Rachel Roberts’ Custom Keto Diet Review

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Making the transition to a keto diet can be quite a challenge for many people. This is why it is important for you to have all the resources and help you can get. While there are many products on the market for this, few of them are worth the expense. The Custom Keto Diet is one of the latest and greatest options for those who want to get fit and healthy. The more you learn about this product, the more likely you will be to give it a try.

How it Works

The Keto Custom Plan gives you a personalized dietary plan to help you with losing weight. The first step in this process is selecting your gender. Once you have done that, you choose your daily activity level. Some of these options include “Couch Potato”, “Somewhat Active”, “Very Active”, and “Extremely Active”.

The next step is to choose which meats you want to include in your diet. After that you choose vegetables you want to eat. Next you submit your age, height, weight, and target weight. The final step in this process is to submit your email address. All of the resources that make up this product will be sent to you via email.

You will have complete access to all of the recipes, tips and information this product has to offer on your computer or mobile devices. This provides you with a tremendous level of convenience that you’ll be sure to appreciate.


You will quickly discover that the Keto Custom Plan is made up of numerous components that can be very useful when trying to lose weight.

One Week Fast Loss
This product includes a brief guide that gives you step by step instructions on how to lose belly fat within just one week. It is important that you only start following these steps after you have already begun using this system.

Important Foods to Eat
You’ll get a complete list of healthy foods that are known for promoting weight loss and increasing energy levels. This will give you the necessary boost to get through each day without having to struggle unnecessarily.

Detox Recipes
The recipes that this dietary program includes will give you lots of healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals taste great and will help you to start shedding your excess pounds very quickly. All of these recipes are easy to follow along with and don’t have any complicated steps that you’ll have to deal with. They will also help with getting rid of dangerous toxins in your body that negatively impact your overall health.

The Secret of the Custom Keto Diet System
You will learn the primary secret behind the Custom Keto Diet System, which is bound to help you with losing weight. It is based entirely on hard science, so you can trust that is actually going to work.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism
There are lots of tips and useful information on how to speed up your metabolism for quick and effective weight loss. These tips will allow you to burn fat without having to work out or starve yourself.

Selection of Sweets
You also get a long list of sweet and delicious snacks that you can eat while on your diet. Each of these foods will satisfy your sweet tooth without negating your weight loss efforts.

Common Diet Mistakes

Keto custom plan also includes a number of common diet mistakes that you should avoid when trying to lose weight and stay healthy, including:

  • Not having a calorie deficit: One of the biggest mistakes that people make with weight loss is not reducing their caloric intake. There is simply no way for you to lose weight unless you do this.
  • Going overboard with calorie cutting: It is possible to go too far when it comes to restricting calories in one’s diet. This part of the dietary system will explain why calorie restriction isn’t always a good thing.
  • Thinking all calories are equal: Many people believe that all calories are the same, but it’s just not true. When you buy this product you will learn the truth about different types of calories. This can go a long way towards helping you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Following an unrealistic diet: It is important for anyone who wants to lose weight to be realistic with their diet. This will drastically improve your chances of burning fat and getting rid of those pesky extra pounds.

Advantages of Custom Keto Diet

There are plenty of reasons to consider trying the Custom Keto Diet, including:

  • Rapid fat loss: You can trust this custom diet program to help you burn fat quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Helpful nutritional information: There is all sorts of helpful nutritional information that will teach you about which foods to eat and which to avoid. This will make sticking with your diet much easier as a whole.
  • Psychological support: You will also get help with the psychological aspect of switching to a keto diet, which can be incredibly beneficial.
  • No workout regimen: This program won’t have you follow a strenuous or time consuming workout routine of any kind.
  • Personalized to match your needs: This program lets you choose which foods you want to eat (within reason) for a customized approach to match your needs.
  • No more hunger cravings: You will no longer have to worry about feeling hungry all the time when you are following this system. It provides you with numerous easy ways to feel full without gaining weight.
  • It is perfectly safe: There is nothing unsafe or dangerous about this dietary/weight loss system. It gives you noticeable results without putting your health at risk in any way.
  • Risk free: The money back guarantee that comes with this product means that it is completely risk free. If you are not totally satisfied with your results, you can get a full refund instantly.
  • Reduced risk of health issues: The weight that you lose from following this system will reduce your chances of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and other issues. It can also prevent or reverse sleep apnea so that it is no longer a problem.
  • No ridiculous dietary restrictions: This system won’t require you to follow any ridiculous dietary restrictions. You will still be able to eat plenty of delicious foods while shedding those extra pounds.
  • Combat depression: The keto diet has been proven to help many people with depression and other mental health issues. If you Have these kinds of problems, you might notice a very positive difference in the way you feel each day.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity: Those who have type 2 diabetes will find that this system can help them quite a bit. In fact, some people claim that this product helped them get rid of their diabetes completely.
  • Custom diet: Another great thing about this system is that it is designed to provide each person who follows it with customized results. This means that you can count on getting exactly what you need from it. This is not a “one size fits all” dietary solution like so many other products on the market offer.

Disadvantages of Keto Custom Plan

While there aren’t many disadvantages associated with this product, it can be purchased in any store. You will only receive digital copies of these resources. Also, some people will get results with this program faster than others. There are many different factors that determine how quickly you will lose weight.

What Are People Saying About it?

There are quite a few people who are raving about how incredible the Keto Custom Plan is. You will be able to find plenty of positive reviews from actual people who have used this program. Many of these reviews talk about how this product works so effectively for burning fat quickly. These people also tend to mention how much more energized they feel on a daily basis.


The $37 price tag on this keto diet program is well worth the money when you consider everything you get. It is by far one of the better deals you will find on the internet today. The 60-day money back guarantee means that you won’t have to worry about wasting any of your hard earned cash.

Final Thoughts

When you consider all of the amazing information the Custom Keto Diet has to offer, it is no wonder that it has become so popular. This is an incredible solution for those who want to get down to a normal weight. All of the tips and advice you will find in this e-book is entirely backed by modern scientific research. You won’t be able to get a better overall deal for the money. If you are serious about getting started on the keto diet, this product is an absolute necessity. You will get everything you need to increase your chances of losing weight faster than ever before.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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