She Wants – You’ll now know her strategy thus you will be capable of giving her whatever she wants, in a method that she will find most attractive and then use that to your own advantage.
  • The 3 Phases Of a conversation (Momentum, Connection and Ignition) – This will make sure that she’s deeply attracted to you even though you have just met.
  • How you should get physical with your girl – This covers the body language that you used and when, where and how to touch her.
  • What you should expect from your girls whenever you get intimate – You will learn what you should expect once things get physical and also how to ensure that you’re both fully satisfied.

What You Get With The System?

When you get Pandora ’s Box System, there are ten videos (more than 4 hours total) and ten downloadable PDFs which you can always download. This system has everything that you need. You will have access to Vin DiCarlo as he guides you in every step along the way. Vin will begin by explaining differences between women and men and how the differences may be used by you so as to have success with most women. This is priceless on its own and just the start of the training. What is great is the fact that he does this both in PDF and video form.

The Pandora’s box System usually comes with seven fast action bonuses as shown below:

  • Facebook Famous: Seven Copy and Paste profile tricks
  • Speed Mindreading: Detect girls who want to get a boyfriend NOW
  • Text Message Teleportation: This will enable you to get her to your house
  • Bon Apetit: Eleven finger foods that will instill her with the desire
  • Movie Magic: Nine movies for you to fall in love with
  • F-Buddy Formula that’s self-explanatory

The Pandora’s box System is for any person who’s not currently satisfied with the quality or amount of women in his life. It is also ideal for guys that need more control over whoever they are dating. The system is good for someone who wants to be capable of finding the type of girl they’re attracted to. The system is good for guys who need to be capable of quickly generating attraction with any kind of women they meet

The Pandora’s box System is not suited for guys who are planning to use the program to manipulate different women. It’s also not designed for guys who have been satisfied with the girls in their life. In addition, it is not good for any person who’s afraid of putting in a little effort so as to improve their success stories with women

Pandora box System is not a scam at all. In fact, the system was created by one of the best dating coaches across the world, Dicarlo and his qualified staff members. They even employed certain scientists to aid them in doing researches into the human mind so as to ensure that the program wasn’t a trick.


  • The Pandora box system has been developed based on in-depth researches on the women psychology.
  • The system comes with both pdf and video file formats. As a result, it is easy to follow along.
  • You also get a very extensive knowledge on the human mind (both female and male).
  • It has very unique approaches to the world of attraction.
  • It has exclusive weekly interviews on the different types of women in the program.
  • It could take a bit more time to master.
  • The Pandora’s Box System has been designed more for advanced guys and it could be difficult for beginners.
  • Poor implementation advice.
  • There is a lot of marketing that’s embedded within the product.
  • You will have to pay for their weekly interviews.

The Pandora’s Box System is an extremely interesting program. It is a different way to create attraction with a woman. Furthermore, you will some of the materials inside this program to be very fascinating. The system is almost just like a scientific view on things that attract women. Furthermore, it goes deep into the psychology of women as well as the differences of women and men in general. Even though it might not be the ideal program for the newbies. Pandora’s Box System will still enable you to find tons of great value from this program.


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