Prepping For Pennies Review


The luxury and convenience of everyday life often tempts us to forget the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Then something like Katrina happens, bringing everyone back to reality and showing us how vulnerable we actually are. The truth is just because things are running smoothly now doesn’t mean it will continue to be that way. To give you an idea, there are more than 50 recorded instances of earthquakes every day and that’s just the ones we are able to detect. If you simply look at the probability, getting hit by a natural disaster is pretty high. Fortunately most

Americans now understand the importance of preparing for a disaster. In fact it has become somewhat of a trend with lots of people building doomsday bunkers and filling it with supplies. However, there are also a lot of people who are taken aback by the sheer cost of setting up these measures. It’s not financially feasible for everyone to spend thousands of dollars building high-tech underground bunkers or buying tons of canned goods. This is where Prepping For Pennies is so useful. It guides individuals on how to come up with a topnotch survival plan on a limited budget. The program talks about how a few cheap items found in grocery stores can dramatically increase the chances of your family’s survival. Let’s take closer look at the program to find out if it delivers on its promises.

Prepping For Pennies Review

Developed by veteran survivalist Dave Steen, the Prepping For Pennies Program is aimed at providing survival strategies that are practical and affordable. Dean is definitely not new to the subject. He has been a survivalist for 30 years and has previously authored several articles on websites like Greywolf Survival, Prepping Plans, Survivalife, and many more. He has also experienced and survived natural disasters first hand when he was stuck right in the middle of hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. To sum it up, he is probably the best man for the job when it comes to surviving a catastrophe.

Prepping For Pennies is a book that talks about how simple and cheap items can ensure you have steady supply of food, water, and shelter following a major disaster. Dean shares the secrets of how he kept his family safe during the hurricanes Sandy and Katrina so that when time comes you can do the same. Without further ado, here’s what you can expect when you go for the Prepping For Pennies program.

Making Your Own Survival Equipment: As the name suggests this is a section that teaches you how to create practical and powerful tools using simple and cheap items available in most grocery stores. Dean carefully explains each step starting from how to get the individual components, how to build the tools, and finally how to use them effectively in a crisis situation.

Prepping For Pennies ReviewSchappeller Generator: When a city is hit by a storm, earthquake, or hurricane the first thing that goes out is the power. Getting the power back up is one of the most essential steps of survival. This is why this section teaches you how to make a Schappeller power generator, that’s capable of producing power independently. Using the generator you will be able to power the light, cook food, and use electrical devices while everything around goes dark.

Bug Out Planning Guide: If you have never heard of the term before, a bug out bag is a kit that contains all the supplies needed to survive a disaster. Now, most people stuff their bug out bag with expensive yet useless items. This guide gives you list of essential item that are not only practical but are also affordable.

Instructional Videos: In order to explain all the strategies effectively, the Prepping For Pennies program also comes with a series of instructional videos. The videos help explain all the concepts discussed in the books and ensures these survival strategies get embedded in your mind.


Easy To Understand: Instead of using flowery and complicated language, Dean used simple and straightforward instructions. Using a simple tone, Dean carefully explains all the concepts making sure his instructions are understood by all. The program also conveniently includes a set of instructional videos further explaining everything discussed in the book.

Written By A Veteran: Dean Steen is not your everyday survivalist. As mentioned before he has faced and survived Sandy and Katrina, two of the most devastating hurricanes to hit America in the recent past. Apart from that, he is also a survival expert with an experience of over 30 years.

Helps Save Money: The Prepping For Pennies book does not talk about buying expensive survival gear rather it teaches you how to become self sufficient using cheap tools. In fact, Prepping For Pennies discourages you to buy the expensive stuff. These so called survival gears prove to be impractical in real crisis scenarios and are mostly nothing but ways for companies to bank on your fear. By following the program you will not only be able to save money but also be better prepared.

Covers All Disasters: Some experts propose different plans for different kinds of disasters. However, this is a program that fits all disasters be it natural or manmade. Dean Steen believes that surviving the aftermath of a disaster is more difficult than surviving the disaster itself. People are more often affected by starvation, thirst, cold, and by other people than anything else. Applying to almost all disasters, this guide teaches you the basics of survival which includes how to generate power, get food, and create shelters.

Comes With A Guarantee: The Prepping For Pennies program comes with a full money back guarantee. What this means is if you are unsatisfied by its contents in any way you can ask for full refund within the first 60 days of purchase.


Time Consuming: Even thought the guide is extremely helpful it’s not an instant solution. It takes time to learn, gather, and build the tools listed in the book. It also takes time to prepare the bug out bag. At the end, the Prepping For Pennies program totally depends on your level of conviction and ability to follow the instructions meticulously.


Emergencies and natural disasters are realities of life. Now, you can choose to prepare for them or be completely ignorant towards these realities. Prepping For Pennies proposes a great survival plan that can help you keep your family safe and healthy on a limited budget. The strategies being extremely affordable, there is no real reason why you shouldn’t give this program an honest shot.


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